June 18, 2022

Julian Assange in 2016 (Wikileaks)

Dear Editor,

No! Neither Australian PM Anthony Albanese nor US President Joe Biden should interfere with Australian Julian Assange’s finally facing court in the US for publishing/leaking secret American military intelligence reports, mainly on Afghanistan (where Aussie soldiers were also fighting the heinous Taliban)!

Assange is a repeat offender, pleading guilty to and being convicted of hacking into a North American communications company’s computer network in Australia in 1996 (and subsequently merely put on a good behaviour bond and fined a pittance)! So, I don’t care if there’s been/are cries of  “Shame on US, and us too” against America and Australia regarding Julian Assange’s UK imprisonment and impending extradition to the US.

With Red China’s increasing South China Sea (and other area) militarism, Russia’s (and the CCP’s) increased cyber-warfare against the West and the heinous Taliban’s barbarous treatment of Afghani women and girl-children (not to mention homosexuals), this bloke feels no shame in saying:

Justice for Western renegades Australian Julian Assange and American Edward Snowden (now living in somewhat luxury in Putin’s Ukraine-destroying Russia!) should have been as swift as possible; with both Western-society traitors in Assange and Snowden facing the appropriate consequences if convicted!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Howard,
    Once upon a time, I would agree with you.
    But not now, not since, when? Since the end of WWII?
    Close enough.
    The so-called ‘justice’ system in the US is broken and has been, and if anybody wants justice, the last place to look is in any American court.
    Jan 6 anyone?
    Yes, there was an insurrection, but it was the government: DOJ, FBI, Joint Chiefs, and all the rest.
    Lois Learner anyone?
    No way.
    Not even close.
    Not now, not if we have swamp critters such as Attorney General Merrick Garland slithering around the halls of justice.
    You’re wrong; way wrong. Not even close.
    I’ll believe it when Hillary and Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) is rotting away their worthless lives down in GITMO.
    Until then, nothing.
    And Snowden ran for his life, had he stayed they would’ve had him commit suicide with two bullets in the back of his head.


    1. Thanks and Well said !! Governments are Always quick to ‘convict’ those that expose their dastardly deeds !! All others are just ‘Whistle-Blowers… The ‘outing’ story alone of the guy sporting the bicycle-rack for a monument… will quick-change those two bullets for an epstein moment : /