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Jesse Watters, 2021. Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC by SA 2.0

(Jun. 17, 2022) — Grossly over-rated (and over-paid!) host Jesse Watters of “Fox News Primetime” announced another typically limited-choice poll last evening.  It was called “Most Important Issue to Voters.”  And, well, what do you know, the poll was not one of Jesse’s trickster accost-the-man-on-the-street type Q & A “polls!”  But yesterday’s poll certainly had its own problems. 

First of all, why call those who were polled “voters”?  How does Fox News determine or know that?  Why aren’t citizens, generally, whether or not they are “voters,” eligible to be polled by Fox?  Are the polled individuals (“voters”) chosen randomly?  My thought on that is if only “voters” apparently are polled, then how truly “random” can the poll be?  Mind you, I am by no means an expert on, or a student of, polling!  But I guess you figured that out already!  

My other observation is the one which really irks me!  It is BY WHAT MEANS AND BY WHOM ARE THE SO-CALLED “IMPORTANT ISSUES” IDENTIFIED (and presumably offered up to “voters” for them to choose from)?  Those issues (and polling results) in the Fox News poll apparently were:  #1 Inflation 41%;  #2 Guns 12%;  #3  Abortion 10%;  #4 Border security 7%;  and #5 Climate change 3%.  By my count, these five issues total 73%.  So, where is the remaining 27%?  Note that if Fox News did offer or accept other answers, NONE OF THEM MATHEMATICALLY COULD HAVE GARNERED MORE THAN 2% (Climate change ostensibly already polled last at 3%!).  Hmm!

Frankly, Jesse and others, it is my opinion that there are several equally or more important critical issues which should have been offered as choices in the polling.  In fact, some of the issues to which I am referring easily deserve to be among the TOP FIVE issues in your obviously (and intentionally?) LIMITED poll!  Something doesn’t seem right, or “add up,” here!  Is Fox News influencing and directing the choices of those polled (you bet they are)?  Or, are the “voters” that much out of touch with reality today (likely, then, that both scenarios are true)?  

So, Jesse, what happened to VOTER AND ELECTION FRAUD?  DECLINING MORALITY?  The WAR ON RELIGION?  Having NATURAL BORN CITIZEN addressed and defined by the US Supreme Court?  And, finally, the issue that I think may be the most important one of all (which I never see in any poll conducted by any competent pollster!): RAMPANT PUBLIC CORRUPTION at the federal level.  That one really irks me!  And, in my view, it should affect you the same way!  The Fox News “AGENDA,” though, seems to be a bit different from mine, i.e., a lot more tight-lipped and interested in entertaining the viewer instead of enlightening the viewer per their Fourth Estate government watchdog duty.  In closing, Jesse, and using the infamous words of one of Fox News’s most egotistical, self-absorbed, and two-faced reporters of all time, “WHAT SAY YOU?”

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  1. As the article stated, jesse waters is just another overrated, and very likely a narcicist so full of himself he can’t see past his mirror!!!!! I NEVER watch him as I find fox more faux than anything else!!!!! It has become a mostly typical fake news outlet pandering to the left!!!!! For example, they seem to put a lot of stock in what flaming libtards juan williams and geraldo rivera. I quit watching almost all of their programs about 3 years ago. I still watch Gutfeld, Mark Levin, and occasionally Tucker Carlson but nothing else!!!!!!!!!!

  2. IMO…….Jesse is just another entertainment vessel. But your hate for him is shining very brightly. We as VOTERS, can’t have anything to say about voter fraud, war on religion, or natural born citizens, why? Because we get absolutely no answers! Its a fact, Biden, or Bidens have treason written (literally) all over them. What’s being done about that?? The war on Trump, and evidence that Clinton was behind it ALL?? Those are the matters that concern me. Will we get those answers? NOOOO, because our government is all one BIG COVERUP!!!
    Right now, I’m scared to death of what’s becoming of my AMERICA! And the only answer I see is another war, only it’ll be against our own government!
    Final note: LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!!!!!

  3. I SAY, Fox News has been trending further and further away from its intrinsic Fourth Estate watchdog duty ever since lefty Disney Corp purchased 21st Century Fox in 2019, and that trend was exacerbated when Rupert Murdoch retired in 2020. Fox News has become a mere shadow of its former “Tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may” self.

    1. Fox news told their talking heads back to 2008 never to allow a “fair and balanced” discussion of Obama’ s ineligibility and identity fraud if they wanted to remain employed by Fox. They obeyed, and there were instances of guest being canceled because of fear they would bring up this subject. I remember O’Reilly calling people who questioned Obama’s legitimacy “pinheads” and Hannity changing the subject if anyone got near the Obama fraud. They were and still are controlled opposition……….big bucks trumps “fair and balanced” any-day……

    2. Amen to that, James Carter! Frankly, I think that if FAUX NEWS had done its job properly and in the interests of the people (not political interests), we very well might not be in the chaos and decline that we are experiencing in our society and government today. Who am I talking about? Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes. Bill “No Spin Lookin’ Out for the Folks” O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and numerous other arguably talented, but misguided “journalists.” Today, all of them (Ailes, RIP, excepted) should feel deeply ashamed. They should “right their wrongs,” but won’t. Add them to the rest of the fake media and corrupt federal government, and we Americans have little or no chance! Tom Arnold.