by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Jun. 12, 2021) — Seriously? 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has, since 2012, maintained a “secure work environment” office within the premises of the same law firm – Perkins Coie, LLP – that represents Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee. And yes, Virginia, while the FBI’s “secure work environment” presence there may not rise to the level of a “SCIF,” it seems disturbingly to resemble one.

A “sensitive compartmented information facility” (“SCIF”) is a Department of Defense term for an electronically-cocooned, cell phone and text shielded room where information examined and discussions about “stuff” can remain secreted therein from public disclosure. 

How convenient.  Recall that in 2012, the FBI was headed by a guy named Robert Mueller, who in turn was succeeded in 2013 by a guy named James Comey.  Both Democrats.  Is it just me, or does anyone see a pattern here?  WaPo?  Gray Trollop? 

Comey is the salamander who, after detailing the myriad proto-felonies of Hillary (“Bleach-Bit?  What Bleach-Bit?”) Clinton – including SCIF-related violations while she was the SUC’s (aka Obama) Secretary of State – ridiculously and outrageously let her off. 

His tortured, comical rationale was that although she may have been “careless” in her handling of national security information via her private cell phones and “home-brew” non-governmental computer, “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her.”

What a lizard.  A Komodo Dragon in a suit.  If he had said that under oath, he could have been prosecuted for perjury.  Wait… he did say that under oath… to Congress.  Ah…, my bad…, I forgot, he is a Democrat and the venue would be Washington, D.C.  Mea culpa.

The confirmation that something resembling a SCIF – not merely an interior “office” or a “desk” – was a fixture of the Perkins Coie Washington base tells you everything you need to know about the depth of the ethically-conflicted relationship that existed – and still exists – between the FBI and that law cabal.  What better and more convenient way to meet and share information for profoundly nefarious – not to mention politically-toxic and potentially illegal – activities?

FSB Headquarters, Moscow, 2010 (Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Since its creation in 1908 as the “United States Bureau of Investigation,” the motto of the FBI has been “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.”  That motto needs to be redefined: under Democrat administrations, the once-respected and independent law enforcement agency has been morphed into a creature more like the Russian FSB (“Federal Security Agency”), successor to the ruthless KGB or even Adolph Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (the demonic Nazi “SS”).

Stated otherwise, the FBI retains “fidelity” (“F”) to the Democrat Party as it “bravely” (“B”) deceives – without consequence – the FISA Court.  And as for the motto’s use of the word “integrity,” a more accurate “I” term would now be “Incestuous.”

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      1. That article describes something far more benign: secure workstations designed to shield sensitive information from unauthorized employees. Workstations that exist at a variety of locations in D.C.