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by Mike Latham, ©2022

(Jun. 11, 2022) — America is presently teetering on the possibility of collapse. In the event that Democrats maintain control of the executive and the Congress, their policies will all but guarantee a severe recession or depression and the failure of many institutions. In fact, it’s already begun.

Many of our top economists are predicting that the average family will incur upwards of $5,000 of additional costs for goods and services this year, far outstripping any gain in wages, with no plausible end in sight. Does the Democrat Party care about our myriad of problems and the average family? Obviously not, for they are now engaging in kabuki theater regarding the January 6th riot in DC. It is but one more partisan witch-hunt, deliberately designed to distract the folks from their everyday problems and the gross incompetence of the Democrat Party’s governance (click here for more background).

Today’s Democrat Party is not the party of your father or grandpa. Today it is but a cabal of socialists/communists, political opportunists (e.g., Clintons, Gore, Kerry, Bidens, Pelosi, et al), abortionists (baby-killers), open-border proponents, anti-police, anti-US Constitution (particularly the Second amendment), anti-Christian, and lastly, the uninformed and the misinformed.

With rare exception, the Democrat Party has been a party of anti-American values from its very inception in 1828 through today. A quick look at LBJ’s “Great Society” of the early 1960s shows that on the surface, it appeared to be a helping-hand-up for the downtrodden, particularly blacks, but in reality, it proved to be a guarantee for generational subservience and misery for millions. Curiously, the damage experienced over the generations was predicted before it was enacted into law, not by a conservative nor even a Republican, but by a liberal Democrat US Senator, namely, Daniel Patrick Moynihan!

The late U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (courtesy U.S. Senate Historical Office)

Senator Moynihan (NY) authored a 26-page white paper about the “Great Society” before it became law, predicting, with amazing accuracy, exactly what would happen to millions if they became totally dependent on the government. Senator Moynihan was ignored, and you know the rest. Take a moment and contrast the Moynihan prediction of the Great Society with where we are today; the picture of gross Democrat incompetence should be crystal clear to all.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was queried about the type of government they’d formed, to which he responded, “A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” Well, folks, can we keep it? Do we want to keep it? These are questions every American will need to answer. In my view, we’ll know this year; will we turn away from the insanity, or will we continue down the road to our self-inflicted destruction?

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  1. This is very good, factual and very accurate in what has, is, and is going to happen!!!!! Sadly, the gop IS NOT the solution to our problems because they are allied with the devildemocommiecrats!! There are some honest, patriotic republicans but most bow to the establishment that is anything but patriotic and loyal to their oath of office, the Constitution, and We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If the USA is a Constitutional Republic, why would anyone want to be party to an organization called Democrat(ic) and why would you trust that person to be following the legal dictates of a constitution for a republic?