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(Jun. 3, 2022) — It’s been said that the best way to survive in the wild is to know your enemy. If you are arrested and thrown into prison, you will be glad for some foresight about what might happen. The media neglects coverage of prison conditions and this means that people who are arrested, wrongfully or rightfully, may not know what to expect.

Legal Rights of Persons Arrested

If you are being arrested, you need to know what your rights are.

This is important because you could be held in much longer than you anticipated, and if you believed it was a civil matter, it might turn out to be a serious criminal charge that can lead to much more time in jail.

Officer Involved

The police can arrest you with ‘probable cause’, but they must tell you why you are being arrested if you ask.

However, verbal communication is required between the police and the defendant. If the defendant has not been told why they have been arrested or what the offense is against them, then the arrestee must be provided with their Miranda Rights.

Calling A Lawyer

If you have not been arrested, but feel that you may end up getting arrested, it is important to call a lawyer.

If the police are questioning you, and the conversation has gone beyond civil and into an interrogation, then you have the right to an attorney.

It’s important to get legal representation because they will be able to fight your case. Whether that is due to wrongful convictions or even if you are guilty, they can help you get a fair trial and fair interview.

Spending Time in Custody

For many people, the worst part of being arrested is being in the police station.

If needed, the police will hold you there until they have to release you, or if they have reason to keep you this is also possible.

Eventually, a judge will decide if you will be jailed for a longer period of time or not.

The waiting can be very hard on your health and spirits.

If you do decide to plead not guilty and fight the charges, then it is important that you are mentally and physically able to withstand the process for a significant amount of time before the trial; otherwise, it could cause extreme unwanted stress in addition to how long you spend in jail awaiting trial.

Stay Informed on Your Legal Rights

If you have ever been arrested, it’s important to be able to stay informed of your legal rights.

If you need more information on how to stay safe and secure when in custody, obtaining a good lawyer is probably the best thing you can do.

Above All, Stay Calm

If you are arrested, you must stay calm.

If you decide to fight the charges, then that means that there may be a long court battle ahead, and your life and sanity will be on the line.

You must exercise smart judgment as you are being arrested.

Research your rights and what your defense is likely to be before you commit any crimes or commit any offenses.

Do not get caught up in a situation where you make a bad decision because of adrenaline or panic.

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