by Sharon Rondeau

(May 31, 2022) — Contrary to what was believed to be the case on Friday, spokesman for Arizona state Senate Republicans Kim Quintero informed The Post & Email earlier today that a presentation to the group by an election-integrity organization later Tuesday afternoon will be live-streamed from the legislative website.

As we reported Friday, founder Catherine Engelbrecht and an election-data analyst, Gregg Phillips, will be presenting the evidence they collected following the 2020 general election which was incorporated into Dinesh D’Souza’s recent film release, “2000 Mules.”

Based on legally-purchased geospatial data as well as video obtained through open-records requests from local governments’ security cameras of ballot drop-box activity in the weeks leading up to the election, Engelbrecht, Phillips and D’Souza concluded that at least 380,000 ballots among six “swing” states could have been submitted by “mules,” or ball0t-harvesters, in violation of state law. That the number was sufficient to have altered the outcome, D’Souza states in the documentary.

Engelbrecht and Phillips will be testifying to Arizona Senate Republicans beginning at 3:00 PM local time/6:00 PM EDT. Their presentation is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

On March 24, prior to the release of “2000 Mules,” Phillips and Engelbrecht testified to members of the Wisconsin legislature on the same topic. Earlier that month, Special Master Michael Gableman, a retired state supreme court judge, advised members of the legislature to consider decertifying Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential electors due to violations of law he identified in a second “interim” report.

Of Gableman, an article dated May 31, 2022 reported:

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos won’t rule out the idea of appointing the special prosecutor who has been investigating the 2020 presidential election to a seat on the State Elections Commission.

Vos gets to appoint a Republican to the commission.

He hired former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to conduct a taxpayer-funded review of the 2020 vote.

The review has been criticized – mostly by Democrats.

Former Republican state lawmaker Dean Knudson resigned from the commission last week.

According to the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on May 27, Gableman is guilty of “failing to produce evidence of foul play” from his investigation.

On Saturday, Phillips interviewed with “Patel Patriot,” aka “Jon,” telling him that within approximately six weeks’ time, he and Engelbrecht will be releasing “explosive” information which will dwarf the findings reported in the film. Terming their research “a little bit dangerous,” Phillips told Patel he and Engelbrecht are receiving “significant” “blow-back from federal agencies.”

“We’re completely lawyered up,” he said.

RSBN will also be providing live coverage.

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  1. In the hearing, Gregg Phillips said he was meeting with the Arizona Attorney General’s office the next day to give them his data.

    Does anyone know if this happened?

    Could the P&E ask the AG’s office?

  2. They didn’t seem to mention “Ripcord” but at end promoted something new that would be explosive and will be released in six weeks.

    Why does this seem to be like the Dennis Montgomery scam of both Lindell and Arpaio?

    Keep making claims while never revealing your source data and promising something dynamic in the near future.

    1. Stay tuned. The Fat Lady has just begun to sing.

      Geo-tracking “pings” matched up with drop box surveillance video can hardly be considered a scam.

      True The Vote should reveal their source data so those involved with coordinated widespread election fraud would have advance notice that law enforcement is on the way?

      1. True the Vote was sued by one of its donors who wanted his $2.5 million back.

        His complaint was TTV never provided them with the data or proof they claimed they had.

        “We were just not getting any data or proof,” said Tom Crawford, who had worked for Eshelman as a lobbyist and served as his representative on the True the Vote effort. “We were looking at this and saying to ourselves, ‘This just is not adding up.’ ”

        Does it sound familiar?

        1. The plaintiff, Fred Eshelman, withdrew the federal lawsuit and reportedly filed it in a Texas state court. The article to which you linked also states that Engelbrecht offered Eshelman $1M of his money back, which was refused.

        2. He lost the lawsuit in Texas over standing. He claimed a conditional gift of $2.5 million but could not document that fact. A fool and his money.

          His condition was that they provided him with the proof of their claims about voter fraud. Which they did not do. Just as they did not give the Wisconsin Election Commission proof of ballot harvesting.

          The history of True the Vote seems to be make claims, provide no evidence of them and move on.

          Similar to Dennis Montgomery.

      2. This is would not be the first time True The Vote and Gregg Phillips did not provide the data and proof they claimed to have.

        In 2016, Phillips claimed to have verified that 3 million non-citizens voted in the presidential election. He never provided proof of his claim

        “At the time, Phillips said his team had already verified more than 3 million non-citizen votes. When pressed for details, he said the group was still finalizing its audit. In January, Trump tweeted: “ Look forward to seeing final results.””

        “In March, Phillips told The Texas Tribune the final results were still forthcoming. But apparently, the audit is no longer taking shape.”

        Notice he said they had verified that 3 million had voted. So if they’re verified why not release the data on the non-citizen votes?

      3. Not all ballot harvesting is illegal.

        The film’s backers continue not to provide any evidence of illegal ballot harvesting during the 2020 general election. Nor is there any indication they ever will.

        1. The film, “2000 Mules”, shows a plethora of evidence (geo-tracking data and drop box surveillance video) provided by it’s backers, “True the Vote”, that, in AZ, GA, WI, MI & PA, more than 2000 specific individuals (mules) went to an average of 4 NGO locations and from those locations to an average of 38 mail-in ballot drop boxes where they deposited an average of 5 ballots…and did so on a repetitive basis, mostly during overnight hours, between October 1, 2020 through November 8, 2020.

          While it’s true that not all ballot harvesting is illegal, every state restricts who can legally harvest ballots and from whom. What the evidence shows in “2000 Mules” far exceeds any state’s restrictions.

        2. Except, as its critics have noted, the movie fails to show that any of the geo-tracked data corresponds to anyone who harvested any ballot.

          So there continues to be no evidence of illegal ballot harvesting, which explains the absence of criminal charges based on the movie’s allegations.