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(May 28, 2022) — Many non-Mexicans who cross into the United States pass through Mexico to get to our border.

Therefore, if they could be stopped in Mexico, fewer would arrive in the U.S.

Donald Trump, our previous president, realized that.

Thinking outside the box, Trump used his foreign policy authority to threaten Mexico with tariffs if the quantity of non-Mexicans crossing Mexico to get to the U.S. did not decrease.

Trump’s plan worked and the Mexican government did reduce the flow of illegal aliens heading for our border.

That approach was combined with the Remain in Mexico policy, deals cut with Central American countries, and the much-discussed Title 42 public health order to drastically reduce the number of illegal entries to our territory.

Obviously, it’s different under the current administration, and the Biden Border Rush is in full swing.

Mexico is still stopping and deporting some non-Mexican illegal aliens, but many are getting through.

Every illegal alien stopped and deported by Mexico is one who, at least for now, does not enter the U.S. So, we’d like Mexico to stop and deport as many as possible.

But now, in addition to all the other factors, the situation in Mexico is likely to get worse, thanks to a recent decision by Mexico’s Supreme Court.

The Mexican federal government is organized like that of the U.S. Mexico has a president, a bicameral Congress and a Supreme Court.

In contrast to our Supreme Court, which has nine justices appointed for life, the Mexican Supreme Court has 11 judges who are appointed and confirmed by the Mexican Senate to staggered 15-year terms.

It used to be that the Mexican Supreme Court didn’t really attract much attention. It was just a rubber stamp for the government.

However, the Mexican Supreme Court has recently been flexing its wings and making assertive rulings, more like the U.S. Supreme Court.

On May 18th, 2022, the Mexican Supreme Court issued a ruling which affects Mexico’s immigration control.

This was in response to an abuse of power by officials of the INM, Mexico’s federal immigration agency.

The INM detained three young people they thought were illegal Guatemalans.

But it turned out they were actually Mexican Indians from Chiapas, a state which borders Guatemala.

They were three siblings – Amy, Esther and Alberto – ranging in age from 15 to 24. They are Tzeltal Mayans from Chiapas who don’t speak Spanish very well.

The trio was working in central Mexico, riding an employee bus which was stopped for an immigration check.

Due to their physical appearance and inability to speak Spanish well, officials decided they were Guatemalan illegal aliens, despite the fact that they had Mexican identification.

The siblings were detained for eight days.

Poor Alberto, 18 at the time, was beaten and administered electric shock and finally consented to sign a document admitting he was Guatemalan.

“I really thought I was going to die, so I signed lots of sheets of paper – but I can’t read or write so I didn’t know what I was signing,” said Alberto later.

The trio was almost deported to Guatemala, a country they are not even from, but the INM discovered the truth before deporting them.

In response to this admittedly unjust detention, for which the government had already apologized, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled on May 18th that highway immigration checkpoints are discriminatory and impede one’s right to travel freely within Mexico.

The INM can still check for immigration status, but only at regular border crossings, ports, and airports, and in other limited and specified situations.

So how will this affect the flow of illegal aliens who cross Mexico to get to the U.S.? It’s likely to increase the flow, in addition to all the other factors encouraging the Biden Border Rush.

If we had a president who wanted to decrease illegal immigration, he could put pressure on Mexico to crack down on its borders with Guatemala and Belize.

But we don’t, so we can expect more and more illegals entering our country, until a U.S. administration (most likely not this one) puts a stop to it.

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  1. Isn’t it interesting how ” Barry Sotoro ” is Still influencing our government today, even though he’s NOT a natural born US Citizen, but a Kenyan National, born in Kenya, and a British Subject by law, yet he was fraudulently elected, not just once, but Twice and HE DID fundamentally change Amerika .. causing all the current racial problems that we DIDN’T HAVE until he showed up .. Hey ” AOC ” you ignorant bar fly, tell me again who the Systemic Racist is again .. PLEASE lend us your years of brilliance as a loser Bartender .. No Offense to Real Bartenders.

    1. Very good comment Buzz:

      Obama was able to very easily do the damage he was installed to do by using his race protection to get elected, and both his race protection and ineligibility to scare the many complicit in the Obama fraud into protecting him, to protect themselves. That is exactly what is and has been happening , especially with Hillary, who was suppose to be the after Obama cover president, and her loss to Obama’s nemesis, Donald Trump. None of this is complicated, but with the complicit investigating the complicit nothing happens of any significance…….Unfortunately, Obama was an evil plan that worked……America’s government and her military were given to her enemies when Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts in 2009, and they ain’t giving it back……….

  2. devildemocommiecrats want as many illegal alien invaders as possible to help them collapse the economy and turn America into a 3rd world dictatorial puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship under their iron fist rule and the gop establishment, wanting seats at the tyranny table want the same thing, to be part of the ruling junta under satan!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seems like the solution is to return to all of Trump’s border polices by returning Trump to the office stolen from him… It needs to done soon, because massive additional damage will be done before 2024 by Biden and his puppet masters, Obama being one of them………or maybe by cackles, the bad joke of a V.P……