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(May 20, 2022) — On May 14th, there was a terrible tragedy in Buffalo, New York.

Eighteen-year-old Payton Gendron went to a Tops grocery store and shot 13 people, 10 of whom died. Gendron is white. Eleven victims were black.

We extend our condolences to all those who lost family members and friends.

Almost immediately, the tragedy was publicized and utilized by the mainstream media and Biden administration to push narratives about the dangerous ‘white supremacy movement’ and the ‘Great Replacement conspiracy theory.’

A manifesto attributed to the murderer dealt with race, immigration and demographics (“the Great Replacement”).

Interestingly, a couple of Gendron’s non-white friends were surprised, saying they never suspected he was racist.

Certainly Gendron was – like many of these young, male mass shooters – mentally disturbed.

But that’s not the media’s emphasis.

The mass shooting is being used to promote gun control and censorship. For those of us who criticize U.S. immigration policy, this is a concern.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been blamed by some for inspiring this shooting. That’s quite unfair, as Carlson does not promote violence on his show. But he does provide perspectives of which the mainstream media does not approve.

President Biden went to Buffalo, where he gave a speech and promoted the narrative.

All mass shootings are tragic. But why are some publicized and others forgotten?

We’re told that “white supremacy” is rising in the United States and is a major threat.

Statistically, that’s utter balderdash.

You’d never guess it from the media, but murders of blacks perpetrated by whites are statistically rare.

Murders of whites perpetrated by blacks are more common, but aren’t publicized by the media.

Murders of blacks by other blacks are even more common, and they also aren’t publicized by the media.

All murders are tragic, but some are more politically useful than others.

In March of 2021, there was a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, which was similar to the Buffalo shooting. In Boulder, the shooter killed ten victims at a supermarket, as in Buffalo.

That shooting, however, was perpetrated by a Syrian immigrant. Thus it did not fit the narrative. So it disappeared down the memory hole, and Biden didn’t visit.

In November of 2021, Darrell Brooks, a black sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter movement who had called for anti-white violence on Facebook, drove an SUV into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 6 and injuring 66 others.

The Washington Post called it a “tragedy caused by a SUV,” as if the vehicle itself had plotted the attack.

The media was not interested in the perpetrator’s BLM ideology.

To his credit, President Biden called it a “horrific act of violence.” First Lady Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff, husband of Kamala Harris, visited Waukesha.

But, of course, there was no linking of Brooks’ ideology to the attack.

By now, it has also disappeared down the memory hole.

What about the “Great Replacement”?

That term refers to the demographic change taking place in the U.S. and other Western countries in which Third World immigrants and their offspring are becoming a larger share of the population, with the native white populations diminishing in proportion.

You might call this a “Great Replacement” or you might call it something else. But it’s an undeniable development.

Some Democrats have openly gloated over demographic change and how it’s helping them. That’s okay because they support it.

But if you are critical of the unfolding “Great Replacement,” then it becomes a dangerous conspiracy theory.

So, according to the media, the truth or falsity of the Great Replacement depends on your opinion of it.

We shouldn’t be deceived by such rhetoric.

We mourn the loss of life in Buffalo.

Once again, the Buffalo mass shooting was a tragedy.

But this tragedy is being used by the administration to push an agenda, and to censor and suppress its critics.

We should not be intimidated and we should not go along with this cynical strategy.

Mass immigration (illegal and legal), citizenship issues, and demographics are legitimate public policy issues, and as American citizens we have every right to peacefully debate them.

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  1. I live in the Greater Buffalo Area just about 7 miles from the particular TOPS store where the mass assault took place. The shooter is not from Buffalo, which is in Northwestern NY. He is from Southeastern NY State. It took Payton Gendron three and a half hours to get to Buffalo. Buffalo has a reputation of being “The city of good neighbors”. I have lived in the area for the last (60) years.

    There is NO “White Supremacist” presence in Western NY. I should know. Again, I have lived here for (60) years. Buffalo is also a border area. We live on the northern border with Canada. Canadians of all persuasions come across the border. They shop in Buffalo, they eat in Buffalo restaurants, they even play baseball IN Buffalo.

    Buffalonians are NOT racists. The city is a city of diversity. A truly international city. It is one of the finest places to live in the United States.

    I am very angry that Payton Gendron came to Buffalo and murdered our fellow Buffalonians. That he decided to drive over 230 miles and come here to kill people is unconscionable and evil. Gendron destroyed our peace.

    The people who have lost family members understandably, now want to close down the Tops Market where the murder spree took place. That would cause many of the people who work in that market to lose their jobs, would not solve the problem of racial animus and is unwarranted.

    Many people in that neighborhood need the market in order to shop for groceries and other necessities. Gendron did the people of Buffalo a grave injustice and belongs in jail or in a psychiatric facility. The people that are law abiding and trying to live their lives need not be beset upon by curtailing their rights and their availability to shops and services.

  2. Mass immigration, the “Great Replacement”, diversity and inclusion at the expense of legacy American culture, traditions and values will be the end of legacy America.

    1. I agree. The demographics of the United States is being manipulated for sinister reasons. There is no justifiable rationale for open borders. In arabic it is known as a hijrah.