May 15, 2022

Dear Editor,

Does Anthony Albanese & Co really understand what every successful businessperson (and job security-minded employee) does: “Meat on the bone” (profit) is imperative to every Australian’s survival?

Because I say:

“Without meat on the bone, your financier may leave you standing alone.

Without meat on the bone, it’s no secret why your business’s profit has never really grown.

Without meat on the bone, heavy-heartedly, some employees to the door may well be shown.

Without meat on the bone, long-term, the love of your life’s heart, so sadly, may turn to stone.

So now you know, Mr Albanese & Co, it just goes to show:  proven ‘meat on the bone’ (thus, employee job security) producing business methods/conditions must be left well alone!”


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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