by Sharon Rondeau

(May 12, 2022) — On Thursday Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the election-integrity nonprofit, was a guest on Stephen K. Bannon’s “War Room” to answer questions about the data she and elections analyst Gregg Phillips gathered and supplied to filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for his May 7 release, “2000 Mules.”

The film, which runs just under 90 minutes and for which Engelbrecht is executive producer, explains how TruetheVote acquired over four million minutes of government election-connected surveillance video and trillions of cell-phone “pings” from a commercial vendor revealing the movement of individuals between official ballot drop boxes and left-leaning non-profits involved in voting activism in the weeks leading up to the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

TTV’s website at the time of writing greets the visitor with the message, “This is not the end,” which Engelbrecht confirmed to Bannon on Thursday.

The website’s most recent posting, dated May 12, 2022, is titled, “TTV and 2000 Mules: Frequently Asked Questions.”

Bannon first asked Engelbrecht why she believes Washington Post writer Philip Bump, who he characterized as “a big guy” in the world of media, has written seven articles about “2000 Mules,” to which she responded that she had not at first been familiar with his stature at The Post but that she appreciates the attention he is drawing to the production.

In Bump’s latest column, Bannon pointed out, Bump systematically refuted the film’s assertions, which Engelbrecht said she welcomed. Bump’s criticism includes Engelbrecht’s omission of full geotracking evidence of the “mules” who allegedly made multiple trips to various drop-boxes during the election cycle and D’Souza’s assumptions leading to his conclusions that in three contested states, sufficient illegally-cast ballots altered the outcome of the presidential election.

Bump wrote that the viewer should not simply “trust” Engelbrecht and D’Souza’s word that they possess complete geotracking data supporting their claim of mules having made multiple trips to multiple drop boxes.

Although Engelbrecht said Bump has never contacted her or Phillips for comment on their work, Bump reported he contacted D’Souza and that D’Souza “declined to comment for this article.”

In TruetheVote’s Thursday question-and-answer article, TTV wrote, in part:

Why doesn’t 2000 Mules show the same person going to multiple drop boxes as claimed?

We do have video showing the same person at multiple drop boxes. Some of that footage was shown in the first trailer. It was taken out because the video is extremely poor quality.

We address this issue in the film. Most jurisdictions had no video or if they did, it was (illegally) destroyed. Of what does exist, 85% of it is bad; the camera poorly positioned, out of focus, the video compiled out of chronological sequence, inexplicably missing blocks of days and times. 

This is why the geospatial evidence is the key. 

One thing this exercise proved to us is that drop box surveillance video was never monitored, as voters expected it would be. Like so many other election processes, it was a false promise of security… 

Bannon asked Engelbrecht why the mainstream media, other than The Post, has imposed a “blackout” on the movie. “That’s for them to tell us,” Engelbrecht replied, although contending the film’s opening week was very successful and “the word’s getting out” through average Americans. “Ultimately, this is all going to come out,” she said.

Her next move, she said, is “ripcord,” in which TTV plans to “let all of this be let loose publicly.” “I cannot wait to put it all out there for anybody that wants to take a shot and let them see what we’ve been working with,” she said.

Engelbrecht added she and Phillips will be holding an “ask us anything” session next week.

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  1. Where are the DAMN REPUBLICANS? A PHONY ELECTION resulting in an angry, senile, corrupt moron purposely destroying the country at the direction of anti-American puppeteers. Where’s the outrage from our so called representatives?

  2. I watched Catherine Engelbrecht on Tucker Carlson’s program and could sense that that she was constrained in what she was allowed to say. Shame on Tucker Carlson and the entire gang at Fox who tow the company line and fail to report the truth about what was obviously a stolen election. By selectively reporting the facts FOX hosts are really no better than the rest of the media they routinely bash for fake news, lies and misinformation. The research by True Vote and the Dinesh D’Souza film re: election fraud is news of vital importance that ALL Americans deserve and need to know about. The stolen presidential election of 2020 has hastened the destruction of all aspects of American life. The country is barely hanging on. Instead these pundits at FOX have put their jobs before country and truth. Shame on them. What hypocrites! You know what they should be doing? Instead of selective reporting and outright disrespect toward their viewers, every single one of them should collectively tell management that they will not play this propaganda game anymore. All of these self-righteous “patriots” – ALL OF THEM – should insist that they be allowed to report the truth. If denied then they should ALL QUIT their jobs in the name of truth and for their country. Imagine Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Dana Perino, Harris Faulkner, Kayleigh McEneny, Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld, Jeanine Pirro, Pete Hegseth, Bill Hemer, Sandra Smith, Emily Campagno etc., telling management we are no longer going to be part of thus hypocrisy, deceit and selective reporting. Quit your jobs all at once damn it and put country and truth before paychecks. If you can’t be honest with your viewers you too are frauds, who certainly do not deserve our respect or our viewership. The threat of a mass exodus might just wake up management at FOX. After all is ultimately about the Benjamin’s. Shame. Shame. Shame. It’s disgusting. FOX is censoring news and they need to be called out.

    1. Thank you Gary and I agree.
      Fox News talking heads get paid a lot and their job can last a very long time if they do as told. When, years ago, Fox apparently told their talking heads never to allow a fair and balanced discussion of Obama’s identity fraud and ineligibility they completely lost my respect. The Fox News talking heads fear saying anything about The Obama Fraud and/or allowing their guest to do so, and they pretend it does not exist. Nothing has changed right up until today. They are still getting paid to report what they are allowed to report……..a perfect example of controlled opposition………

      1. Prior to the release of the 2000 Mules film, Dinesh D’Souza was a guest
        on Laura Ingrahm’s show at least once or twice a month… Since the release of the film, D’Souza has not appeared on her show.. I wonder if he
        will ever be invited back.. I’m guessing probably not.

    1. What’s preventing you from believing what the data and videos in the movie indicate? Fear of realizing the left’s Trump’s “Big Lie” is the real “BIG LIE”?

      IMHO what’s preventing the release of more/all data are ongoing law enforcement investigations into likely illegal activities — like people being paid to participate in ballot harvesting, which I think is illegal.

    2. Sounds like the response from a liberal friend from CT (even after I gave him the link to watch the replay for free): ‘Who’s making the money on this?’
      Then I found that the showing on ‘BeforeItsNews’ got censored, so I sent him this:
      BTW, no need to ‘buy it’, … and if the previous link to watch 2000 MULES ( for free fails to work, try this one: