by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2022

(May 10, 2022) —

Hello, abortion our old friend
We Dems must call on you again
Because November’s only months away
The pollsters say expect a sure doomsday
When the power we have longed for disappears
With our tears
Into the swamp of silence

Barack Obama had big schemes
To fulfill his Marxist dreams
Then Joe Biden brought it to a stop
With those tales about his friend Corn Pop
And the plans we’d made ended up being almost dead
They went instead
Into the swamp of silence

Into the streets we pushed the crowd
Profane and vile and very loud
In the cities, even nationwide
People calling for infanticide
People wanting death for tiny blameless souls
To enroll
Into the swamp of silence

But Dems have overplayed their hand
Late-term abortion will be banned
As the conscience of the people grows
And they condemn the acts that they oppose
And banish all the vile racist theory
Into the dreary swamp of silence

Then the people danced and cheered
For the wicked they had feared
Had been stripped of all their evil power
No longer was the dreaded need to cower
And the Tenth Amendment that had been almost dead
Now was read
Everywhere but the swamp of silence

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