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by Allan Wall, US Incorporated, ©2022


(May 6, 2022) — As the Biden Border Rush continues with the full connivance of our government, people continue to suffer, including the illegal aliens themselves, who are being used as pawns in a globalist strategy.

Consider just three news stories out of many.


The Rio Grande, the river which separates Texas from Mexico, can be deadly.

Texas Army National Guardsman Bishop Evans, who was only 22, recently drowned trying to save a couple of river crossers who turned out to be drug smugglers. What a tragedy.

As a result, the Texas Military Department ordered Guardsmen working on the border not to enter the water to rescue migrants, although they can throw bagged ropes to them.

On May 2, reporter Bryan Llenas released a video of a Nicaraguan man drowning in the Rio Grande between Piedras Negras (Mexico) and Eagle Pass (Texas).


National Guardsmen were on the scene but stayed on their side of the river, telling Llenas it was because “they’ve been ordered not to do water rescues after SPC. Evans drowned.”

The Nicaraguan actually drowned closer to the Mexican side, from which nobody entered the water to help him until it was too late.

The Texas Military Department policy has of course been criticized.

Activist Laura Pena says the policy “sends the message that migrants’ lives are not worth saving. It’s really very, very sad to think that the state of Texas has such little regard for people’s lives who are at risk. They’re risking everything to seek protection, safety, the American dream.”

I wonder if this activist expressed sorrow at the untimely death of Specialist Evans, the Guardsman who drowned. Maybe she did.

But one things’s for sure – Biden’s border policies bear much of the blame for encouraging Nicaraguans and others to make the trek to the U.S.-Mexico border where this man drowned. It puts all of their lives at risk.


Our dysfunctional border and the way it is managed encourages all sorts of crimes and abuses. Now here’s a bizarre one.

According to Border Report:

Migrants are increasingly falling prey to kidnapping, extortion, and physical and emotional abuse in U.S. territory, as local gangs raid each other’s stash houses to force newly arrived foreign nationals to call relatives here or in their home countries so they can send money to their new captors, federal officials say.

Think about that.

Illegal aliens pay smugglers in Gang Number One to smuggle them into the United States. They cross the border and are waiting in Gang Number One’s stash house when they are kidnapped by Gang Number Two, which proceeds to extort their family.


It’s not just on the Rio Grande.

Many Haitians are using a maritime route to go from Haiti to the United States.

Fox News reports, “The U.S. Coast Guard is seeing more Haitian migrants trying to reach the Florida coast by boat.”

The Haitians are using a route that passes between Cuba and the Bahamas. This route “has been attempted by Haitians for decades, but this is the busiest the Coast Guard has been with interceptions since 2004. The Coast Guard picked up 63 Haitians Monday morning [May 2]. Friday [April 29], they stopped 102 people. Wednesday [April 27], they picked up 64.”

From the start of the fiscal year on October 1 to May 2, the Coast Guard has picked up 3,897 Haitians. In contrast, 1,527 Haitians were picked up during the entire 2021 fiscal year.

Most of these Haitians are traveling on very unseaworthy boats, so it’s very dangerous. It’s estimated that 175 Haitians have died this year traveling this route and that may be an undercount.

If we had control of our border and made it clear we mean business, how many of these Haitians would not have perished?

Not only do our immigration policies hurt the United States and ordinary Americans, they create a moral hazard by encouraging foreigners to endanger their lives in hopes of arriving here. As a result, people keep dying.

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  1. The satanic left, including the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, don’t care about the illegal alien invaders, they are simply a tool to help in the destruction of the American Republic!!!!! Like the evil ruler in the Star Wars movies the devildemocommiecrats seek to turn the American Republic into part of the global empire ruled by them and their gop establishment allies!!!!! I suspect that once the dirty deed has been done that gop establishment hacks like mcconnell, romney, collins, murkowski, cornyn, mccarthy, cheney, kinzinger, and the rest of them will find themselves on the outside looking in!!!!!!!!!