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Then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump states at a September 16, 2016 press conference upon the opening of his new hotel in Washington, DC that “President Barack Obama was born in the United States” (Screenshot: NBC News)

(May 2, 2022) — Did anyone notice the only time the media stopped criticizing Donald Trump was when he gave them the “right” response during the 2016 campaign after they asked him if he believed Obama was born in Hawaii? Trump responded, “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.” I and many others could not believe Trump said that….but for me, when I thought it over I understood that Trump wanted to win the election and did not believe he could get his message out if he were always answering hostile questions about Obama’s birthplace, i.e., eligibility.

Something else I noticed was how quickly the media dropped the subject. It was the first time they believed Trump answered truthfully, and soon they left him alone on that issue. That seemed odd until it dawned on me that Trump’s enemies and supporters of Obama wanted the birth certificate issue to go away more than Trump.

This strategy worked for Trump and he went on to defeat the planned-and-promised-in-2016-after-Obama cover president of Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, Hillary was surprised and infuriated because one of the enticements she was given to drop out of the 2008 primary to insure an Obama victory was the much-needed, after-Obama cover presidency.  The other was a cabinet position in Obama’s putative administration, Secretary of State. Hillary’s life centered on Bill and her both being president of America, but I believe the Soros-funded, Brennan-and-CIA-created Barack Hussein Obama was ready to go in 2008, and even Hillary Clinton was not going to stop him from being installed. I also believe Hillary understood the offer to drop out of the primary was one she had better not refuse. 

The Clintons greatly increased their wealth from Hillary’s lucrative SOS position, and Hillary boosted her presidential candidate credentials as part of Obama’s cabinet. She was subsequently elected as a Senator from New York to add to her already, she believed, sure- thing election win as the after-Obama cover president and “finisher” of the 16-year plan to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic.

Both political parties were shocked when Hillary lost to the candidate both parties feared most, Donald J. Trump. Not only was he not part of the “good ol’ boy” political group of acceptable presidents, he was also a person who, as private citizen Donald Trump, had offered $5 million dollars to go to Obama’s favorite charity if Obama released his college transcripts and passport records. Obama did not, and his charity, whatever it might have been, got nothing. Obama could have gotten Trump off his back by showing the records and having the Obama media endlessly showing Barack accepting a check for $5,000,000 from his biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. That event alone likely would have prevented Trump from running for president, as it would have humiliated him in the eyes of many potential voters.

During the same time frame Obama was under scrutiny by means of a book by Jerome Corsi titled, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” In 2011 Obama’s approval ratings were falling and something was needed to give him a boost to insure re-election. Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, and Navy Admiral William McRaven got together in Colorado for months at Obama’s direction and planned for a raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. If that happened or was widely believed to have happened, presto: Obama’s ratings would soar.  

I am not familiar with Admiral McRaven, but anything connected to John Brennan needs its own “special investigation.” McRaven, who already knew Brennan before they worked on preparation for the raid, admires Brennan and hates President Trump.  I don’t trust anyone who admires John Brennan.

There are many people worldwide who believe Osama had been dead for years before the Navy SEAL raid on his purported compound. My first knowledge of the raid was when the TV in my living room began playing loud “breaking news” music in the middle of Donald Trump’s last show of the season of “The Apprentice.”  I looked at the clock and listened to the announcement that “Osama bin Laden had been killed and buried at sea.”  I immediately suspected it was not Osama who was tossed in the sea, but someone was because the raid was not going to fail…the “coincidence” of Trump’s last show of the season being interrupted by Obama did not go unnoticed by millions of Americans. Link:

TV News just after the raid stated that Osama’s youngest son, Hamza bin Laden, was at the compound but had escaped. I then believed that Osama’s son was likely the person with the shot-up and unrecognizable face who was quickly tossed into the ocean. At least one eyewitness at the raid stated the man said to be Osama bin Laden looked too young to be him. Just coincidentally, or not, a few days later there were newspaper reports that Osama used “Just for Men” hair coloring. The only pictures I had seen purportedly from the compound of Osama were taken from the rear and slightly to his left side; his face was not visible but his hair and beard that could be seen were mostly gray, not “Just for Men.” Soon there were other reports of Osama dying before the raid happened, including an interview by David Frost of Pakistan’s Prime Minister and other accounts. Links here:

For years after the raid it was said Hamza was preparing to attack America to avenge the death of his father.  After years of no revenge, it was announced that Hamza had been killed. I think that happened because people were finally figuring out Hamza was not alive.

Another very significant related event is that SEAL Team 6, the team that completed the raid on Osama’s compound, later lost many members when their helicopter was shot down in Pakistan. Link here:

Please read the comments at the link above. The tragic loss of SEAL Team 6 brings up another question on the “killing” of Osama bin Laden: Were members of SEAL Team 6 getting too close to exactly what happened at the compound and after, when someone said to be Osama was killed and quickly thrown in the ocean?

There are many questions and answers, but only one elusive truth…sometimes truth never sees the light of day, and the bad guys win. Is now one of those times?

What happened and why related to the purported killing of Osama bin Laden is also discussed in the videos at the link below. Both Benghazi and the SEAL Team 6 raid on the compound in Pakistan are covered. Watch and come to your own conclusions:

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  1. I believe that Bob68 is correct about by far most, if not all, of the information he has researched and presented in the editorial, “Obama, Osama, and the Truth?” A well done great job, Bob68! Which brings me to a couple of things that have been on my mind (danger! danger!). First, there’s ROBERT O’NEIL, former Navy Seal Team 6 member who claims to have been the one who shot and killed bin Laden. O’Neil has since retired from the military and apparently is sought as a guest speaker on talk shows and at various events, and possibly has become connected with or employed in some capacity by FAUX NEWS. Anyway, P&E readers, I personally think that Mr O’Neil should be examined by the new DHS Disinformation Governance Board! And, so should the role of our federal government (with Obama as Commander-in-Chief) in the planning, carrying out (some might prefer to call it “execution!”), and subsequent covering-up of the actual facts about bin Laden’s death. I don’t claim to have any first-hand knowledge or evidence, but I do claim to have a military and law enforcement background and better-than-average grasp of such things and gut instincts. SO, I DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ DISINFORMATION GOVERNANCE BOARD! To put it in terms which most of us can understand (without need for the government’s “two cents” worth or involvement), there have been entirely too many different and conflicting stories about Osama bin Laden’s life and death. The same can be said so far about “Barack Hussein Obama.” I admire patriots like Bob68 who seek the TRUTH.

  2. I don’t believe bin laden was killed as reported, never did believe it!!!!!That was another scam by the satanists to make fuhrer obama look good. I don’t care where obama was born, he WAS NOT eligible!!!!! His father was not an American citizen at barak’s birth!!!!! He was a typical “manchurian candidate”!!!!!!!!!!

  3. From:

    “A Funeral Notice for Osama bin Laden was published on December 26, 2001, in the Egyptian newspaper al-Ward.”

    Since ‘Obots’ claim that a birth announcement in a Honolulu newspaper is proof of Obama’s birth there in 1961 it seems only fair and reasonable for ‘Birthers’ to claim that a funeral notice in an Egyptian newspaper is proof of Osama bin Laden’s death there in 2001.

    The latter would, of course, mean that Obama and the msm lied about Obama effecting Osama bin Laden’s death in 2011 in order to boost Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.