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Joe Biden speaks at White House Correspondents’ Dinner, April 30, 2022 (Screenshot: MSNBC)

(May 1, 2022) — I just happened to read a news article dated 4-28-2022 on WorldNetDaily by Bob Unruh titled, “Poll:  67% want Biden impeached if Hunter’s corruption proved.”

SAY WHAT? To accomplish the impeachment of current President Joe Biden, we are asked to justify it by a Harvard University & Harris Poll, which found that 67% of those polled (who exactly were these people, and what polling questions were they asked?) wanted President Biden impeached “if Hunter’s corruption proved.” I believe I’m safe in saying that Hunter’s (and Joe’s) influence-peddling, at a profit to them of millions of dollars, began when Joe was Barack Obama’s vice-president. In fact, all of this “pay-for-play” (at least most of it) occurred during the Obama administration prior to Donald Trump upsetting Hillary Clinton for the 45th presidency in 2016 (Trump, as you know, was sworn in to office in January 2017). In the article, Unruh stated that “the president (Joe Biden) has ‘big liability’ with son’s business schemes.”

Are we supposed to be shocked? Why are we being encouraged (by 67% of those who supposedly were polled) to want Joe Biden impeached if Hunter Biden is found guilty of corruption? Is this some kind of left-wing tactic to divert attention from President Biden’s crimes of, let’s call it what it is, treason? I say, “Forget impeachment; it is a ‘bar’ way too low!” I am not going to attempt to examine the blow-by-blow record (mostly failures) of President Biden’s first 15 or 16 months in office, but I will point out to you several of his actions which, in my opinion, qualify as TREASON.

Remember, during the Afghanistan war, the sudden nighttime pullout of American troops, leaving over $7 billion-worth of our most sophisticated military equipment in the hands of the Taliban, not to mention individuals who were left behind and vulnerable. Thirteen American soldiers then were killed in a suicide bombing attack. Unless I am mistaken, wasn’t Joe Biden our military’s Commander-in-Chief?

Remember the Biden administration’s policy (regardless of court decisions, if any, to the contrary, such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy of former President Trump) of surrendering our southern border and allowing our country, for all practical purposes, to become invaded by millions of undocumented immigrants? And for what? Humanitarian reasons or future votes? And, what about those immigrants being granted services and freedoms or favors not even available to legal American citizens?

Remember the Biden administration’s criticism and disrespect for the work being performed by our police officers and first responders, especially when their duties necessitate them interacting on the streets with Blacks and other minorities? In fact, hasn’t the Biden administration declared that the greatest threat to our country and its underlying principles of equal treatment and justice for all is “white supremacy?” Coming from Joe Biden, who at one time was a racist and sympathizer with radical anti-American groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, this apparent “change of heart,” although not legally treasonous, is without question a very peculiar and ominous sign of bad character!

Speaking of law enforcement, the character of the Capitol police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbit is suspect. It is something President Biden never talks about. Rather, he almost always succumbs to the way the political winds are blowing and following the money!

Next, what manner of evil drove Joe Biden to accept and promote an unprecedented and radical new culture (some call it “woke”; I spell it D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R)? This mostly nonsensical way of life is in the process of overtaking and destroying our previously great American society, the one that was envisioned for us by our wise, brave, and God-fearing Founding Fathers, not Barack Hussein Obama (who arguably started it all in 2007).

Finally, and I realize it is unpopular in many circles to say this, but, in my view, Joe Biden stole the presidency. He conspired with countless others and committed election fraud in the 2020 general election to usurp the office from incumbent Donald Trump. That by itself ought to be enough to charge Biden with treason. Wouldn’t you agree, past presidential usurper and treasonist yourself, Barack Hussein Obama?

Now, do we really believe that Joe Biden should be impeached only due to his connections with a yet-to-be-found-guilty Hunter Biden? Why, considering all of the above, isn’t treason by far actually the most appropriate crime for which Joe should be held accountable? Might it (including with other individuals who also should be similarly charged) serve as a future deterrent? Maybe help “drain the swamp” and bring back honest public servants?

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  1. While serving in the Marines I had a personal saying, it was, “rank had it’s perks”.
    As a junior enlisted Marine I noticed if you got into some type of trouble, you would be up on charges. However, if you had a high rank, “justice was not served”. While in basic training, I had been pulled from training for fraud. I was being charged for fraud for a minor traffic citation. I was cleared and finished training.
    Joe and Hunter have gone way out of bounds in fraud and “kick Backs…”. It is
    time for accountability. Lock them up.