April 26, 2022

Dear Editor,

In recent years, our granddaughters playing in an eastern suburbs junior all-girls netball competition were shocked when suddenly faced with an opposing previously all-girls’ side taking unfair advantage by fielding two boys who were taller, stronger, and bulkier than girls of the same age. In desperate retaliation and fighting fire with fire, our girls’ side’s coach fielded a very strong young boy, leading to a longstanding young previously all-girl team member (not our granddaughter) missing out! The whole nature and spirit of the competition was ruined in the eyes of so many young girls competing!

This is the same sort of creeping-into-Western-society, woke-folk nonsense leading to a “modified male” New Zealand weightlifting bloke competing in the last Olympic games as a woman, along with transgender Lia Thomas (previously competing as an unsuccessful male) US swimmer winning current US national women’s swimming championships!

And the Herald Sun’s Susie O’Brien: please, fact-check this fact: US female swimmers sharing the same women’s change facilities have expressed alarm and discomfort when Lia Thomas has – most probably unwittingly- exposed her male reproduction apparatus!

So, Susie, on behalf of every parent and grandparent of young girls, I say: “Bravo, Scott Morrison, for protecting Australia’s girls!”


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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