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(Apr. 25, 2022) — Moving to a new apartment can be either easy or stressful. It all depends on how you prep for the moving project and the moving company that you hire. Take time to consider the reputation of every moving company on your list to get value for money from the service rendered.

One of the crucial steps you should make when preparing to move out is packing your household well. Most companies not only have professional movers but also provide packing boxes and other essential items such as wrapping papers. Use them to protect your valuables from damage during moving in Fayetteville.

Unpacking is equally important and should be done with great care. Not all companies offer complimentary packing and unpacking services. There is no need to worry; here are expert tips on how to unpack after moving. Be sure to stick around to the end for a bonus tip 😊.

Unpack Using the Inventory List

One of the cardinal rules that most people break when unpacking is not following a specific order. When packing, it’s wise to label the boxes based on the contents and create an inventory list. Make sure that the labeling is done correctly to ease the unpacking process.

This list will help you know which boxes you should handle first and avoid confusion. The inventory list will also enable you to confirm that all the boxes were delivered to the new property.

Start With the Essentials

Trying to unpack all the boxes at once is counterproductive. Experts recommend starting with boxes that contain the essential households. These boxes should be moved from the truck to the house first.

Ideally, the essentials include items you will need the first few days after moving. They include utensils, foodstuffs, toiletries, books, medications, smartphones, and laptop chargers. Be careful when handling them to cushion yourself from unexpected expenses if any of them gets damaged during the unpacking process.

Organize the Kitchen First

The moving process is tedious and stressful enough. The last thing you want is to open one box after another, looking for your favorite sauce or spice on the first night. You probably also have to report to work the following morning, and so you need your coffee maker and other kitchen appliances working to prepare breakfast.

Therefore, it’s prudent to start by organizing your kitchen. If you have time, start by filling  the cabinets and cupboards with utensils, then unpack the pans and pots. Set up and plug in the small appliances that make your life a breeze, such as a toaster and a blender.

However, if you don’t have time, unpack the issues and concentrate on other rooms. You can complete the unpacking process over the weekend or when you are free.

Get the Bedrooms Ready for the First Night

With the kitchen now organized, proceed to the bedrooms. Assemble the beds and unpack the blankets and linen for each room. Speed up the process by packing all the linens in one box to get your beds ready for the first night fast.

Next, decide where to place the furniture and closet before unpacking the other boxes. It would help to invest in modern closet and shelving organizing units to assist you in organizing the items faster and efficiently.

Now Head Over to the Bathrooms

Most apartments have pre-fixed bathroom fixtures, so you rarely have to install them yourself. First, confirm that there is running water in the faucets. Unpack the toiletries, towels, and other personal bathroom essentials. Start with the most important body care products, shower curtain, medications, and towels.

Having a fully stocked bathroom will enhance your home’s comfort tremendously. List down the items that you don’t have and order them online.

Assembling and Arranging Furniture

With the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom organized, you can now focus on the furniture. A floorplan sketch of the new apartment or home will come in handy when arranging the furniture. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, though; you can use pictures of your previous home to organize certain spaces, such as the living room.

Later, you can change the arrangement to suit your preferences and the available space. Heavy furniture that needs to be mechanically assembled, such as bookcases and entertainment centers, should be worked on after you have decided where to place the other furniture. If not, you may have to move them back and forth across the room.

Bonus Tip: Organize the Utility Rooms

Utility rooms refer to the basement, garage, and attic. They may be more depending on the architecture of your home. Unpack the items for these rooms last and preferably once you have organized all the other rooms as they are often used for storage.

Additional items for the landscape, deck, and patio can be unpacked and set up last during your leisure time.

Final Thoughts

Unpacking your items doesn’t have to give your sleepless nights. Use the above tips to complete the process safely and fast. It’s also recommendable to hire a full-service moving company that offers packing and unpacking services to save time. Be sure to request a price estimate for the whole moving service several weeks before the big day to budget accordingly. Happy Moving!




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