April 22, 2022

Dear Editor,

Where are Telstra CEO Andy Penn and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce same-sex marriage champions, now there’s a rash of biologically-born males usurping women’s places/rights in the world of sport?

Why aren’t Penn and Joyce campaigning now (in the way they did for SSM?) for the protection of Australia’s daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, and wives in the same way as Aussie Olympic Gold Medal-winning icons Dawn Fraser and Emma McKeon, backed up by great Olympic Silver Medal-winner Raelene Boyle, who was robbed of Gold by East-German drug-cheating female opponents being built up by male testosterone!

Scientific fact: once past maturity, all males retain body strength, and bone and muscle weight; along with height, reach, body-bulk, and leg-length advantages (especially in women’s sports where bodies can come into contact)!

And never forget the centuries-old idiom, “as strong as an ox”! Because I’m darned sure Dawn Fraser, Emma McKeon and Raelene sure have that idiom front and centre in their minds when looking at blokes, who are actually ‘modified males’ wanting to compete against fair-dinkum biological women so unfairly! So, what say you now, Andy Penn and Alan Joyce?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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