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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 17, 2022) — Despite numerous Easter messages on Twitter Sunday morning declaring belief in and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as of this writing the topic is trending only sporadically on the social-media platform, unlike in past years.

The trend, “He Got Up” has apparently replaced the more traditional Easter trend of “He is Risen!” with some entries pertaining to unrelated events.

Easter posts this year are frequently interspersed with campaign, medical and news items.

As of 9:14 a.m., “He Got Up” had stopped trending, returned two minutes later under “Kid Rock,” then disappeared again.

At 9:23 a.m., a new trend, “Catholics,” appeared, containing numerous Easter messages, one of which reminded readers that Orthodox Palm Sunday and Easter arrive a week later than those of the Latin calendar.

At 9:32, “HE GOT UP” was trending again, this time in second place, with a mixture of Easter and secular posts.

A minute later, the trend was gone but returned sporadically.

Happy Easter.

Photos: Sharon Rondeau

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  1. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, my 79 Birthday, my 81 year old brother and I spent the afternoon visiting with our beloved WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veteran Father and devoted military wife Mother in Arlington National Cemetery.

    It was a beautiful day, although a bit chilly at 52 degrees. Looking around we saw headstone after headstone of America’s Fallen Heroes decorated with bright a colored Easter bouquet or a single rose — a sign that someone who knew, loved and missed them had not forgotten them. We also saw numerous individuals and families visiting their loved ones, along with a couple tour groups of school children.

    The peaceful serenity of America’s most hallowed place was disturbed only by the sound of the Netherlands Memorial Carillon’s 50 bells ringing out “Westminster Quarters”/”Westminster Chimes” every hour and every quarter-hour. The Carillon was a gift from people of the Netherlands in honor and memory of the thousands of American soldiers who sacrificed their lives during WWII.

    Below is an excerpt from President Harry S. Truman’s address at the unveiling of the Netherlands Memorial Carillon in Arlington National Cemetery:

    “HERE in Arlington National Cemetery, in the presence of our war dead, we have come to consecrate a carillon.

    In their nightly hymn, the bells of the carillon will sing of our faith in the kinship of man and God. Each time they sing that faith, they will proclaim our compact with the veterans of our Nation’s wars who gave their lives that our faith might endure.”

    And that they did, yesterday, Easter Sunday.

    God Bless You Sharon Rondeau
    God Bless Our Fallen Heroes
    God Bless Our Veterans
    God Bless Our Troops
    And God Bless The United States of America