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by Bob Russell, ©2022

(Apr. 10, 2022) — The left’s hatred of Christians is growing daily.  In the latest manifestation of hatred of God’s people in America joe dementia, the illegitimate usurper installed into the office of president by massive VOTE FRAUD, has proposed forcing Christian hospitals to either perform abortions or be shut down by an oppressive government that bows to satan rather than to Jesus.  Jesus told us we would be hated because they first hated Him.  We Christians can expect the hate to increase when we stand against the evil agenda of the left.  They vilify us as being “haters” because we stand for morality when it is they doling out the hate.  Standing for Biblical morals is not hatred.

When the coronavirus scam got rolling leftists declared that church services were a “danger to public health” and had to be stopped.  While they were “deeming” church services dangerous, strip clubs and violent demonstrations that destroyed public and private property, injured police officers, and killed citizens were called “essential” and were not only permitted but encouraged by devildemocommiecrat politicians, the evil bureaucrats they install in government offices, and their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists.

The same propagandists stood in front of burning buildings and protesters throwing bricks and bottles and cans of frozen liquids at police officers telling viewers about “peaceful protests” justified by the death of a violent criminal who died while fighting police, a death caused by massive amounts of dangerous drugs in his system.  George Floyd died from a drug overdose, not from “police brutality.”  Every black man killed by police would be alive if he had complied with police.  The propagandists vilified Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself against assault, accusing him of racism although the people he shot were all white and attacked him because he was defending a family-owned business during a riot.

Tyranny has no bounds when power-hungry devildemocommiecrats hold control of government.  Dementia is not only evil, he is also very corrupt and so mentally diminished he can’t finish a sentence and most of the time doesn’t seem to know where he is or what office he holds.

Another huge problem is that America no longer has a “4th estate,” as the media is often called, that will hold politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their actions.  The deep state not only controls both political parties but also corporate media, and big tech is owned by deep-state billionaires who desire to see the system that brought them their billions to be destroyed so no one else can achieve billionaire status and contest their oligarch positions.

MyPillow founder and owner, Mike Lindell, is under constant attack because he is not part of their oligarch cabal.  Lindell is a patriot who wants to see every American have the opportunities he has been afforded by capitalism.  Lindell’s views are a threat to the dictatorial lusts of the liberal oligarchs and as a result they see a need to destroy him.

President Trump is feared and hated by the left because he is also a billionaire who isn’t on their team and seeks to return America to its once-held status as “a shining city on a hill.”  Trump’s drive to drain the swamp threatened the left’s global plans, so he had to be removed.  They didn’t dare kill him so they tried to tarnish him with false accusations and bogus “investigations” that involved the totally fake “Steele dossier,” but that fell through because there was no truth to any of it. President Trump’s “mean tweets” also irritated them because he was telling the truth about them, another reason he had to be deposed by any means possible.

Americans, especially Christians, are the most caring and generous people on planet earth and their attitude of helping those less fortunate angers the very selfish leftists who are only interested in benefiting themselves at the expense of everyone else.  When a natural disaster hits anywhere in the world it is Americans who donate millions of dollars and countless hours of volunteer labor to help those affected.  After the earthquakes that devastated Haiti several years ago Americans donated millions to help the people who were rendered homeless by the disaster.

Sadly, many donated to the scam called “the clinton foundation.”  It collected more than $500 million from American citizens, but rather than help Haitians the clintons have used the money to travel all over the world, staying at five-star hotels, living extravagantly, and spending the money on themselves.  People who donate money to anything connected to the clinton crime cartel should expect that the money will be used for their personal desires, not for helping anyone.

Things will go the left’s way for now but people who get away with doing evil in the present will not get away with it forever.  The human life span is very short compared to eternity and everyone has to answer in eternity for his or her mortal life.  Those denigrating people for honoring God will find out they were on the wrong side of the eternal equation but it will be too late for them to avoid the “just deserts” of their mortal life when they stand before the Great White Throne Judgment.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

[Editor’s Note: Exclusive reporting with the documentation referenced in the first paragraph of this article can be found here.]

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    1. Columbia says Obama graduated from Columbia. Why is Columbia not credible as to who its graduates are?

      ATLAH is a church, not a legal organization, and not affiliated with Columbia College. Regardless, ATLAH did not conduct any legally recognized proceeding.

      Obama served as president from January 20, 2009, thru January 20, 2017.

  1. Very good article Bob Russell. However, something I and many others believe is very important is left out.
    Quote from the article:
    “President Trump is feared and hated by the left because he is also a billionaire who isn’t on their team and seeks to return America to its once-held status as “a shining city on a hill.”

    I agree with the above quote. I also ask this: “Did you notice Trump offered Obama 5 million dollars to Obama’s favorite charity just to show his school and passport records, and Obama did not?” This was a win-win for Obama if he were legitimate. If he presented the legitimate requested documents, the Obama media would be forever showing Donald Trump handing Obama a check for 5 million dollars to be given to charity. Obama would have been a hero and Trump a fool. If Trump had refused to pay after Obama showed the requested documents, Trump would forever be known as a man who did not keep his word. Any future plans for Trump to run for president would have disappeared. Instead, Obama let the offer expire and some of Obama’s apologist said the putative president could not get the records. That was a crock of Bull Schiff. What did this tell Obama and his protectors about Trump? It told them Trump was definitely their enemy and they must treat him as an enemy because he knows and might expose the truth about Barry.

    Obama is a Soros funded Brennan and the CIA created, ineligible, identity fraud installed to weaken America in every way possible, which of course includes one of America’s greatest strengths, Christianity. Both political parties violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and gave America’s government to her enemies. From that moment in time until today both parties have been and still are protecting Obama to protect themselves.

    Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover was supposed to be a sure thing to be elected. Hillary likely believed she could not lose, and especially not to Donald Trump because those who chose her as the after Obama cover president were the same people who installed Obama, and they very much needed her as the “finisher” of America’s Constitutional Republic by covering for the massive corruption of Obama’s illegitimate regime, including her own corruption as Secretary of State. She would be perfect, and they believed anyone else, unacceptable. However, Donald Trump being elected was far more than just unacceptable, it was panic inducing and both parties feared the truth about The Obama Fraud could be fully revealed and acted on. To make this very difficult for President Trump both complicit parties kept Trump busy with failed impeachment attempts based on lies echoed repeatedly by the Obamamedia. When impeachment failed to remove Trump from office they switched to insuring he would not be reelected. Massive voter fraud, adjustable as required, was used in 2020 to insure Slow Joe and his Obama picked V.P., Kamala Harris won. The ineligible Obama likes having more ineligible people in office, like Harris, because it can help put the last nail in the coffin of the natural born citizen requirement for president and vice-president. Obama is now pulling the strings of his cognitively impaired “president” and Biden’s protection from being impeached or otherwise removed from office, his V.P., Kamala Harris.

    America was given to her enemies in 2009 when Obama was sworn-in and Obama was and still is untouchable because he is both race and ineligibility protected. A combination that protects him well because those investigating any wrongdoing against Trump are also being careful to hide their complicity in The Obama Fraud, easily the biggest criminal act against America citizens and her Constitution in history.

    I have no idea what the final outcome will be, but if I am going to see it, it needs happen soon.


    1. Was the five million dollars put into an escrow account? Was a neutral third-party appointed to authenticate the validity of the documents?

      1. Hello Chuck,
        Please read my comment again for my explanation of what I believe would have happened if Trump had refused to pay the 5 million he offered after Obama provided the requested records. Obama passed on an easy way to shame and ridicule Donald Trump, and to make himself look even more wonderful than the Obama media was already working 24/7 to do….Obama did accept the offer and all complicit in the Obama fraud, including Obama himself still fear Donald Trump. Obama and his handlers doing nothing on this offer cost them their planned and promised after Obama cover president, Hillary Clinton, and gave them Obama’s nemesis, President Donald Trump, instead. Trump did not drain the swamp, but he certainly exposed it, and the swamp encompasses both political parties……..

        1. That didn’t answer the questions posed. But the lack of answers supports the inference the original offer wasn’t serious, so it isn’t surprising it wasn’t taken seriously.

          Regardless, one person’s speculation about what might have occurred is not evidence; a different person could speculate about a different series of possible events with different results. It would be foolish to suggest one person’s speculation about events that didn’t occur is superior to another’s, which is why speculation proves nothing.

        2. Correction to my comment above, make that, “Obama did NOT accept the offer”, instead of “Obama did accept the offer”……..Obama hurt himself and helped Trump with his refusal to show his records, and that paid off for Donald Trump when he ran for president in 2016 and defeated Hillary Clinton, the planned and much needed after Obama cover president………….

      2. Lame, really lame.

        Obama could have accepted Trump’s offer with the caveat that the money be put in an escrow account prior to providing the documents to a neutral third party. That Obama treated Trump’s offer as a joke is what fostered speculation that the documents would prove Obama wasn’t who/what he claimed to be.

        1. It is really lame to suggest it was Obama’s burden to attempt to convert a non-serious offer into a serious one.

          Obama at the time, one may recall, was the sitting president and campaigning for re-election; he had better things to do than to take some publicity stunt more seriously than the person making the illusory offer.

          Especially when Obama’s U.S. passport, listing his place of birth as “Hawaii, U.S.A.,” already was known to exist:

          And Columbia already had confirmed he was a graduate: