by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 21, 2022) — For at least the last month, whenever your editor attempted to log in to her Facebook account, she was presented with a screen informing her that Facebook determined she had attempted to log on from an unfamiliar device even though she has been using the same equipment to do so for the last year.

The screen would then ask her to verify her account by supplying a code sent to her email account, identifying “recent comments,” or approving a log-in in from another device.

After “verifying” herself each time, Facebook would allow access and the editor could navigate the site as usual, including posting links to articles on The Post & Email’s page.

On Friday, however, the editor discovered that Facebook had changed its messaging, requiring her to “Turn on Facebook Protect to unlock your account” by providing a phone number in addition to the number already posted on The Post & Email’s page as well as other personal information.

Additional “Help” screens indicate that “Facebook Protect is an advanced security program that helps protect accounts like yours, which require stronger security measures due to their higher reach. You will also be notified of new security features as we develop them.”

Over the last year, The Post & Email’s Facebook readership has dwindled as presumably fewer readers use the social-media platform, possibly due to censorship and Facebook’s role in influencing the outcome of the 2020 general election in multiple states. The editor therefore does not find Facebook’s claim of The Post & Email’s “higher reach” credible, nor was she ever notified of any “security” concern with the account.

As in the “Help” screens there is no option to contact Facebook to question its decisions pertaining to our account, we will no longer be using it.

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  1. Welcome to the disbarred group, Sharon!

    I have been permanently suspended by both the Facebook Gestapo and the Twitter Gestapo. At least Twitter told me why. (I had called the “vaccines” a scam.) Facebook has also suspended my wife’s account. Neither she nor I have been told what we posted that “violated community standards,” but one can guess that it has to do with posts that reflect truth and reality.

    Facebook even asked for a copy of my passport before they would proceed with my appeal! Sorry, Adolph, but that is a bridge way too far.