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by Bob Russell, ©2022

(Feb. 22, 2022) — The political ruling class is so crooked a coiled-up rattlesnake looks like a straight line in comparison.  Why am I still paying for a “benefit” that I paid into for 50 years, paying the maximum for most of those years, and how many millions of other retirees are being fleeced by these corrupt politicians?  Politicians make a minimum of $174,000 per year, not counting their meal, clothing, living, travel, haircut/beauty allowances and others I don’t know about.  A member of the House of “Representatives” can become a multimillionaire in a very few years but not on a $174,000 salary.  There is much more going into their fortunes, like bribes, insider stock trading, and money they can steal from the treasury without We the People being aware.  I saw a report a few years ago that told the number of politicians, aides, and bureaucrats who owe taxes they haven’t paid for years, decades in some cases.

I remember when Harlem slumlord charles rangel was called out for tax evasion, “censured” for his ethical violations, and every devildemocommiecrat ran to the floor to tell the people what a wonderful, honest, heroic man he was.  When it was over, nothing happened and he retired with a substantial pension after spending decades becoming wealthy while contributing nothing to the country’s financial status.  Members of government only have to be in office five years to get their full salary awarded to them for as long as they live.  If all the money I paid into the twin ponzi schemes of Social Security and Medicare had been put into the “lock box” as promised I would be doing a lot better than I am now because that money wouldn’t have been given to welfare slugs and illegal-alien invaders to buy votes for devildemocommiecrats.

Dr. Mengele (fraudci) draws almost $500,000 per year in his base salary and no telling how much in “benefits” while doing nothing but pushing the poison put out by big pharma.  I wonder how much he gets in kickbacks from them to push their “vaccines” while denigrating cheaper, proven treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and monoclonal antibodies.  I don’t know exactly what is going on but I know that nine big pharma executives recently became billionaires and retired.  This is too much to be coincidence, I strongly suspect there is criminal collusion being hidden by big pharma, the political ruling class, and the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists.  I hope someone like James O’Keefe at Project Veritas can get a line on what is going on, but I am sure the ruling class and their propagandists will be doing everything they can to prevent any leaks that would expose criminal conduct, and even when exposed the politicians do nothing because the majority are corrupt.

If the journalism industry was legitimate rather than consisting of just a bunch of fake news propagandists there might be a chance for We the People, but that possibility is very remote given the state of “journalism” today where there is not even an attempt by them to appear remotely objective.  It is a crying shame that the nation founded on the principles of We the People being the ultimate authority has become nothing more than an oligarchy ruled by corrupt billionaires, the politicians they own, and a very corrupt media that is no more than a propaganda element of the satanic cabal that rules America today.  FOX News used to be a “watchdog” of government but has moved radically leftward over the past five years or so, now being a mere shadow of what it once was.  We the People still have the One America News Network (OAN), Project Veritas, and a few internet sites but everything else, especially cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, and abc, the new york times, washington post, and most major newspapers are corrupt propagandists that spout the devildemocommiecrat party line of lies and distortions.

Sadly, the deep state gop establishment is as corrupt as their donkey co-conspirators.  The political ruling class has everything set up to allow them to rule over We the People without allowing any “outsiders” to ever gain a foothold in government.  The “rules” they have enacted regarding elections ensure that no third party can ever gain any traction in the electoral process and their allies in the propaganda area provide even more insurance because no party that opposes the oligarchy will ever get a fair shake as far as publicity goes.  The propagandists vilify the gop as a front to con citizens into believing they are the “good guys” when only a very few are; most of them are corrupt.

Mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy are just the latest in a long string of republican party politicians who have sold out We the People.  They ARE NOT truly leaders but rather, just puppets of satan and the cabal of satanic billionaires who have put them in charge of the party caucus in the House and Senate.  Nutty nancy pelosi and upchuck schumer are two of the worst of a long list of extremely corrupt political hacks in the devildemocommiecrat party who have had control of both houses of congress.  Having the gop in control hasn’t helped, as they make government larger, more powerful, and more tyrannical though not as much as the devildemocommiecrats do.

The money the political ruling class doesn’t give itself in pay and benefits is either stolen for personal use or given to illegal-alien invaders to buy their votes, people who shouldn’t be voting per the Constitution, but are allowed to because it benefits crooked career politicians, allowing them to stay in office so they can steal millions of dollars from hardworking American citizens.  The level of corruption in the federal government is staggering and appalling, and We the People are powerless to stop it due to the wholesale corruption in both political parties.  They are allied against We the People with the intent of remaking our Constitutional Republic into a puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship.  Those republicans who are honest, patriotic, and honor their oath of office are pushed aside and kept in check by the establishment majority who make sure that the very tiny minority has absolutely no voice in legislative matters.

This is how the political machine is able to continue to steal from citizens like me and to keep its unfettered power over everything.  I believe Social Security and Medicare were originally intended to help senior citizens, especially the lower income ones who would need more help, but later generations of politicians saw an opportunity to enrich themselves from the labors of workin-gclass Americans.  Most, if not all, of the career politicians have never held a job outside politics or contributed anything to the finances of the nation.  The only thing they have done is spend decades sponging off working citizens and enriching themselves while making lower income Americans poorer through high taxes, wasteful spending, and graft.  This is the classic taking from the people to enrich themselves, the very situation the legendary Robin Hood fought against in England.  It is said he took from the rich and gave to the poor, but what he did was take from corrupt rulers and gave back to the people who had been impoverished through corruption and tyranny.  We the People in America need a Robin Hood to take from the corrupt politicians and their billionaire enablers and give it back to whom it was stolen from, the American taxpayer.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Thanks for truthing. To go even farther:
    There is no Robin Hood to come and rescue us. We need to get educated, support one another to teach the truth about health care, finances, and how to bring true healing without the Deep State pharmaceutical drugs that keep us sicker longer, while Big Pharma and the AMA doctors collect off our ignorance.