New York City Mayor Eric Adams (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

From: Chris Cirino
Date: February 16, 2022 at 12:53:08 PM EST
Subject:Does The NY Times Report on all Racist Comments?

Good morning Deano,

I hope today finds you well at your post as the Executive Editor of the iconic New York Times.  There is just so much in the news these days, eh Deano?  I would like to touch on a few issues: starting with your paper’s reporting style and opinion writers, as well as some of the headline stories.  

New Mayor For NYC

It looks like the the honorable Mayor of New York Eric Adams is off to a bit of a controversial start. Thank goodness he is keeping the unconstitutional vaccine mandate in effect and he is firing those 1,400 or so city workers.  I mean even as indoor mask mandates have been relaxed (except for children in schools, of course), even as more and more Democratic cities are relaxing restrictions, Ole Eric is going to fire some people.  How can you argue with that logic, Deano?  He must have gotten his guidance from the installed POTUS.  I mean even after the Supreme Court ruled against Joey………..what did Joey say? “Even though the courts ruled against this mandate, I urge states and companies to make employees comply.”  Ya see Deano, Joey never lets a little thing like the Supreme Court or the Constitution get in his way.  It looks like Eric is a chip off the old block (head, some say).


The Mayor’s next shining moment came from a recent video that has emerged.  It seems the honorable Mayor was on video referring to white police officers as “Crackers.”  I looked to see what your esteemed paper had to say about this comment, but shockingly, I couldn’t find any coverage of this video…..anywhere. Shocking, I tell you, seeing as though you are usually at the forefront of racial injustices.

Does Asking a Question Automatically Qualify You as a Racist?

Well, I took it on my own to reach out to one of your compensated opinion writers.  I reached out to him, because he has written numerous pieces on said racial injustices.  He had a piece recently addressing the Caryn Johnson (Whoopi Goldberg) Holocaust quagmire. I asked him if he had an opinion on the the recent comments by the honorable Mayor, as well as his opinion of the installed POTUS comment while he was a Senator saying,  “I don’t want my kids to grow up in a racial jungle.” President Trump is a racist!
I must say, I was a bit taken aback by his replies.  Some included, “just because I am a black writer, does not mean, I’m at the forefront of racial issues.”  And “if i do not ordinarily comment on the racial controversy of the day then don’t assume I’ll comment on this one.”(what about Whoopi, and numerous other pieces?) No opinion at all then?
Other replies included, “it would probably be difficult for you to read what I has written.” Maybe he is just too deep and introspective, or maybe, he uses too many big words for me to understand? I’m not exactly sure what that was about.
Then finally, “each one of you guys is the same, you see a black person on the internet, get triggered, and harass them by email.”  You see, there were many replies……..just none address the original question.
So, I politely asked for an opinion from an opinion writer, nowhere did I ask the opinion of a “black” writer……just a writer.   As far as getting triggered, I suggested he look no further than his own mirror, and exactly who is “each one of you guys?”  That, in itself, may be considered racist to some.

What’s Your Opinion Deano?

What do you think Deano?  I can provide you with copies of these exchanges, if you like. Question: can there be racist comments by blacks against whites or just whites against blacks? Your lack of coverage on both of these comments speaks volumes actually.   I suppose your writer was just towing the company line, and narrative.  I would guess, he may be out of a paycheck otherwise.  Although, if we took a poll of OBJECTIVE readers, they might say these two statements by said politicians are indeed racist rants.  I have to admit, I was thoroughly shocked as your paper is usually so unbiased, apolitical and just gushes with journalistic integrity.  I have to wonder though, if a video of Mayor Giuliani surfaced with him referring to black officers as the N word, if there would have been any coverage by your esteemed tabloid.  Na, you guys are always fair and balanced, never mind.  I reached out to a third party for their opinion, but to no avail.  I tried to get a hold of CNN reporter Jeffrey Tobin for his viewpoint, but they said he had his hands full…..well hand anyway.

Oh, as a side note, yesterday the honorable Mayor Adams said, “the press is critical of him, because he’s black.”  He also wants the press corps, “to look more like him.”  Very Lori Lightfoot like, don’t you think Deano?  Seems just a tad racist though?  Again, what if Mayor Giuliani said…………..well, you get the idea.  I have to try and get this out soon, no one knows what old Eric will say today.  He may just pass good old Warren Wilhelm (Billy Deblasio), in popularity, in no time flat.

Crime Issues

Let’s cut the Mayor some slack though, he has a gigantic crime wave he must address.  Only the other day, AOC said the crime wave was due to the elimination of the child tax care credit, and people are trying to get their babies some formula.  Question:  are they now keeping baby formula in glass cases in high end jewelry stores, that can only be accessed by tire irons or sledge hammers?  Word is AOC made these statements after leaving her Mensa meeting, on her way to a new bartending gig.  
Still others, mainly the radical right point to the absolutely ridiculous soft on crime liberal politicians, judges, and district attorneys, for the explosion in crime.  For instance, D.A. Bragg of Manhattan, who wants to incarcerate criminals for ONLY the most serious of crimes.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong……..simmer down Conservatives!  So what if we have criminals arrested dozens of times, some hundreds and are freed on no-cash bail, time and time again.   What is with these Fascist right wingers!

The Times is on the Case

Let’s shift gears a little bit Deano. Late last month you ran a fantastic article in regards to election integrity.  Your Cracker Jack reporters were pointing out how state Conservative candidates are running in droves for the once-obscure office of Secretary of State, which oversees the voting process.  Those ‘on the level’ watchdog groups are ringing the alarm because most running for office are elected President Trump supporters.  Oh, the horror, Deano.  
After the most secure election in history, (according to Democrats), this is what the Conservatives point to;
– the bypassing of new voting procedures in swing states without due legislation process;
– not letting Conservative proctors entry into polling places (thanks Georgie Soros);  
– covering up widows of said polling places;  
– removing videos on social media of the same votes repeatedly being tabulated;
– poll tabulators wearing Harris/Biden endorsement clothing;
– a ridiculous, ludicrous amount of mail in voting (rife for fraud), going to the installed       Harris/Biden ticket;  
– unmarked truck loads of these “legitimate“ ballots, backing in to polling places.  This done in the middle of the night, sort of like the illegal immigrant program presently being carried out by the installed Obama, sorry Harris/Obiden administration.

Well, after all that, your reporters point out we have to secure election integrity.  Bravo! Hey Deano, between me and you, did you have a hand in this piece?  I mean you and your “newspaper”, just ooze integrity.  The last thing we need from elected President Trump is more Russian collusion………….oops, we’re not supposed to talk about that anymore right Deano?  We’ll save that one for the next article, you know that pesky Durham report.  My gosh, trying to malign the angelic Hillary Clinton, with the aid of  Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein, Joey Talibiden, CIA, DOJ, the Gestapo, sorry I mean the FBI……..the nerve. President Trump is a racist.

A Couple of More Things

Well, it seems that Dr. Fraudci is back in the news lately.  The CDC, the esteemed “Doctor”, and the Harris/OBiden administration have now reclassified the deaths of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, was due to COVID.  When a reporter questioned the veracity of these findings, Joey called him “a stupid, son of a Bi***,” and he was quickly escorted out of the press conference.

On a happy note, the elder care service, Visiting Angels purportedly want to use the video of where “Dr.” Jill is escorting Joey gingerly off the podium and down the entire set of 2 whole steps, in their latest ad campaign.  Word is, she led him back to the basement at the White House, where he played a game of hungry, hungry hippo’s with Pelosi, Schumer and Abrams. Cake and punch was served afterwards, right before nap time.

Well , Deano, until we speak again, keep up the fantastic work at The Old Gray Lady. The example you set with your moralistic integrity, is a great example to the youth of America. Keep on “printing the news that is fit to print,” that mantra always puts a smile on my face.

Chris Cirino

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  1. The US Government is the greatest purveyor of racism in the United States of America in order to divide and conquer US citizens’ minds and keep them in turmoil.
    Racism is not a one-way street, but the MeanStreamMedia propagates that situation on a daily basis.