by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 12, 2022) – As this story went to press, former White House strategic adviser and current “War Room” host Stephen K. Bannon was interviewing Canadian attorney Viva Frei, who has been live-streaming the events from Ottawa, Canada and its environs of the protest of thousands of truck drivers demanding an end to vaccine mandates and “passports,” contact tracing, and “divisive rhetoric” they say is emanating from their government.

The program live stream is here.

Frei’s YouTube channel is known as “Viva Frei” and shows 492,000 subscribers.

The truckers’ protest has received increasing support from around the world during its 2+-week effort to force the government to change its stance on COVID-19 policies. Earlier on Saturday, Fox & Friends reported that Ottawa police were moving in on the truckers assembled in the nation’s capital after issuing “four warnings.”

Frei’s opinion is that “the science” employed currently is different “geographically,” citing leaders of Canada’s provinces, “which makes it ‘politics.'”

The interview concluded at 10:15 a.m. EST. Following a commercial break, Bannon brought on Ben Harnwell, a British journalist reporting from Rome but focusing on protests in Paris as Bannon showed footage from Paris.

At the same time, a protest was taking place in Berlin, Germany.

A third eyewitness positioned at Niagara Falls, NY then described an event at the “Peace Bridge” between Canada and the U.S. She was denied entry to Canada, she said, because she did not present proof of COVD-19 vaccination. Family members on both sides of the border would like to “hug,” she said, but have been prevented from doing so.

The reporter is from, Bannon’s graphic showed.

According to Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec, Bannon’s next guest, police are “tear-gassing” protesters in Paris and a “massive” protest is taking place in Canberra, Australia’s capital.

Posobiec opined that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has rejected the truckers’ complaints and characterized them as “racist,” among other things, is “an acolyte of Davos,” meaning the World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab which meets in Davos, Switzerland every year.

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  1. Now, don’t be too critical of this New World disOrder puppet, Turdeau. Maybe, just maybe you add a scruffy beard, a sixties-era green fatigue uniform, and walla, this Fidel Castro look-a-like sitting in the passenger seat of a Canadian jeep, you may find that he has a financial interest in each and every Moderna and Pfizer jab done on the planet earth. Shouldn’t mess with a ‘man’s’ bank account. As the good people have been saying, Turdeau is an evil enemy of Canada, just as Xiden is an evil enemy of the USA.