by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 23, 2022) — Following entertainment by FiveTimesAugust at 1:30 p.m. EST, several COVID-19 vaccine-injured or those who lost loved ones following vaccination related their stories at the “Defeat the Mandates” event in Washington, DC.

At approximately 1:45, former professional mountain cyclist Kyle Warner, who was diagnosed with pericarditis and two other conditions following his second Pfizer injection, spoke on behalf of a support group he discovered after his injury rendered him bedridden and spending tens of thousands of dollars seeking medical treatment to return to “his old life.”

The support group,, seeks to raise funds to assist the vaccine-injured, who cannot recoup the cost of their care and expenses from the vaccine manufacturers, who are protected from liability by laws put in place by Congress years ago.

As Warner spoke, a group assembled behind him held up photos of loved ones, with many shedding tears along with those assembled.

Warner announced a moment of silence and prayer for those who have been injured and introduced Ernest Ramirez, Sr., whose 16-year-old son died in April of myocarditis, five days after his first Pfizer shot.

Ramirez and Warner spoke at a November 1, 2021 hearing held by Sen. Ron Johnson on Capitol Hill.

Johnson is holding another hearing, which will host many of the physician speakers at Sunday’s event, on Monday morning.

At 1:58, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch began to speak from his prepared remarks.

“I am here to save my kids,” Kirsch said at 2:08, referring to a requirement that his two children currently attending college “get boosters.”

At 2:09, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of Children’s Health Defense and author of, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” was introduced to much applause.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addresses “Defeat the Mandates” in Washington, DC, January 23, 2022

Live streaming is here:

“Censorship” has led to the “demolition” of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, Kennedy said at 2:26, that which America’s founders feared if freedom of speech were not enshrined in the nation’s fabric.

“They took away due process…they took away jury trials…” Kennedy said. “There is no ‘pandemic’ exception…and yet they have passed…a policy…you cannot sue any company…that claim to be involved in countermeasures, no matter how reckless their behavior…no matter how grievous your injury…”

“These are serial felons,” Kennedy said passionately, stating that Pfizer, Merck and others have paid tens of millions in fines for violating laws. The same companies are responsible for “the opioid crisis,” he said.

“We are watching something now that I never believed I would see in my lifetime,” Kennedy said at 2:30. Invoking Mussolini, he defined “fascism” as a union of state and corporate power. He then invoked the name, “Tony Fauci.” “They are putting in place all these technological mechanisms for control…even in Hitler’s Germany,…you could hide in an attic as Anne Frank did…” but now, Kennedy said, the ability to “hide” is gone due to a surveillance state involving “5G,” “digital currency,” and “vaccine passports.”

In response, Kennedy said, Americans must “resist.”

“No one,” he said, “has ever complied their way out of totalitarian control.” “Every time you comply, you get weaker…and they’re coming for our children.”

Kennedy finished his remarks at 2:37 to much applause.

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  1. I am anesthesiologist at Homestead hospital Florida.
    After my second dose of Moderna vaccine I began suffering pain in my left shoulder and left hand to the point that I had to asked an other Anesthesiologist to help me with an intubation.
    Later on I obtained an MRI of my left hand and left shoulder finding that I have severe Arthritis on my hand even with effusion in the join .Also I experienced PODS but I blamed on my anti hypertension dosage
    Thanks To Kyle video