by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 22, 2022) — An email from “Vaccine Secrets: RELOADED” producer Jonathan auto Saturday morning announced that ten recent episodes of the series, each available for only 24 hours before being replaced by the next, plus “ALL of the bonus episodes” can be viewed again this weekend.

The email reads, in part:

I didn’t plan on doing this but I spoke with my team and we decided we’re going to open up a “replay weekend” to make sure you don’t miss anything…

Episodes #1-10 plus ALL of the bonus episodes are ready for you to view (for a limited time only)

So, yes, you can watch ALL 20 Episodes this weekend at NO-cost to you!

Please note, that during this very small window, we’re giving you a second chance to claim your on-demand savings as well. All the discounts, free gifts, and bonuses will be available to you, up until Sunday night midnight EST. 

As is stated in the promo, the videos can be purchased in one of two packages.

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  1. Here’s a little secret – you will of course need to check the data below, but:


    145,000 murdered by lethal injection and not counted as “vaccine” deaths?
    “vaccine” deaths are only counted after 14 days – yet most vaccine deaths occur within 14 days of injection.
    scoot down to the second bar graph here for comparable US data around deaths in 14 days post injections from the US

    the UK roll-out by age bracket and its coincidence with mass die-offs in the UK each age bracket is not coincidence – it is proof that the injections killed thousands upon thousands of the elderly AND that health “authorities” declared that the deaths were amongst the unvaxxed and not due to vaccines.
    check out the graphs in these two links (first is the original doc, second is an analysis showing the same charts of all cause mortality per elderly age bracket.
    Key Issueswith ONSvaxxmortalityreport FINAL | PDF | Vaccines | Vaccination (

    eyeballing/comparing the rise to peak to trough deaths in the age buckets and also eyeballing population using data from here:
    population-pyramid-of-United-Kingdom-2020-1.png (394×348) (
    excess deaths in the falsely defined unvaxxed age groups you get this for the first 9 months of 2021

    60-69 year bucket – injected from week 8 to week 21, average excess deaths 30 a week per 100,000 for 13 weeks = 390/100,000 amongst 7.2 million = around 28,000 EXCESS deaths attributable to the injections,

    70-79 year bracket – from week 4 to week 12, average excess deaths = 200 a week per 100,000 for 8 weeks = 1,600/100,000 amongst 5.8 million = around 93,000 EXCESS deaths attributable to the injections.

    80+ bracket – from week week 2 to week 10, average excess deaths = 1,000 a week per 100,000 for 8 weeks = 8,000/100,000 amongst 3.1 million = around 24,000 EXCESS deaths attributable to injections.

    total for all the over 60’s = 145,000 EXCESS DEATHS attributable to “vaccines”.

    now consider if the same analysis is done for the under 60’s showing all cause mortality per age bracket. another few hundred thousand in the much larger demographic?
    vaccine deaths on the UK yellow card system are under 2,000.