January 19, 2022

Dear Editor,

“What to do with Nick Kyrgios?” is being asked.

Attention: Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley:

Australian tennis greats Nick Kyrgios (though no Rod Laver) and Margaret Court (even greater than Serena Williams; a far greater all-round Australian than Kyrgios!) might have two characteristics in common: a courtside manner, and the ability to serve…both on and off the court. However, the how and why they do so couldn’t be more different. One (who was Aussie-taxpayer-nurtured) splashes truly vile abuse/insults/actions most of the time, and has not, all the time, tried/performed at his best on the tennis court. He has mostly used others’ money for some good cause or other and has mostly behaved this past year or so, only over a very short time (though again foul-mouthed in 2022 AO live TV post-game interview).

The other (costing taxpayers nothing) exudes powerful moral values that lie behind every truly selfless action and deed, benefiting the truly disadvantaged, poor and needy, and has always performed at her very best on the tennis court over an entire lifetime. In time, Margaret Court will be honoured as the world’s greatest-ever women’s tennis player and for her contribution to the raising/protection of traditional/time-honoured family values and genuine school education.

As for Kyrgios? Without true reformation of his character over a very long time to come, he is courting obscurity.

Howard Hutchins

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