From: Chris Cirino
Date: January 17, 2022 at 11:48:12 AM EST
Subject:Trump’s lies

Good day CNN staff,

I would just like to congratulate Jimmy Acosta on his Pulitzer Prize winning article regarding elected President Trump’s lying.  The one titled, Drowning in Lies: Trump and his allies.  What a fair, unbiased, even-keeled article by Ole Jim.  But, I guess that has always been his mantra, such journalistic integrity.  Kudos Jimmy.

My question is, will he be giving the same attention in regards to lying, with the installed person in the White House now, Joey Robinette Biden Jr. aka the dementia ridden puppet of Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein?  If Jimmy is so intrigued by lying, why not address the sociopathic behavior of Joey Talibiden.

Here, I’ll even give Jimmy a few of little Joey’s pieces  of “malarkey” to start off his next Pulitzer.

– I will not leave any American behind in Afghanistan!  Of course this was until the Taliban (extreme terrorist organization), told Joey Robinette and world super power America, to be out of the country by 8/31/21.  Geez, I thought tough guy Joey Robinette takes people behind the wood shed, not the other way around.  There are still Americans there today! But don’t worry, the houseplant occupying the White House is sending “relief money”(wink, wink) to Afghanistan, you know for humanitarian reasons.  Just, too funny.  
– I will not issue a vaccine mandate!  Boy that one didn’t age well, huh Jimmy?  Well he tried, all the way up to the Supreme Court.  Even with the fair and balanced Justice Sotomayor chiming that there are over 100,000 kids in hospitals with Covid, many on ventilators!  Of course, this was immediately rebuked  the very next day by the CDC, which said there are fewer than 3,500 kids in hospitals with Covid.  Hey, here’s an idea Jimmy, after Joey’s article maybe you can do an article on Sotomayor’s lies and ineptitude.
– If you get the shot, you will not have to wear a mask!  How’s that one working out?
– I will shut the virus down, not the economy!  I have a plan to end the virus! So Jimmy, when do you think Ole Lyin Biden is going to spring this earth shattering plan on us…..I mean it has been a year already.  What’s the delay from Lying Biden?
– Denies there is a problem at the Southern border.  He says Border Czar Heels Up Harris is doing a fantastic job. Do you concur with this statement by the great unifier, Jimmy ?  We reached out to Kalamity, but all she did was laugh hysterically.
– The unvaccinated are the reason for this deadly virus!  Really, 3 shots, masks, social distancing (I personally love that one), shutting down businesses, houses of worship, gyms, entire cities for that matter…….that didn’t do it?  Gotcha!  I must say, if nothing else, the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is entertaining.  Actually, you are too Jimmy Acosta.
– The economy is doing great!  Really, how are those wage gains doing against staggering inflation? How is the labor participation rate doing there champ?  Etc, etc, etc.
– I will not relieve students from paying back their loans.  I will though, keep granting them a moratorium every few months on paying it back instead.  You know, to stay in the good graces of millionaire Bernie Sanders and the brilliant AOC.  Sort of a back door way to grant them loan cancellations.
– Of course, tons of other little fables, Beijing Biden has told.  That he was arrested during a civil rights march……false!  That he was arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela…….false.  His infamous Amtrak fairy tales (told numerous times, even against advisors wishes, either stubborn/or just dementia)……false.  He used to drive tractor trailers………false.  He used to work in coal mines…..false.  He was shot at in Iraq…..false.  
– Etc, etc, etc…….

Well Jimmy boy, you get the idea.  These are just a few of the fables this pathological liar has told.  It should be enough to get you started I would think.  Now that I think of it, you are probably getting all this material together for a book, due to the volume of lies. Maybe call it, Joey Robinette, Pathological Liar or Dementia Patient.  Or better yet, Installed Puppet. As a bonus, you could include transcripts of his last two speeches………wow, talk about sundowning. Geez!

Maybe you could work in conjunction with that other truth seeking outlet, The NY Times. The Executive Editor over there Dean Baquet is as pure as the driven snow. Yep, old Deano, they don’t make them like that anymore.  He is right up there with Joey Talibiden, as far as integrity goes.  Maybe get a foreword done by the other even keeled seeker of truth, MSNBC anchor, Rachel  Maddow.

One question, do you realize how entertaining you are Jimmy Acosta?  Like the Times or CNN, in general, that is.  I love to start my day with you guy’s headlines……absolutely hysterical.  You do know that, right?  I mean this is being done for comedic value, right? This isn’t serious journalism, right.  Nah, I didn’t think so, just too, too funny.

Keep up the great writing Jimmy boy.  You guys provide such comic relief during these trying times.

Hey, how is Chris “Fredo” Cuomo doing?  Do you guys keep in touch? How’s Toobin doing? Is he still getting in touch with his inner self?  How’s the viewership % doing lately?  I’m sure you’re knocking them dead.  It must be due to all that journalistic integrity I was talking about earlier.

Chris Cirino

Chris Cirino is a retired New York City fireman; before that he worked for the IBEW Local #25.  He now communicates with liberal news outlets to address their biased, hypocritical, double standard technique of reporting using satire. 

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  1. The “Trump’s lies” fairy tale is just more bullshiite absent of any fact!!!!! President Trump was straight with We the People while the very corrupt, mentally fried usurper installed by massive vote FRAUD, and his just as corrupt and ineligible whore 2nd in line has told more lies than satan himself!!!!!!!!!! Donald Trump is still my president!!!!!