by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2022

(Jan. 15, 2022) — I mentioned to some acquaintances that many people I know who have been injected with the Covid-19 “vaccines” have gotten sick and tested positive for the virus (some multiple times), while my non-vaccinated friends are doing fine and have not had even a case of the sniffles. The response from ardent vaccine supporters has essentially been, “That is anecdotal! It proves nothing!” “Correlation is not causation!” To those same people, of course, when a 50-year-old, morbidly obese diabetic enters the hospital with a failing heart, a positive Covid test cannot be merely coincidental, and correlation is most certainly causation. The notoriously unreliable PCR test somehow “proves” the virus killed him—rather than his 325 pounds and his overburdened heart that has been stressed for decades.

Even the director of the Centers for Disease Control, Rochelle Walensky (who wore two masks in recent testimony before a Senate committee), was recently forced to admit, “The overwhelming number of [Covid] deaths, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four [emphasis added] comorbidities. So really these were people who were unwell to begin with, and yes, [that is] really encouraging news in the context of Omicron.” It took only two years for the geniuses at the CDC to recognize that old, fat, sick people can be blown over the edge of mortality with little more than the wind from a butterfly’s beating wings. Some might wonder if all the people who have been kicked off social media sites for pointing out that most “pandemic” deaths were of people who died with the virus rather than from the virus will now be apologized to and allowed to return to those platforms. (Do not hold your breath.)

Of course, noting that many vaccinated people are still getting sick and testing positive does not mean the virus is something to welcome. No one has claimed that the Fauci-funded, commie-created virus is not dangerous. Several hundred thousand non-vaccinated Americans have reportedly died from the virus. (A substantial number have arguably also died from medical malpractice because they were not properly treated.) Many vaccinated people have also died from the virus. The point is that there are no guarantees either way. Despite repeated claims from federal, state, and local government officials and the media, the vaccines are not 100 percent safe and effective. But not getting inoculated is also not 100 percent safe and effective. As the old saying goes, “You pays your money and you takes your chances.”

That there are no guarantees with or without the vaccines should make it obvious that no one should be forced to allow an insufficiently tested, experimental chemical concoction to be injected into their arms. Every individual should be free to accept or reject the vaccines. The Constitutionality of vaccine mandates is being considered by the Supreme Court because tens of millions of Americans justifiably and reasonably object to forced inoculations. Many of them agree with British author Ian Watson: “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized; if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in our best interest.”

Everyone would obviously be begging for the vaccines, mandates would not be implemented, and the Supreme Court would not be involved if every citizen believed his life was truly at risk without the injection and that the chemicals were indeed safe and effective. But they do not believe that, because they know people (especially the young and the healthy) who have survived the virus without hospitalization and even without medications; they know people who have gotten sick or who even died despite having been vaccinated; they know people who have had adverse side effects from the injections.

Yes, what those Americans know is anecdotal. But the reality is that most of what we experience in life is “anecdotal,” and those experiences cannot help but influence our thinking. One person enjoys a delicious meal at a restaurant, while another hates a meal served at that same eatery. One person buys Chevrolets because he has always found them dependable, while another has had lifetime good luck with Fords. A person who witnesses a brutal car crash caused by a drunk driver is more likely to find a designated driver to join him for a night out than someone who merely saw a report of the accident on the evening news. A teenager who lost a chain-smoking parent to lung cancer is less likely to start smoking than a classmate who did not and who thinks cigarettes are “cool.”

Personally, all the dozens of people I know who have recently been sick and tested positive for the Wuhan virus have been double- or even triple-vaccinated. Several of them previously had the virus and got vaccinated anyway (apparently ignorant of the concept of natural immunity). Everyone I know who has refused the vaccines has either remained healthy or has readily survived the virus—without treatment or by taking Vitamin D, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

Yes, that information is anecdotal. But it is not irrelevant. Correlation may not be causation but, at some point, overwhelming correlation cannot be dismissed out of hand. When dozens of vaccinated people you know get sick and no non-vaccinated people you know get sick, it has to mean something. My being un-vaccinated and not getting sick may suggest nothing more than good luck. It may mean I am merely healthier than most people my age. It may mean I am wise to take Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, quercetin, and black cumin seed oil tablets. It may mean nothing. But it may mean people are gullible and the vaccines are more harmful than they are healthful. Some blindly believe in the claimed antidotes, while others pay attention to the anecdotes. How does a person evaluate all the information? By researching non-biased experts—preferably those whose paychecks do not come from the government or the drug companies. Trusting science does not mean one must trust every scientist.

I have faith in my immune system. I also have faith in my judgment. Accordingly, I have read many articles, studies, and reports and have watched many interviews of experts on both sides of the issue. I am personally convinced that these experimental, first of their kind mRNA “vaccines” are dangerous, inadequately tested, and should never have been allowed—let alone forced on anyone. But I certainly understand why millions of people have been frightened into taking them. Fear is a powerful motivator, and non-stop media scare stories and the fearmongering of governments around the world logically led hundreds of millions of people into irrationally believing they might likely die if they did not get the shots.

Tragically, there has been a monumental amount of misinformation about the virus over the last two years, much of it spread by “journalists” who blindly reported whatever frightening projections were released by government bureaucrats and university researchers (whose grants are often subject to the approval of bureaucrat Anthony Fauci). Fear has prompted millions of people to get the injections. (I refused the shot when I confronted my doctor with questions he was unable to answer. To me, the diploma on his wall meant less than his Pfizer-branded pen and notepad.)

The misinformation has come from unlikely sources, such as Supreme Court Justice Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor, who claimed, “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.” She is grossly mistaken. The number of children currently hospitalized who have tested positive for Covid is closer to 3,500 than 100,000; most of the hospitalized children were admitted for serious conditions other than Covid; and there have never been “many children” on ventilators solely because of a Covid infection. Sotomayor also claimed the virus deaths are at an all-time high and that hospitals are nearing capacity. Those claims are not true.

Justice Elena Kagan said it is “beyond settled” that masks and vaccines are the best way to stop the spread of the virus. But countless studies have shown that most masks are useless, and it has become abundantly clear that the vaccines do not prevent spread. In fact, some experts believe the variants are generated by vaccinated individuals.

Justice Stephen Breyer absurdly alleged that the government’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees would prevent 100 percent of Covid cases in the United States. Even the CDC has admitted that the vaccines do not fully prevent Covid infections or their spread. At best, the vaccines allegedly only reduce symptoms and the deadliness of the infection. Breyer also stated that “750 million new cases” of the coronavirus had been reported in the U.S. (He is perhaps unaware that the nation’s population is only about 330 million.)

It is astounding that such ridiculous claims could come from Supreme Court Justices, who should have performed at least some research on the issue before listening to oral arguments over the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates. If Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer got their information from their law clerks, those clerks should be fired. If they got their information from CNN and MSNBC, those three Justices should resign in disgrace, before they do more irreparable damage to American liberties.

We are now being told that a third “booster” vaccine is necessary. If the drug companies did not know their vaccines would prove to be ineffective after six months, how can they now know their booster shots will be effective? Have they conducted blind clinical studies (with half the subjects given placebos) to prove the effectiveness of the third shot? No. Have they conducted long-range studies to prove there are no long-term, adverse side effects? No. They are gambling with the lives of eight billion people, who are expected to believe that a third injection will do what the first two did not. Yet asking reasonable questions gets a person labeled a “conspiracy theorist” who does not “trust science.”

Monumental misinformation has prompted poor decisions—such as accepting the injection of a barely tested, experimental chemical concoction. But the fear that led people to get vaccinated is now, for many people, turning to fear of the consequences of that decision. Just as millions of people who voted for Joe Biden now have “voter remorse,” millions of people may soon experience “vax remorse.” Many vaccinated Americans are now second-guessing their decision to “get the jab.” They certainly cannot “un-inject” themselves, but when they see young, vaccinated athletes dropping dead on soccer fields, or television news anchors keeling over live on the air, or celebrities dying within days of an injection, or public speakers collapsing at the lectern, or a major life insurance company expressing concern over much higher than normal death rates since the vaccines were introduced, they are naturally troubled by doubts. Those doubts will undoubtedly lead many in the vaccinated population to enter the first of the traditional five stages of grief:






Many vaccinated people are now in stage one: denial. They reflexively label as “fake news” any reports, or even suggestions, of vaccine-caused injuries or deaths. “The government says the shots are safe and effective, so they must be safe and effective!” “That web site cannot be trusted!” “Fake news!” “There was no such clinical study!” “Russian bots!” “Bad hearts must run in the family of that athlete who collapsed on the 50-yard-line!” “Autopsies don’t prove anything!” “She was old and was going to die anyway!” “Anyone can file a VAERS report!” “Stop forwarding those Internet links to me!”

Unquestionable trust in the vaccines and a certain denial that they may be unhealthy can lead to irrationality on an extreme level. In The Los Angeles Times, Michael Hitzik wrote: “[T]hose who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and [who] end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts [sic].” The article has had three different titles: “Why shouldn’t we dance on the graves of anti-vaxxers?” “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ deaths is ghoulish, yes—but may be necessary” and “It’s necessary to mock the deaths of the unvaccinated.” (I will limit my mocking of Hitzik to his incorrect use of the word deserts in place of desserts—although I am tempted to suggest that the overweight 69-year-old is not necessarily out of the virus or ventilator woods simply because he allowed his arm to be injected with experimental chemicals that have not gone through long-term safety studies.)

Comments like those of Hitzik display an unbearable arrogance. About 130 million Americans have refused the vaccines, and Hitzik believes he knows better than every one of them. Why? Because he trusts Anthony Fauci, a man who is widely ridiculed in his “industry” and who is accommodated only because he controls the purse strings of federal research money? Perhaps it is as simple as that: trust in “Mr. Science” and his pals in the pharmaceutical companies. But there may be more to Hitzik’s repulsive remarks than arrogance and a vile view of his fellow man. His words may also reflect his entry into the denial phase of the five stages of grief. Subconsciously, he may suspect the vaccinations have placed him at risk. Overcoming that doubt requires that he channel his denial to criticism of everyone who has not succumbed to the obscene levels of propaganda. Rather than admit to his gullibility, he accuses others of it. It is far easier to ask, “How can others be so stupid?” than, “How could I have been so stupid?”

Hitzik is by no means an exception, of course. He simply has a bigger voice than those who do not have newspaper columns. We have come to know those sour scolds as “Karens.” They are all in or are approaching the denial phase.

Over the next few months, people will enter stage two: anger. We have already seen an increase in anger directed at Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and elected officials for their constantly changing opinions, rules, and tyrannical directives. (Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., is demanding that residents carry a photo ID, mask, and proof of vaccination whenever they leave their homes.) Vaccinated Americans will, for as long as they can, still consider their personal risk from the injections to be minimal, but they will no longer believe there is no risk. They will hope the risk applies only to others, but they will be alarmed by the increasing number of deaths that will have to be reported simply because the media will no longer be able to ignore them. The anger will grow as the vaccine injuries and vaccine-caused deaths pile up. “I think the vaccine killed my neighbor!” will lead to, “The vaccine probably killed my friend,” and then to, “That damn vaccine killed my loved one!” Anger will spread across the nation because almost everyone will be affected by a tragedy, and the autopsy evidence against the vaccines will begin to pile up.

When the question morphs to, “Will the vaccine injure or kill me next?” it will be a signal that the bargaining phase has begun. Vaccinated worriers will scour the Internet to seek cures that will reverse vaccine side effects. They will ask their doctors for instant cures to remove the spike proteins, eliminate the tiny blood clots, and restore their immune systems. (Some people are probably already in this stage, and have become aware of D-Dimer tests that indicate blood clots too small to show up on scans.)

In the next phase, as serious doubts about the decision to get vaccinated grow and if miracle cures do not materialize, bargaining will be overwhelmed by depression. The vaccine-regretters will ask, “What have I done?” “Have I harmed my child?” “Did I cause the stillbirth?” “Will I live to see my children graduate from college?” “How will I survive without my spouse?” “How will my family survive without me?”

Acceptance is usually the final phase in the five stages of grief. But that is the case under “normal” circumstances, such as a terminal cancer diagnosis. The transition from depression to acceptance is certainly logical. The patient realizes he cannot undo the disease. He searches for the Bible he has not opened in years. He reconciles with friends and relatives. He makes his final plans. He seeks peace.

But we are in uncharted territory with the vaccines. Many victims will understandably not proceed quietly from depression to acceptance. They will instead enter a second anger phase. Why would they not? The virus and the “vaccines” are not like cancer. No one forces anyone to get cancer. No one is frightened or tricked into getting cancer. But many have been forced to get the vaccines to protect their jobs, and they were at the very least horribly misled. Being angry at cancer is the second of the five phases, and it eventually lessens in intensity. Cancer, however, was not caused by a virus created in a Chinese lab with funding approved by Anthony Fauci. There is no causal human face to cancer. But the Wuhan virus, the lockdowns, the mandates, and the “vaccines” have faces: Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, the CEOs of the drug companies, tyrannical elected officials, government bureaucrats like Rochelle Walensky and Deborah Birx, and all of their media messengers. There will soon be Hell to pay.

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