From: Chris Cirino
Date: January 12, 2022 at 9:01:29 AM EST
Subject: Hilarious

Good morning Deano,

What a riveting speech in Georgia yesterday by little Joey and “President” Harris.  So forceful, so accurate….well actually, so hysterical.  Where to start, just so many choices.

First of all, whoever is scheduling these events, has to make them earlier in the day.  It is quite obvious that Bare Shelves Biden is sundowning that late in the day.  

Second, the have to try and avoid scheduling conflicts with the Democratic nominee for Governor.  It seems the lovely Stacey Adams, whose major campaigning topic is, well……..voter law reform.  Isn’t it odd that the installed President, Heels up Harris (according to Joey, evidently) and little Joey were stood up by the effervescent Stacey.  So, the leaders of your great party got snubbed by a Democratic Governor wanna be…….absolutely hysterical.

Now on to some of cognitively challenged Joe’s highlights.
The aforementioned reference to the installed VP as the installed POTUS.  
The derogatory reference to George Wallace, who by the way was a DEMOCRAT.  
How about the reference to Bull Connor; this from a man formally shown holding hands and praising Democratic Senator Robert Byrd………….who by the way, headed up a chapter of the kkk.

Absolutely hysterical Deano.  I won’t even bring into the equation of his comments on integration of busing and putting HIS children into “racial Jungle.”  This was pointed out by Kalamity during the debates….I’m sure you remember.  President Trump is a racist.

As a person of color Deano, I can only imagine your outrage at this hypocritical, divisive rhetoric!  Are you planning to maybe do an op-Ed of your own, to point out these hypocritical statements.  I’m sure your family is counting on you, for your usual moral, honest journalistic integrity.

Hey, how about Pants suits Harris, calling the filibuster arcane!  Really?  I believe DEMOCRATS used this to their advantage over 300 times in 2020.  Again, absolutely hysterical!  Maybe she would be better off doing what she does best, eating pastries and hanging out in Willie Browns office.

Oh, and by the way, on a side note,  Goebbels Psaki said, “Joey is in TOTAL support of schools staying open.”  When asked, what he says about Chicago and their illegal strike……..he apparently had no comment.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why he won’t back his initial statement?   Any idea there Deano, your a highly educated man? Maybe bowing down to the teachers Union and their political support?  Ah, the hell with his convictions.  Just too, too funny.

Does anyone want to take responsibility, for putting this man and his severely addled mind in front of a microphone reading scripts prepared by his enablers.  Anyone?  ‘Dr.” Jill, his former crack addict son/now famous artist Hunter, Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein, Susan Rice, Chardonnay Pelosi,…..anyone there with a conscience?  How long before sundowns, and then he goes off script and starts yelling obscenities and racial slurs?  Better get a new pants suit ready for Heels, for the swearing in ceremony.

I wait with bated breath for your Op-Ed Deano, to address this ridiculous double standard and blatant hypocrisy. You know, from a man of your upstanding integrity.
I’ve gotta now, I want to grab a breakfast sandwich.  I just need to get my ID and Vaccination card.  Thank goodness, we don’t need those to vote………..that would be racist!

And on a final note: inflation y/y came in this morning…..up 7%.  Just Joey being Joey! LGB!!

Yep, just too, too funny.

Chris Cirino

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  1. I don’t find anything funny in this bobblehead puppet embarrassing America for the whole world to see!!!!! joe dementia is illegitimate, put in office by MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD perpetrated by the devildemocommiecrats and aided by the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!! dementia is beyond an embarrassment, he is a disgrace to patriotic Americans, especially those of us who fought to defend liberty for Americans and millions of people around the world!!!!!!!!!!