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by Cherie Zaslawsky, NewswithViews, ©2022

(Jan. 12, 2022) — By now it’s clear that the QAnon franchise dies hard. A number of its proponents are still at it. Call me cynical, but since having many thousands, or millions, of followers is easily monetized these days, acquisitiveness seems a likely motive. Why upset the Q gravy train that has so generously rewarded its proselytizers? But there may be more nefarious motivations at work than simple greed.

That occurred to me as I listened to a recent episode of the X22 Report. How official-sounding and impressive that title is with its James Bondian mystique, enhanced by an anonymous “reporter” who goes simply by the name “Dave”.  Astonishingly, on December 22, 2021, Dave actually displayed a Q drop—though Q, having accomplished his psyop mission with the ousting of President Trump, had dropped out of sight long since. Yet Dave proceeded to dramatically highlight a couple of Q’s terse phrases, reading them in all seriousness, while providing his own bizarre spin of then-President Trump’s straightforward words.

Here’s my assessment of Dave’s technique: he facilitates pulling the wool over the listener’s eyes and ears by speaking hurriedly, so everything he says has a sense of urgency about it. In fact, he seems to exhale conspiratorial secretiveness with every breath.

Take a look at his title: How Do You Defuse a Bomb, Dark  Clouds Are Forming, History is Being Made.  How’s that for pretentious click-bait for those addicted to Q and reluctant to face reality on their own? It’s not only the “X22 Report” title, but also his subtitle: “Political and Geopolitical Report # 2657,” accompanied by a cinema-worthy set-your-nerves-on-edge opening soundtrack. Almost Hollywood worthy.

What a great gig! Mucho denaro for playing fast and loose with the truth, spinning all kinds of crowd-pleasing narratives for the terminally gullible. It’s a good life, right Dave?

But I smell treason here. To mislead well-meaning people who love America and love Trump and see him as our nation’s savior even now that he’s lost the White House, is beyond cruel. It’s a psy-op that serves the anti-American interests of the globalist masters Dave likely serves.

All this talk about White Hats who are going to save us while We the People should just sit back and Watch the Show is a pathetic attempt to lull patriots to sleep. Sad thing is that it has worked for so long with so many.

To briefly recap the Q-spawned soap opera: A group of “good guys”—White Hats up high in the Trump Administration, including the former President himself, were busily playing 3-D chess while the Black Hats—the Dems, Deep State, and the elites of the Davos/globalist cabal—were merely playing checkers. And the White Hats have a Plan to arrest the cabal of evil doers—they just have to let them commit their crimes first and then BAM! Checkmate! The good guys win! Trust the Plan! Trump is back in the White House and we all live happily ever after.

How’d that turn out, Dave?

No problemma! The X22 Report and its ilk just kept moving the goal post! In 2021, Trump was going to issue the MOAB (mother of all bombs, metaphorically speaking) before January 20th,. Didn’t happen—unless you count January 6th.  Oops…well, that one turned out to be a MOAB all right, but for the Black Hats.

Then he was going to be back in office, inaugurated on March 20th! Didn’t happen. Then his glorious comeback was rescheduled, due perhaps to technical difficulties, to July 4th, Independence Day! Oops. But guys like Dave—if that’s even his real first name—just don’t stop. Why should they if they’re raking in dough and are actually working for the other side?


Dave’s latest travesty: He claims that Trump launched Operation Warp Speed as the lesser of two evils. You see, since it generally takes from 5 to 10 years to market a vaccine, the world as we know it would have perished under a decade of lockdowns. Let that sink in for a moment—this guy actually said that. America would have been shut down for ten years. Gee, and Trump’s second term would have only been four years! No wonder he wanted to speed things up, right Dave? And so, Dave informs us, Trump figured it would be better to rush an experimental vaccine than to stand by while the world collapsed. That way the lockdowns would be only about 10-12 months instead of 10 years.

Ummm Dave, what epidemics/pandemics do you know of that lasted ten years? Five years? Ever heard of conclusions based on faulty premises? And you’ve used at least two yuuge ones: that America’s Covid epidemic would last ten years, and that Trump would keep the country shut down all that time—as if he even had the power to do so, let alone the intention.

Well, Dave has an answer: this is war, and you always have casualties in war. Unfortunately, he forgot to specify whether he meant Governor Cuomo’s murder of nursing home residents, or Noisome Newsom doing likewise in Commiefornia, or Fauci’s withholding of inexpensive and highly effective therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, or the many deaths due to the mRNA “vaccines” that have already occurred and that dwarf the deaths from all other vaccines from 1996 to the present.  So we can’t be sure if these are the casualties he was alluding to. Somehow, I doubt it.

Dave also tells us Trump is taking control and is “defusing the bomb.” Huh? What bomb? And how can Trump do that since he’s now a private citizen?

Details, details!

Ah, but Dave explains: You see, North Korea was planning to bomb us with a nuclear weapon if Trump took down certain people. Got that? So he’s still saving us from a nuclear attack. Bet you didn’t know that! Oughtta subscribe to Dave’s channel.

“Think about what the world would look like if everything was shut down for 10 years. Would there be food on the shelves? No!” Great insight, Dave! “How many people do you think would die? Well, they actually looked at this.” [Oops. He forgot to say who “they” are. ] “It was hundreds of millions of people. Trump, he saw this. He said OK, we could have hundreds of millions of people die, or I can go ahead and release a vaccine…just to counter what they’re trying to do.” Gotta hand it to you, Dave—didn’t see that one coming. Conning and cunning in equal portions.

“The Deep State is panicking!” Really, Dave?  And your eye-popping evidence? New York is mandating Covid shots! Sorry, not gonna cut it.

But Dave has a great fallback position: “Trump will never admit…” fill in the blank. His reason? “Think of the optics!”

And with that noxious phrase, Dave can magically explain away, well, anything.

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