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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris take a group photo with the Cabinet members on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, on the South Portico of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) (Wikipedia, public domain)

From: Chris Cirino
Date: January 11, 2022 at 10:04:39 AM EST
To: dean.baquet@nytimes.com
Cc: agsulzberger@nytimes.com, katie.kingsbury@nytimes.com, charlotte.greensit@nytimes.com, cnn.tips@protonmail.com, editorial@nytimes.com
Subject:What Is The End Game?

Good day Deano,

I hope the new year finds you well at your job as Executive Editor of the prestigious New York Times.  I’d like to touch on some of the stunning achievements of the Harris administration.  I feel it is my duty as a patriotic American since the radical right is trying to besmirch the integrity of our installed POTUS, Joey and his absolutely stellar administration.

What Is The End Game?

That is the question that Conservatives are constantly asking: specifically, what in Heaven’s name is going on at our Southern border, and what is the end game? Personally, I like most staunch Democrats, think Joey and specifically, the Border Czar Heels Up Harris are doing a fantastic job.  I mean really, what is there possibly to complain about?  

But, of course, the nitpicking radical right doesn’t see it that way at all.  They are always throwing up pertinent facts and figures to try and discredit our fearless leader, Joey Talibiden.  I mean, can’t they leave this maverick alone to play with his dog on the beach and have a waffle cone or two!  As Jen Goebbels Psaki says, “he barely has time to think”, (which most I’m told, didn’t think he was capable of).  I mean, little Joey has ONLY been away from the White House 27% of the time, during his first year.  What average working American doesn’t get 14+ Weeks vacation……….on second thought, let’s skip that one. Let’s look at some of these accusations by Conservatives.

Southern Border Debacle

They point out, that given the avalanche of policy debacles, arguably, the Southern border crisis is the most egregious.  Simply put, the most important job of one’s government is to protect their citizens.  After all, WE are paying these life long incompetents (insert Joey, 49 years and counting) to do a job, they say.  Intentional failure to secure our border is tantamount to treason.  This starts with the waffle cone eating buffoon installed in the White House Joey, followed by the inept cackling air head Hyena Harris, and the equally inept stooge Homeland Security Secretary, Daddy Warbucks Mayorkas, amongst others. President Trump is a racist!

Conservatives point out that no administration can possibly be this incompetent.  So, they reason that this abomination is done by design. Seeing as though Lyin Biden hasn’t addressed or done one iota about it; what else can it be then?  They point out the real reason behind this disgusting travesty, is all a power play; to keep the Nazi’s, I mean the Democrats in power.  Flooding the once great United States with ILLEGAL ALIENS, I mean Democratic voters.

Census Flim -Flam

Republicans say, it seems, that revisions were made to the 2020 census under the Biden Census Bureau. Get this Deano: 2,500,000 people were added to blue states, while 500,000 were lost in red states. It seems that installed POTUS Houseplant and his enablers : Georgie Soros, Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein, Clinton crime family, etc., are looking to gain more representatives from said states, but how is this so?  Now I know tax paying citizens are fleeing these Democratic cesspools in droves; so where is the influx of people coming from Deano old chum?  I mean, it is on (some) news outlets that people are constantly leaving these crime ridden and over taxed states by the thousands; led by New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois and the like, it just doesn’t add up. Republicans point out, these illegals are being transported in the dead of the night, mind you, to where they will provide the most influence in upcoming elections.  By who you say Deano?  Well, by the Biden crime syndicate and said co-conspirators.  All of this done on the taxpayers dime.  Isn’t that America at it’s finest Deano; Conservatives are sure you and the gang at Pravda fully support this policy of the Harris/Biden administration.  Word is no illegal aliens as yet have been transported to Rehobeth Beach or Martha’s Vineyard.

So, is this where are all these others in the census are coming from?  Wait a minute Deano, just wait a minute.  So, this is why Joey, Kalamity, and the rest of his corrupt administration, are in no rush to drop their waffle cones and address this illegal invasion at our border. Not to mention the tons of fentanyl (#1 killer of people18-45), coming over the border daily.  Ah Deano, so this is the price we must pay to keep honorable lifetime politicians in office: the likes of Chardonnay Pelosi (known for her stock market timing prowess), and Grandpa Munster Schumer, a more ethical politician you‘ll never meet…..we’ll, maybe Adam Schiff, the impeachment expert.  

So Conservatives say, this abomination transpiring before our eyes is to turn this once great nation into a Totalitarian Socialist State, perpetually, that is. They also point out that when all else fails: bipartisan negotiations, riots, shutting down the nation due to a Plandemic, bogus hoaxes (Russian collusion, anyone), bogus impeachment’s,  do what Democrats do……..simply cheat, to get what they want.  See early morning hours of November 4th 2020, as an example, and the ridiculously compromised mail in ballot count for Beijing Biden.

The New York Times, Fair and Balanced Reporting

Well, it’s not really before our eyes, the border coup that is, says the radical right. A vast majority of the fair and unbiased (wink, wink) news and media give absolutely no coverage to this debacle. Even your apolitical paper Pravda, I mean, The New York Times, doesn’t cover this at all, Deano.  More important things need to addressed, like elected President Trump’s tax returns or singing the praises of Stormy Daniels lawyer (currently, in prison).  You do have plenty of coverage of the Insurrection (which, no one was charged with, by the way).  ‘The news that’s fit to print,” that is your motto, right? Or is that the motto of your publisher AG Sulzberger, affectionately know as Slushy to the gang.  I mean out of site out of mind, right champ.  Maybe CNN can just show a picture of the guy at the Capitol wearing the horns 24/7 until the midterms.  This will take our attention away from the political coup being orchestrated against the legitimate tax paying, hard working Americans, besides all the other dumpster fires this inept administration has perpetuated.

Barack Hussein’s Wife Gets Involved

Hey Deano, I understand that Barry’s wife Michael took out a full page add in your esteemed paper.  I understand she is gearing up for the midterm elections and has put a call out for 100,000 volunteers.  Bravo, it’s good to see her doing her civic duty.  Of course the right says she needs at least this many: to tape up windows and provide muscle at Democratic polling places, also needing van and truck drivers to deliver all those legitimate mail in ballots Democrats are so fond of.  Hopefully she talks to Georgie Soros first to provide funding.  How appropriate that your “newspaper” sponsored this, good show Deano.  

Hey, I’m also glad that you guys and CNN, WAPO and the like have welcomed Dick Cheney back into the fold.  You know, seeing as though his baby girl Lizzie who suffers from TDS, is instrumental in the Insurrection Kangaroo Court.  It seems like only yesterday you were referring to Ole Dick as a demonic war criminal.  Ah time heals all wounds, eh Deano.

New York Gets A New Boss

Well, we are all sorry to see one of the greatest mayors, Warren Wilhlem aka Billy Deblasio, the City of New York has ever seen go, but time marchs on.  He and his wife, the lovely Chirlane should be able to manage on his pension……..and $850,000,000 unaccounted dollars dedicated to his wife’s mental illness and homeless program, which went nowhere…… well with them I guess.  President Trump is a racist!

But Eric Adams looks to be a shining star already, he has named his kid brother Bernard, Deputy Police Commissioner at an annual salary of $240,000.  The radical right cries nepotism, but I disagree.  The man obviously is more than qualified for the job.  His former job was as assistant director for PARKING, at the Virginia Commonwealth University.  I mean, what more qualifications do you need?  Plus Eric says he needs someone he trusts, as he fears white supremacy.  He must have gotten the willies watching those white supremacist’s burning cities down for all of 2020!  He also agrees  with Warren’s previously installed vaccine mandates, that should help small businesses, I’m sure.  And he also signed into legislation a law that allows over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections. What’s not to like about this guy?  I don’t know Deano, but I have a feeling this guy will be even greater than Billy Deblasio was for New York.  What do you think buddy?

Joey, The Racial Unifer

Has there ever been a better President to unify this country, I mean besides Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein obviously.   Firstly, Joey is prioritizing the testing for covid according to race; where minorities get access first before whites.  What could go wrong with this logic, right Deano?  

Conservatives throw out this scenario:  Elected President Trump prioritized whites to get testing kits before minorities.  Any idea what would be the response Deano?  I wonder what Chardonnay Pelosi, Maxine “get up in their faces” Waters, Reverend “I don’t pay no stinking taxes” Sharpton, Heels Up Harris and of course, teleprompter puppet Joey Talibiden, would have to say?  I’m sure your NY Times, as well as CNN, WAPO, MSNBC would give elected President Trump the same coverage that it is now giving installed stooge, sorry installed POTUS Brandon.

Racist Voting Laws?

Secondly, it is good to see the great unifer heading down to Georgia to get to the bottom of these draconian racist voting requirements.  Imagine, that voters need an affidavit notarized for mail in ballots, and worse yet a valid ID for voting in person!  I mean just because most Democratic cities require a vaccine card and VALID ID to enter a restaurant.  I mean what is more important, proper ID for Taco Tuesday; or proper ID to elect someone who is making decisions that will affect all of us for the next 4 years. Get a grip radical right, try and get your priorities straight.

Word is the lovely Stacey Abrams, who is running for Governor, will not be present.  I mean the installed puppet and Kalamity are heading to the epicenter of the alleged     racist voter accusations; something Stacey Abrams is using as her main election focal point, this doesn’t bode well for the Harris/Biden administration.  I mean it’s bad enough that Kalamity had to install a revolving door in her office: due to the unprecedented resignations due to a toxic work environment with reports of bullying and denigrating behavior (her mentor was Andy Cuomo) from the pastry aficionado. This doesn’t sound like the hyena that was installed after garnering less than 2% of the vote in the Democratic primary for President.  Those were the old days when she implied Joey was a racist and sexual abuser.  Ah, there is that time heals all wounds thing again Deano.

So Much More

Well Deano, there is so much more I would like to cover, that the radical right points to: Americans and allies left for dead in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban, rampant inflation, empty store shelves, due to supply chain issue (I think Petey Buttigieg is back from maternity leave….I think), astronomical violent crime, smash and grab growing exponentially, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, record low labor participation rate (wonder why), censorship by social media and most “news” organizations to those who question this installed administration.

And of course, a “leader” of this once great country, who cannot formulate two sentences together without a teleprompter; and even then, it is questionable.  A “leader” who is not ALLOWED to take unscripted questions from non-partisan reporters.  A “leader” protected at all costs by a Joesph Goebbels wanna be, propaganda extraordinare, Lying Peppermint Patti Psaki.  Who, if Joey said the world is flat would speak down to you in a vile, condescending tone explaining how it is indeed flat!  A politicized Supreme Court justice who claims 100,000 children are in hospitals from Covid, MANY on ventilators. The CDC immediately corrected Sotomayor’s ridiculous claim, and said the number is less than 3,500, in hospitals.   Is it any wonder to anyone, why voter fraud never made it to the high court to be honestly investigated? President Trump is a racist!

Maybe we can touch on some of these topics next time we talk Deano.  You just keep on doing what you do best over there at The Times, “printing the news that’s fit to print.”  Yep, fair and balanced reporting over there.  Never any dereliction of duty by deflection, omission or out and out lying in your reporting.  Yes, Deano you, Slushy, and the rest, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, WAPO should be proud of your unbiased, apolitical reporting.  As, I’ve said before, your families also must be so proud of your honest work ethic.  

Now, back to work on the Insurrection!  And those who paid the price: namely unarmed Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt.  Who was murdered by a Capitol Police officer LT. Micheal Byrd.  The same LT. Byrd who was previously charged with leaving his loaded firearm in a men’s room, stellar record, eh Deano.  He is now being hailed as a hero, by apolitical Chardonnay Pelosi, who never endorsed the Police before. Usually, she is in the forefront endorsing protests against these grave injustices. There is that time heals all wounds thing again Deano.  Funny though, I haven’t seen any mention of either of these names in your fine “newspaper.”  Like I said before, your families must be so proud.

Chris Cirino

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