by Bob Russell, ©2021 

(Dec. 26, 2021) — FOX News contributor/”Fox Nation” host Lara Logan has apparently been removed from live appearances after Dr. Mengele (fraudci) whined about her exposing him on air, telling viewers that people from around the world had told her that fraudci reminds them of the Nazi monster who performed hideous experiments on Jewish prisoners in the death camp at Auschwitz, Poland during World War II. 

In actuality, Logan’s expose is very correct.  Fraudci is indeed following in the footsteps of the infamous Nazi and should be punished for not only TREASON for advocating suspending civil rights given by God and guaranteed by our Constitution but also for pushing experimental “vaccines” on American citizens against their will.  The actions of fraudci clearly mirror the actions of Mengele, who was Adolph Hitler’s chief medical officer.

For this career bureaucrat to tell We the People that we have no right to decide for ourselves what is best for us is well beyond the realm of his authority. What is just as outrageous is that no such demands are being made of those criminally invading our southern border.  If the coronavirus is so dangerous why are illegal-alien invaders who, of the very few even tested are often found positive, are then put on buses and airplanes in the middle of the night to be distributed throughout the nation without notifying the local elected officials?   The illegal-alien invaders are welcomed by the corrupt and TREASONOUS regime of joe dementia and the ineligible heels-up kamala harris, who got where she is by giving her body to anyone who could further her political ambitions.

This whole situation is rife with comparisons to the entire Nazi regime, from joe dementia down through the entire regime and that of democrats at the state and local levels.  What is also very disturbing is that the invaders are primarily being sent to conservative states and cities, not those controlled by radical leftist devildemocommiecrats.  I doubt that the devildemocommiecrats would be so accommodating if the drug- and human-traffickers were going into their jurisdictions. 

Sadly, the deep-state gop establishment, especially at the federal level, is quite content to let this happen.  The fact that the gop tacitly condones the actions of devildemocommiecrats is the most disturbing factor in all of this to me.  There used to be opposition to tyranny among the gop, but with a few exceptions, they are totally on-board with the tyranny being imposed on We the People.  Senators in the gop, controlled by TRAITOR mitch mcconnell, and the House gop, contolled by the just-as-TRAITOROUS mccarthy, quash the opposition from conservatives in the party. 

I quit watching FOX when Glenn Beck was pushed out more than ten years ago.  There are still a few there who speak out for liberty such as Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Greg Gutfeld, and Tucker Carlson, but most of Fox’s on-air personalities have moved left to satisfy the new management there.  Sean Hannity is so wishy-washy that he has lost all credibility with me due to his constant pandering to the left.  With its turn, FOX is a huge disappointment to me.  I now spend my time watching the One America News Network (OAN) because I can get the truth rather than leftist spin.

FOX has not yet stooped to the level of cnn or msnbc but they are headed in that direction.  I know their viewership has dropped significantly and will drop even more as more people like me become aware of OANN, a network that is what FOX used to be.  Lara Logan was a breath of fresh air to a network that is losing viewers due to their lurch leftward but fresh air is not what the new management wants so they caved to the satanist fraudci and took her off the air to please a wanna-be tyrant.  I am surprised that Ingraham, Levin, Gutfeld, and Carlson haven’t been canned, but I don’t expect them to last long with their constant hammering of the hypocrisy of the leftists and their deep-state gop establishment allies like mcconnell, graham, cornyn, collins, murkowski, mccarthy, cheyney, kinzinger, and the rest of the pelosi and schumer minions in the gop.

I hope Lara Logan is either reinstated very soon or is offered a position at OANN where she would be a perfect fit.  Logan isn’t intimidated by the evil left.  Courage in reporting and commentary in truth has become a rarity these days, so when someone is punished for exposing criminal and/or unethical actions by government bureaucrats or politicians, that sets off alarms in me.  The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists have way too much influence today and the little bit of truth We the People have access to should not be quashed by a network that once claimed to be “fair and balanced.”  

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.


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  1. Ms Logan always seemed a little out of place at FOX for the very reasons expressed in the article. FOX, like the rest of the msm, appears to be Hell bent determined to destroy itself and the country before it too falls.

  2. I stopped watching FOX a long time ago. Fox had become a tragedy of modern times. They just wanted to look objective when they started the transition. First they let go Hume from his 6;00PM daily show and they brought Baier that he has to be politically correct. Thanks to people like him and Chris Wallace we have Biden wasting our grandkids’ money. Chris was in the last two election debates and his performance was very negative. He forgot to ask Joe what were his plans with Afghanistan and he was seated right beside Megyn when Megyn asked Trump why he mistreated the women.

    1. Yes ! Ever since the kids wife exclaimed; “We did it” seems to me Rupert could not take that and fired that son and brought in Lachan (?) to turn right again. Now Soros is badmouthed daily whereas he could not be mentioned before.

    2. I’m not necessarily as surprised as I am disgusted!!!!! I stopped watching most of their programming a long time ago. I have only watched the ones I listed since Beck left and only watch them occasionally. OAN is what fox was 20 years ago and I watch it a lot!!!!!

  3. fox no longer deserves to be capitalized! No leftist entity is that important. I have always questioned why Rivera and Juan Williams are allowed on, given their nonsensical comments. People want to watch that network to get news, real news. They have a few daytime personalities that are mature in their commenting. Harris Faulkner is one. Frankly, I’m tired of Dana Perino with her constant stuttering and she offers very little by way of intelligent assessments of any situation.

  4. Fox News wimped out many years ago when they told ALL of their talking heads to avoid fair and balanced discussions on the issue of Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud like it was the plague. The on-going and forever cover-up of Obama’s 8 year usurpation is being assisted by Fox News and they immediately shut down any guest who gets close to the subject of The Obama Fraud. I have seen Hannity quickly change the subject when it was approached, and a guest appearance on his show by Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo to discuss Obama’s birth certificate was canceled just a few hours before it was to be aired. The race protected, and now both race and ineligibility protected Obama could never have happened with a free media not afraid to speak and listen to the truth…….and to demand and perform real vetting of all presidential candidates.

    It was no coincidence that Obama picked the also ineligible Kamala Harris for Biden’s V.P. The more ineligible people who are sworn-in as America’s putative president and/or vice-president the less likely it is those complicit in The Obama Fraud, both parties, which effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies will ever be brought to justice, and the Constitution’s protection against foreign influence at the highest levels of her government will be lost…forever.

    Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose and especially not to Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. Trump put fear of the truth in both parties and both parties panicked and wanted President Trump out of office….to protect themselves………this is not hard to see, but when criminals investigate other criminals “not guilty” is the not surprising result………

    Compared to CNN or MSNBC, Fox News seems quite conservative and willing to speak the truth, but all of their talking heads have been informed of their limits and what can happen it they don’t comply. Fox News is controlled opposition……………A lot like the Republican party….

    1. Spot on, Bob68. Remember when Glenn Beck resigned (or was fired) in Roger Ailes’ office? At that time, after some niceties, Ailes dismissed Beck by telling him that he, Ailes, HAD A PRESIDENT TO PICK! That president turned out to be Barack Hussein Obama! In my mind, because of FAUX News’ on-air personnel and production capabilities (both should be the best in the business), FAUX News is THE ALL-AROUND SINGLE MOST CULPABLE “NEWS” ORGANIZATION IN OUR COUNTRY when it comes to the Obama fraud. Yes, I have a “bone to pick” with them. Several years ago after I somehow got through by telephone to their actual “NEWS MANAGER” to advise them of a “breaking news” story (a revelation on Breitbart that a biography of Obama showed that he was born in Kenya), and the news manager (name refused) tore into me and began addressing me as “Benedict Arnold” and asking me crude unbusinesslike (sp?) questions, such as whether or not my ancestors had come over on the Mayflower! Had I ever researched my family tree! I wish I had sued the bas___ds!

    2. Knowing what I think I have learned, and believe, about the deliberate (no accident) Globalist bioweapon attack on the West, particularly America, that SARSCoV2 is a creation of the Globalists led by Fauci, Gates and a whole host of others, WHY is Trump buying into the vaccines? That, frankly, raises my prickly hairs.