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(Dec. 21, 2021) —

Fool me once shame on you.

Fool me twice shame on me.

Fool me three times must be the CDC.

                        – Author

As Americans seek trusted sources for health issues, claims of disinformation are flying like Baum’s nefarious monkeys.

Fact-checkers, legacy media, and social platforms rush to save trusted news by censoring disinformation and redirecting the curious to the the CDC, FDA, Pfizer and other official sources.

Dissenters like Peter McCullough, a respected internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist and considered a leading authority on early Covid-19 treatment have been lambasted in the media and on Wikipedia. Dr. Robert Malone, the co-discoverer of mRNA now used in many vaccines has been trivialized, his discoveries attributed to nameless researchers, and his Wikipedia page removed. Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale Professor of Epidemiology and one of that University’s most cited publishers has been labeled a fraud because his stance on early treatment using hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and claims that the vaccinated make up the majority of new Covid cases do not line up with the CDC data.

In months these former icons of scientific authority have been demoted to dangerous has-beens.

But are they? How trustworthy are the agencies supplying us with information?

Before we join the legions of academics, medical associations, and media supporting federal agency narratives, let’s look at some of the recent information from Pfizer, the CDC, and the FDA that is driving public policy.

FDA told us the Pfizer vaccines are 95% effective.

  • The 95% figure (called Relative Risk) only compares laboratory groups that could benefit from the jab. It does not mean the vaccinated are 95% protected from COVID-19. That figure (called the Absolute Risk) is less than 1%. Using the Relative Risk number creates a false impression about the vaccine’s effectiveness.1
  • In fact, the FDA warns against using the Relative Risk number because it can be misleading:

“Patients are unduly influenced when risk information is presented using a relative risk approach; this can result in suboptimal decisions. Thus, an absolute risk format should be used.”2 (See page 60)

(Seems the FDA and Pfizer and every other vaccine maker are ignoring the safety guidelines which is likely contributing to “suboptimal [COVID] decisions.”)

  • We now know thanks to data from the UK and other countries, the vaccine’s potency completely dissipates in about 200 days. The much touted boosters are strong initially, but data shows even their strength wanes after two months.3

FDA told Americans the COVID vaccines are safe.

  • A new study confirms what individual reports have indicated; that the vaccines compromise your immune system.

“…the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses, which should be considered in the development and use of this new class of vaccines.4

  • Reports also show a surge in deaths of 5-year-olds following vaccinations.5
  • The UK Vaccine Surveillance Data reveals that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.” In other words, 2 doses of the vaccine lowers natural immunity.6 (Page 23)
  • Data shows natural immunity in the vaccinated from 40 – 79 years of age is halved by week 40 and continues to drop thereafter.7
  • After months of castigating dissenters like Dr. McCullough, pharma finally admitted the vaccines do cause blood clots.8,9

None of the growing body of evidence instills confidence that the vaccines are safe or effective.

Pfizer reported one set of trial results to the public and another set to the FDA.

  • This is an absolute “no-no. But it seems Pfizer is up to some of their old tricks and the FDA is either oblivious or complicit. When the FDA released their initial trial information they claimed 15 participants died of all causes in the vaccinated group and 14 in the placebo group. Internal records show in the same period they told the FDA 21 people died of all causes in the vaccinated trial group and 17 in the placebo group. A follow up shows that between November and March, 19 vaccine recipients died compared to 13 placebo recipients and difference of nearly 50%.10
  • Most of the deaths were from the vaccine or heart related issues a known side-effect of the drug.11

The FDA and Pfizer have attempted to shield the full trial report from the public.

After asking nicely and getting nowhere a FOIA request was filed to force the FDA to release the original documents, “Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports.” Though the FDA said it will take up to 75 years to release the full information, (they argue it takes more time to redact information they don’t want to share than it did to “robustly” study the report,) the initial released pages uncovered that 1223 people died in the first 90 days of the vaccine introduction.12

The report also reveals…13

  • Pfizer claimed to do “frequent and rigorous” monitoring of vaccine cases. Instead, they used, voluntary passive reporting (noted for undercounting,) marketing literature, and other outside sources for information. Pfizer admits, the “magnitude of underreporting is unknown.”
  • There were so many adverse events their system was overwhelmed, yet they concluded, ““The findings of these signal detection analyses are consistent with the known safety profile of the vaccine.”
  • Through February, there were “158,893 events, or adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. Approximately 50% of these events were deemed serious.”
  • 1223 vaccine recipients died. Over 11,000 had not recovered by report time, the results for 9400 recipients are unknown, and nearly 75% of the vaccine victims were women. (Doesn’t Pfizer and the FDA think women would want to know this?)
  • Though it is not proprietary information, the FDA redacted the total number of shots and recipients making it impossible to precisely calculate the extent of the adverse effects.
  • The most conservative estimates show approximately 1 in 11,000 died following the vaccine, nearly double the rate reported in VAERS.
  • The FDA intentionally withheld information vital for the public and physicians to make wise healthcare decisions.

CDC says COVID deaths are 99% from the unvaccinated creating a pandemic of this group.14, 15

  • None of this turned out to be true. COVID proved not to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Walensky was forced to walk back her 99% comment.16
  • Exhaustive studies show that vaccinations are unrelated to the number of COVID cases and deaths.17
  • Fully vaccinated ship passengers and crew are breaking out with COVID, highly vaccinated nations like Scotland, Gibraltar, and Israel all have increased infections among the vaccinated, in many cases disproportionately among the vaccinated.18,19,20,21

CDC told us you are not counted as vaccinated until 14 days after the final recommended jab.22 

  • VAERS data shows most vaccine related deaths occur within 14 days of getting vaccinated. Because the CDC does not consider a person fully vaccinated until the 15th day after the last jab, vaccinated deaths appear on the CDCs records as unvaccinated creating the illusion vaccines are safer than the data shows.23

CDC claims VAERS is unreliable and overcounts vaccine adverse events because anyone can complete the form.

It is true VAERS is a passive system anyone can access, it is also true passive systems are notorious for under counting events. Though they have been asked, the CDC has been unable to provide any evidence of overcounting remark. Here is what the CDC does not say:

  • Many doctor and health professional are not aware of their obligation to compete a VAERS report.
  • The VAERS reports require a professional about 30 minutes to complete. Most do not have the time and are not paid for the extra workload, so cases go unreported.
  • Each page times out, meaning if you stop, you must start the entire process over causing many to get frustrated with the process.
  • The VAERS form clearly warns: “Knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fine and imprisonment.”

Studies consistently show the VAERS System underreports cases.

  • The 2010 Harvard Pilgrim Health Study show VAERS captures as little as 1% of adverse events.24

A recent anaphylaxis study confirms the Pilgrim report.

  • Anaphylaxis is a known vaccine adverse event that doctors are required to report on VAERS.25 VAERS and the CDC claim a rate of 2 – 5 deaths per million people.
  • Yet a carefully monitored Mass General Brigham study revealed that 2.47 per 100,000 contracted the disease within 17 minutes following vaccination.26 This means events occurred 50 to 120 times more than VAERS and the CDC reported. When asked to explain the discrepancy, the CDC dodged the issue.27

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