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by Sharon Rondeau

Were the Founding Fathers “Sovereign Citizens?”

(Dec. 17, 2021) — On Wednesday New York State citizen and registered voter Robert C. Laity completed a letter-writing campaign to all 535 members of Congress advocating for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to define the term of art, “natural born Citizen” found in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 as one of three sole requirements for the president and commander-in-chief.

“My first letter was written in June To Brian Higgins (my Rep). The last was written last night and is in the mail,” Laity told The Post & Email on Thursday, although he informed us of his effort at the time it was launched.

His first letter to his own congressman, Brian Higgins, reads:

(Personal information redacted)

“I revised the letter a bit during the last (6) months as you will see,” Laity wrote in his email.  “The letter to Clyburn, and some others, includes an L.B. Johnson Executive Order regarding the duty of Federal employees to conduct themselves ethically.”

The final letter sent Wednesday to Rep. James Clyburn (SC-6) reads:

A letter December 6, 2021 letter Laity received from Higgins refers to “birthright citizenship” and the 14th Amendment rather than “natural born Citizen,” a distinction Laity made in his response.

Laity has long advocated for the definition of “natural born Citizen” as an individual born in the United States to parents who were at the time U.S. citizens. Since 2008, he has filed lawsuits and ballot challenges with regard to the presidential candidacies of Barack Hussein Obama II; former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal; current sitting vice president Kamala Harris; U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz; U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio; and others as mentioned in his letter to Higgins.

In addition, Laity has petitioned the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) as to its error in contending that the constitutional citizenship requirement for the nation’s chief executive is “born a citizen” rather than “natural born Citizen,” as is stated in Article II.

The stated requirement remains the same as of press time.

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  1. The Ultra Vast majority of US Citizens are ignorant of what constitutes “Natural-Born” as it applies to the President or anyone assuming that Office. Not only do they not know the Original definition as the ink was drying on the US Constitution, but they don’t even know why it is in that Sacred Document anyway. Why would the authors, the creators of the USA not want anyone in that office with any family ties to any foreign nation?

  2. Honorable Bob Laity,
    I am so pleased that you continue to be pro-American and have put so much time and effort into the rightful protection of the highest office in America – protection from the foreign governments that threatened this great country at our birth and over the last 13 years.!
    Bill Poole

        1. It was a declaration backed by military might. Soldiers and sailors, and not paper, is how the United States gained its independence.

          An ignored letter accomplishes nothing.

      1. https://millercenter.org/president/mckinley/essays/hobart-1897-vicepresident ?

        https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Madison/03-07-02-0331 !

        There is national value to Robert Laity’s relentless pursuit of the candIDate fraud of stealth muslim infiltraitor, Obama-Soetoro, just as there is national value to eventually disclosing the whole truth of JFK’s assassination via mob and CIA assistance, I believe.

        In 2100, when we are all gone and mostly forgotten, if Laity’s and The P&E’s publications still are “living” and web-accessible, I believe Laity will be posthumously recognized and commemorated for his perseverance in helping pressure and embarrass and record all of today’s U.S. court officials, et al, when humanity finally admits FRAUD-presIDent Obama-Soetoro was, in fact, never an eligible “natural born Citizen” as John Jay intended.

        What makes me so confident that Laity remains correct in his efforts today and is no modern-day Don Quixote as Mr. Hobart hints herein?

        Many observations of reality over the years convince me that Laity is on the right track, but one in particular that maybe most others do not know of or see published anywhere, that I know of: what other court challenge in all of U.S. history since 1620 did every single judge and every single legal participant within America’s entire nation-wide judicial system REFUSE 100% to investigate or prosecute or subpoena or initiate any actions whatsoever to publicly determine once and for all if Barry Obama-Soetoro was, in fact, a FRAUD-natural born Citizen-presIDent?

        Now, contrast that observation of reality with all the other countless controversies throughout U.S. history where, in all cases, that I know of, one or more states always disagree with the rest of the sates, and states are never ever unanimous, at least initially= natural democracy in action. For example, some states supported slavery while others did not; some states allow sanctuary cities and civil unions and recreational marijuana and abortion-on-demand, et al, while other states do not or did not, at least initially.

        This observation of reality-history shows me that people’s lives and livelihoods through-out America’s entire judicial system would be terminated today if any one of them, like Terry Lakin showed America, SPOKE UP AND PUBLISHED THEIR CONCERNS, and this should all be unmasked before Year 2100!

        Obama’s unprecedented and wholly un-natural 100% UNANIMITY BY ALL STATES AND ALL U.S. JUDICIAL ELEMENTS 08-28-08- TODAY = NATIONAL FRAUDULENT COUP-COVER-UP, [OR] DON’T YOU THINK?

        1. It was a declaration backed by military might. Soldiers and sailors, and not paper, is how the United States gained its independence.

          An ignored letter accomplishes nothing.

  3. Robert, thanks so much for all your efforts. I as a Marine, see you as being a “Bull Dog”. To others who read this article, I am requesting that we contact are elected
    members of Congress too. Robert here has done the heavy lifting. Let’s all show
    we have Robert’s back.

    1. Every single Congressman and Senator has now been informed of the controversy surrounding the issue of Natural Born Citizenship as relates to Obama and Harris, as well as Biden and Pelosi’s complicity with the treasonous acts that I have accused them of. They cannot further deny any knowledge of the issue.

      A pit bull will only relax its jaw to get a better grip. I like the “Bull dog” analogy.

        1. No. They have been exposed and don’t want to incriminate themselves most likely. Which is their 5th Amendment right. They won’t be able to ignore the issue forever. Better question is who will last longer, these criminal, treasonous miscreants. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, et al, or those seeking that these traitors be brought to the bars of Justice?

        2. There’s no indication that any member of Congress is remaining silent because they fear incriminating themselves.

          It is nearly five years past Obama’s presidency; the issue has been “ignored” for over a decade now, and there’s no indication the status quo will change.

          And there’s no indication that anyone will face any criminal consequences for any of this.

      1. Did you check that they received and kept them? In addition to lengthy delays due to postal inspection following 9/11, folks in Congress serve their constituents. If a letter is received from out of the District, the staff forwards the letter to the correct representative. It’s likely all members of Congress sent the letter to Rep. Brian Higgins since he’s your Congressman. Did you check if 400+ of your letters were forwarded to him? You mention extending the proposed Constitutional Amendment to include Senators and Congressman. Will you need to begin the letter-writing campaign again to advise them? Or has that begun already? It’s a great idea.

  4. I thank the Post and Email for continuing to cover this issue. It is very important that we do not allow anyone with foreign allegiances or encumbrances to attain to OUR nation’s highest sovereign offices.

    It may very well be prudent not only to enforce the Natural Born Citizen requirement for President and V.P. but to also EXTEND the NBC requirement to ALL Senators and Congressmen. It has become quite evident that many congress persons are now representing, not their own U.S. Congressional districts but, FOREIGN interests.

    I cite as an example of this, Omar’s anti-Semitic and anti-American support of Islamic terrorist groups, her illegal procurement of U.S. Citizenship and her other acts of fraud against the United States. Together with other members of “The Squad”, these Congress members appear to be advocating for persons outside the U.S. having interests that are not in keeping with U.S. interests.

    Our President, Joseph Biden is complicit with Obama’s usurpation of the Presidency, involved in activities that are prohibited under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act and is engaged in quid pro quo with our nation’s enemies such as Communist China.

    Pelosi and Schumer are complicit with these activities as well.

    Kamala Harris is in office illegally. OUR highest offices have been severely compromised by criminal racketeering.

    Obama,Biden,Harris,Pelosi, both Clintons, et al, should ALL be in prison for treason. I suspect that the Justice Department has been looking the other way for a very LONG time. I have a pending formal complaint against each and every U.S. Attorney General since Eric Holder and up to Merrick Garland for nonfeasance and malfeasance in office for ignoring the national security issue of the criminal usurpation of our Presidency during time of war.

    This amounts to TREASON and carries the death penalty under U.S. Law, if convicted.

  5. Mr. Laity is a tireless patriot who is asking our so-called representatives to uphold the Constitution and not give simple lip service to the oaths that they took. Problem is our “representatives” don’t care about the American people or the Constitution. Virtually all are self-serving, corrupt pols who care more about preserving the status quo and thus holding on to their power, perks and prestige. The few marginally good representatives are mere cowards or apologists for business as usual. God help us. America is on its last legs and we need a leader. Mr. Laity is certainly doing his part to try and save America. God speed Bob!

    1. Mailing 1 letter in furtherance of upholding, defending and protecting the U.S. Constitution and the Republic resulting therefrom, is more than you’ve ever done in your entire life while benefitting from the freedom ensured by same.

      1. That’s not true, and there’s no evidence to support your conclusion.

        And that doesn’t explain how ignored letters uphold, defend, or protect anything.

        1. It’s true unless/until you proffer evidence to the contrary, and I don’t plan on holding my breath waiting for you do so.

          FYI: Your second sentence is evidence in support of my conclusion.

        2. How would you know that the letters are being ignored. Perhaps a new “Natural Born Citizen” Amendment is being worked on right now. I can assure you, if we keep electing ineligible and constitutionally barred people of mixed foreign allegiances to our highest offices IT WON’T MATTER ANY MORE!! The U.S. will be no more.

        3. These personal attacks are easily dismissed because they are based on ignorance.

          Whereas members of Congress regularly provide updates on the legislation that they are crafting, to show that they are working hard for the people. There’s been no such announcement about a natural-born-citizen amendment. The one response received was a boilerplate that didn’t address the proposed amendment, which indicates how little effort was put into the response.

        1. Yes, the majority of the earth’s surface is covered by water. And?

          Not all drops become deluges. Many evaporate quickly and are never thought of again.

  6. Thank you Sharon and Robert Laity.
    I still occasionally contact the office of my Representative, Steve Womack. IMO there is no chance he will ever change from saying Obama is clearly eligible, often with something like this, to paraphrase:
    Obama was born in Hawaii and is a U.S. citizen and Hawaii officials have verified his birth certificate and it is on file……and sometimes including something like this, “Obama is no longer in office and it’s time to move on and elect more Republicans”…………..

    I believe Congress, both parties, will never admit Obama was/is not eligible because they are protecting themselves from possibly being found guilty of violating their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. The result of that was America’s government and her military were effectively given to her enemies. What would make Congress most happy today would be to get the originally planned and promised after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton in office before the unpredictable and senile Biden spills the beans on the entire Obama fraud. Hillary was not supposed to lose and especially not to Donald the “birther” (a good thing), Trump. The panic after Trump was elected revealed by both parties was severe and obvious , unfortunately our government investigating itself means all but a couple of low level disposable people are found, “not guilty”. As for judges, IMO none will do anything that could nullify Obama’s presidency……….a crime too big to prosecute…..

    Thanks again Robert Laity and Sharon. I respect your knowledge and tenacity and “Merry Christmas”.

    P.S. Does anyone know where John Brennan or James Clapper are today ?

        1. I was once told by one of my superiors in the U.S. Navy that my “Tenacity is only outweighed by the voracity of [my] appetite”. I was a bit overweight in the Navy, as I still am. That said, I am still quite tenacious and pertinacious. I WILL see these usurpers sent to prison, if it’s the last thing I do. I love the United States of America. Had my Grandparents not left Europe when they did, I would have probably been caught up in the Soviet invasion of Poland or the Nazi invasion of Poland.