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NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

(Dec. 14, 2021) — “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci is easily the most important book of the year, if not the decade. I will even suggest that it ranks among the most significant of the last 50 years. Yes, it warrants that praise.

Kennedy has crafted a superb accounting of the public career of Anthony Fauci, the little tyrant who has wielded more power as the head of a government agency few people have ever heard of than the dictator of a small country. Kennedy has masterfully documented a history of decades of monumental abuses of that power. The author reveals the saga in a manner that makes even complex issues understandable, all the while maintaining the reader’s interest and prompting the question, “What happened next?” It is rare for a work of non-fiction to be a “page-turner,” but Kennedy has accomplished that. His achievement is especially helpful because his work needs to be read by millions of Americans and others around the world, rather than to be buried on a bookshelf alongside boring technical tomes.

Covid-19 and its treatment—or the indefensible lack thereof—certainly and justifiably consumes a substantial portion of the book, but Kennedy digs further into Fauci’s past to provide information about the bureaucrat’s contemptible actions during the AIDS crisis, his “African Atrocities,” his “Barbaric and Illegal Experiments on Children,” and his history of “Crying Wolf.” No one can read the book with an open mind and get to the final page without attaching the adjective “despicable” to Anthony Fauci, the arrogant authoritarian who declared, “Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science.” In reality, Fauci is a charlatan and a snake oil salesman, not a scientist.

The reader will learn that more than a few federal agencies designed to protect Americans not only do no such thing; they work against their health and safety. Kennedy explains the “corrupting mechanisms of ‘regulatory capture,’ the process by which the regulator becomes beholden to the industry it’s meant to regulate.” The author writes, “I was astonished to realize that the pervasive web of deep financial entanglements between Pharma and government health agencies had put regulatory capture on steroids,” and wonders “what the environment would look like if the EPA received 45 percent of its budget from the coal industry.”

At the top of the regulatory and research pyramid for almost 50 years has been Anthony Fauci, who ill-informed Americans at first naively trusted, not realizing that by “blindly obeying his commands… they were propelling our country toward the desolate destination where democracy goes to die.” These are strong words from Kennedy, but it does not take the reader all 449 pages to agree.

Kennedy’s opinion is borne out by facts. He notes that, as of September 30, 2021, the Covid death rate in the United States—under Fauci’s “expert” guidance—was 2,107 deaths per million residents, far ahead of Iran (1,449), Sweden (1,444), and Germany (1,126). At the other end of the list are Pakistan (128 deaths per million), South Korea (47), Congo (35), Hong Kong (28), China (3), and Tanzania (0.86). How did India keep its death rate to a mere 337 per million? (If you guessed ivermectin was partly responsible, you are right.)

It is not just the deaths caused by medical malpractice that are alarming. Fauci’s lockdown, isolation, and mask policies helped push 300 million people around the world “into dire poverty.” Kennedy notes that, according to the Associated Press, “during 2020, 10,000 children died each month due to virus-linked hunger from global lockdowns. In addition, 500,000 children per month experienced wasting and stunting from malnutrition—up 6.7 million from last year’s total of 47 million—which can ‘permanently damage children physically and emotionally, transforming individual tragedies into generational catastrophe.’” Fauci ignores that “collateral damage” from his recommendations and actions. Almost no children in the United States have died solely from Covid-19. Most of the children who died “with Covid” had serious co-morbidities, such as leukemia. Those deaths are tragic, but how can one ignore the monumental misery and deaths caused by lockdowns?

How many people will die because the stifling policies endorsed, encouraged, and even demanded by Fauci led to hundreds of thousands of people deferring medical treatment? How much suffering has lockdown unemployment caused, and will continue to cause? Kennedy warns, “Unemployment shock is expected to cause 890,000 additional deaths over the next 15 years.” But Fauci “admitted he never assessed the costs of desolation, poverty, unhealthy isolation, and depression fostered by his countermeasures.” If someone devastatingly despondent over the loss of his job because of the lockdowns commits suicide it is not classified as a direct Covid-19 death, so Fauci does not care. The so-called “expert” justifies his indifference: “I don’t give advice about anything other than public health.” That is tantamount to a firefighter saying, “I just put out fires; I don’t care about the aftermath or the motives and techniques of the arsonists setting them”—where Fauci is both the firefighter and the arsonist.

Unfortunately and tragically, Fauci’s public health advice has killed hundreds of thousands of people. The agency he leads, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is supposed to perform research on allergies and diseases and provide Americans with advice and information that will help them successfully address those health issues. Kennedy writes, “Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the allergic, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took over NIAID in 1984. Dr. Fauci has offered no explanation as to why allergic diseases like asthma, eczema, food allergies, allergic rhinitis, and anaphylaxis suddenly exploded beginning in 1989, five years after he came to power. Some 80 autoimmune diseases, including juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, Graves’ disease, and Crohn’s disease, which were practically unknown prior to 1984, suddenly became epidemic under his watch. Autism, which many scientists now consider an autoimmune disease, exploded from between 2/10,000 and 4/10,000 Americans when Tony Fauci joined NIAID, to one in thirty-four today. …The human, health, and economic costs of chronic disease dwarf the costs of all infectious diseases in the United States.”

Since 1984, when has the average American heard Fauci discuss any of those issues? When has he given advice that would help Americans avoid those illnesses and diseases? Kennedy points out that Fauci “has more power than any other individual to direct public energies toward solutions. He has done the opposite. Instead of striving to identify the etiologies of the chronic disease pandemic, we shall see that Dr. Fauci has deliberately and systematically used his staggering power over Federal scientific research, medical schools, medical journals, and the careers of individual scientists, to derail inquire and obstruct research that might provide the answers.” In his decades of public life, Fauci has cured no diseases and reduced the frequency of no chronic illnesses. He is known mostly for the promotion of a failed AIDS medication called AZT and for helping to destroy the U.S. economy to “fight” an engineered virus from a Chinese lab his agency funded. He has done little to prevent diseases and illnesses, while going to bed with “big pharma” to develop profitable drugs that (allegedly) treat them.

Fauci has turned the NIAID into little more than a promoter of vaccines, many of which have been inadequately tested, some of which serve little purpose, and a few of which are dangerous. (Some may wonder if Fauci’s eagerness to push vaccines is related to the fact that his parents operated a pharmacy.) Fauci has seen to it that the expensive vaccines produced by his pharmaceutical pals are in demand by working hard to keep Americans unaware of low-cost natural remedies, or medications that are inexpensive because their patents have expired. Why suggest cheap-to-produce, off-patent hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and ivermectin (IVM) when you can push remdesivir, whose “wholesale cost is roughly 1,000x more costly” than those two safe and effective medications? Fauci’s favorite drug for treating Covid-19 is not only hideously expensive (“$3,000 for treatment”), it is “hideously dangerous.” Nurses are well aware of what remdesivir does to patients. Kennedy notes that they call it, “run-death-is-near.” (Nurses are often better sources of objective information than the doctors they assist because, unlike physicians, nurses do not receive red carpet treatment from drug company sales representatives or all-expenses-paid trips to big pharma presentations at luxury, oceanside resorts. Nor do nurses run clinical studies funded by Fauci that are expected to toe the line and produce results that please the pharmaceutical companies.)

Like Fauci, billionaire Bill Gates pushes vaccines as if there were no alternative treatments for any illness or disease. Like Fauci, Gates downplayed HCQ. Gates eagerly tells journalists that remdesivir is the “best alternative” to HCQ and IVM. No journalists bother to ask Gates about his large financial stake in Gilead, which could make billions of dollars off remdesivir. Gates has publicly—and falsely—called author Kennedy an “anti-vaxxer.” (Wanting safe and effective vaccines is certainly not the equivalent of opposing vaccines.) Gates told Bloomberg News, “So, yes, it’s ironic that people are questioning vaccines and we’re actually having to say, ‘Oh, my God,’ how else can you get out of a tragic pandemic?” Kennedy responds in his book, “If he had only asked me, I could have told him!” What Fauci and Gates know, and which far too many Americans and journalists do not, is that there are no fortunes to be made from natural immunity, and little to be made from medications with expired patents. Yale virologist Dr. Harvey Risch has “cited twelve clinical studies suggesting that the early administration of HCQ could lower death rates by 50 percent. In that case, COVID-19 would have a lower case fatality rate than the seasonal influenza.” “We would still have had a pandemic,” Risch told Kennedy, “but we wouldn’t have had the carnage.” Nor would we have collapsed the economy with absurd lockdowns. Dr. Peter Breggin told Kennedy, “The suppression of HCQ and IVM is one of the greatest tragedies and crimes of the modern era.”

Fauci and his “big pharma” benefactors would have you believe HCQ and IVM are dangerous drugs, and their media buddies (whether intentionally or through ignorance) have spread that lie. Never mind that billions of doses of those drugs have been used successfully for decades, and doctors around the world have demonstrated their effectiveness in treating Covid-19 when properly administered in the initial stages of illness. Kennedy points out that “most African countries authorize HCQ as an over-the-counter medication. Africans call the drug ‘Sunday-Sunday’ because millions of them take it religiously, once a week, as a malaria prophylaxis. It’s probably not a coincidence that these nations enjoyed some of the world’s lowest mortality rates from COVID.”

Contrary to what Fauci’s CNN shills might claim, HCQ is not a dangerous drug, and IVM is not strictly “horse medicine” any more than any other drug that is used on both humans and animals. Doctors give antibiotics to humans just as veterinarians gives antibiotics to dogs, cats, horses, and cows. (Many medications prescribed by doctors are also prescribed by veterinarians. The differences between them tend to be only in the dosage and the method of administration.) IVM has been used with success on animals and humans alike for decades. Merck produced and sold IVM for years for human use and never expressed doubts about its safety or efficacy. But now that the patent has expired, Merck seeks an alternative profitable stream of income. Suddenly, HCQ and IVM have become “dangerous.” Fauci himself sang their praises in the past. But Fauci gains no fame and fortune from advising people to take vitamin D, zinc, HCQ, and IVM. For that he needs a “miracle cure.” Just as a man with only a hammer might see everything as a nail, a man and a drug company with a vaccine see everything as a virus that can be defeated only with its new, patented, experimental, and expensive chemical concoction—that has outrageously been granted immunity from liability by the federal government.

But how would Fauci and “big pharma” destroy HCQ and IVM? In simple terms, they “cooked the books.” They conducted clinical trials that were “fixed.” As an example, patients in more than one study were given intentionally high doses of HCQ. The inexcusable deaths that occurred were their “proof” that HCQ was “dangerous.” Of course, the drug is not dangerous if used properly. (Even aspirin can kill a person who takes too much of it.) Several of the trials used to discredit HCQ administered the medication without the accompanying zinc and antibiotics that make it effective. That omission ensured that the results would be negative. Kennedy noted another of the “tricks” used to discredit HCQ: the medication was given to patients in the trial who were already too ill for HCQ to be effective. HCQ is known to successfully treat most Covid-19 patients if the drug is administered early on. But Fauci saw to it that patients who were well past that point were included in the study. Needless to say, HCQ did not help them. But that was not a failure of the drug; it was a manipulation of the study. Fauci’s tactic was the equivalent of claiming “tourniquets do not save lives,” using as “proof” a study in which they were applied to patients who had already lost five pints of blood from a severed femoral artery.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Attribution: Gage Skidmore, CC by SA 3.0

Kennedy provides many examples of Fauci’s use of falsified studies and “moving the goalposts.” One tactic was simply to call a premature end to a study. That a patient survived to the end of a clinical trial means little if he died two weeks after the study ended. More than a few Americans might wonder how a six-month study can prove a vaccine given to a pregnant woman is harmless. At the very least the study should last beyond the nine months of the pregnancy. What long-term, adverse effects might a vaccine given to a pregnant women have on the baby in her womb? Fauci does not know. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson do not know. The fact is that no one will know for years.

Along with Fauci, the drug companies manipulated data and misled the public. In 2020, Pfizer conducted a six-month study to gain approval of its Covid-19 vaccine (which is not even a vaccine if one uses the traditional meaning of the term). In the trial, 21,926 people were given the injection, while 21,921 were given placebos. At the end of the study, two non-vaccinated subjects in the trial had developed Covid-19 or Covid-19 pneumonia and died, versus one vaccinated subject. On that basis, Pfizer claimed its vaccine was “100 percent effective.” That claim was what the mainstream media—and Fauci—ran with.

But although it is true that two deaths are one hundred percent greater than one death, that does not mean the vaccine is 100 percent effective. That claim is incredibly misleading, because the average person considers “100 percent effective” to mean the odds of getting the virus and dying after having been vaccinated are zero percent. Needless to say, neither Fauci nor the “journalists” clarified the Pfizer claim.

In reality, the trial only demonstrated that one vaccinated person in 21,926 might contract the virus and die, while two non-vaccinated persons in 21,921 might contract the virus and die. (Pfizer did not point out that all three might survive the virus if treated with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or other proven protocols that are cheaper and far safer than Fauci’s killer drug remdesivir—and the kiss-of-death ventilator.)

Some will argue, “Well, it might not be 100 percent effective, but the vaccine is still worth taking because it reduces the likelihood of virus-related death from two in about 22,000 to one in about 22,000.” But Kennedy points out that the study also showed more people dying from all causes in the vaccinated group (20 deaths) than in the non-vaccinated group (14 deaths). That is, all-cause mortality in the vaccinated group was 42.8 percent higher than in the non-vaccinated group. The deaths of vaccinated study subjects included five who died from cardiac arrest or congestive cardiac failure, compared with only one in the non-vaccinated placebo group. The Pfizer vaccine might reduce the risk of death from the virus from two in 22,000 to one in 22,000, but it also increases the risk of dying from cardiac failure from one in 22,000 to five in 22,000. Fauci did not report that to the eight billion people around the world he insists should be vaccinated, double-vaccinated, or triple-vaccinated.

Fauci and the drug companies seem quite disinterested in having physicians enter data in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. VAERS is an online database where physicians and nurses can enter “adverse reactions” to vaccines. According to VAERS data, the Covid-19 vaccines “have injured and killed far more Americans than all other vaccines combined over three decades.” Kennedy points out, “VAERS data show the huge spikes—69.84 percent— of deaths occurring during the two weeks after vaccination, 39.48 percent with 24 hours of the injections. According to CDC’s fatality data, a COVID vaccine is 98 times more likely to kill than a flu vaccine.” The frequency of Covid-19 vaccine side effects is actually far greater than what is found on the VAERS database because the doctors and nurses often do not have the time to enter the data. (Some hospitals have told staff not to use the system, and many nurses are not even aware that VAERS exists.)

More alarming than the fact that the vaccines have terrible side effects (including death) is the push to vaccinate children. Adults at least have the opportunity to perform research into the vaccines and investigate alternative treatments. Children, however, cannot be expected to read Kennedy’s book, let alone the fine print on a vaccine package insert. Kennedy notes one model that estimates as many as 600 children “have already died from COVID vaccines as of September 2021. A recent Lancet study shows that a healthy child has zero risk from COVID, suggesting that most of these kids are dying unnecessarily.” Yet about “86 percent of children suffered an adverse reaction to the Pfizer COVID vaccine in clinical trial. And one in nine children suffered a serious reaction grave enough to leave them unable to perform daily activities.” Many argue—with substantial justification—that it is child abuse to vaccinate children when the risks of the vaccines far outweigh the benefits. (VAERS data show that at least 60 children under the age of 18 have died from the Covid vaccines, and 38 percent of those children were under the age of 2. Why are children under age two being injected?)

Fauci and the drug companies are now approaching a brick wall. Tens of millions of Americans are refusing to “get the jab.” As time passes, more people are learning about the adverse side effects of the “vaccines.” Bill Gates and his “New World Order” brethren are not going to succeed in injecting eight billion people with three (or more) doses of the experimental chemical concoctions. The scare tactics are wearing thin with oppressed citizens around the world, and the “omicron variant” seems to be following the trend of other viruses which, over time, weaken and die out. Vaccine-mania for Covid-19 may be on its last legs. But Fauci and big pharma will not give up without a fight. If vaccine revenue goes down, they will simply create another revenue stream. Pfizer is now seeking FDA approval for a pill to treat Covid-19. Not surprisingly, it will cost several hundred dollars per course. Also not surprisingly, the drug, like ivermectin, is a “protease-inhibiting anti-parasitic” that works by blocking viral replication. It is essentially a clone of the much more affordable ivermectin. Many are already calling the pill “Pfizermectin.” Merck is also developing an IVM clone called molnupiravir that “will retail at around $700 per course but only if Merck can kill its cheap rival.” (IVM costs about 40 cents per dose to manufacture.)

For the last two years Anthony Fauci has appeared thousands of times on television. (He is more of a camera hog than Jesse Jackson or Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).) In all those appearances he has rarely, if ever, suggested to the American people that vitamin D and zinc might help protect them from Covid-19. He has ignored the evidence that HCQ and IVM have proven effective, and even worked to prevent their use. He has expressed little or no concern over the alarming number of deaths caused by the vaccines. He has never suggested that autopsies be routinely performed to help determine how the injections cause death. Why is Fauci not interested in knowing why so many Americans have died within days of receiving the injections? Why is he not interested in understanding why the vaccines cause heart inflammation in young people? Why is he not alarmed by the number of vaccinated athletes collapsing on the field?

Kennedy observes that the NIAID leader’s “bizarre and inexplicable actions give credence to the suspicions held by many that Dr. Fauci is working to prolong the epidemic in order to impose expensive patented drugs and vaccines on a captive population… While Dr. Fauci held us hostage waiting for what turned out to be imperfect vaccines, his own agency attributed over half a million deaths in America to COVID.”

Throughout the national nightmare, no one could depend on Fauci—the highest-paid bureaucrat in the federal government—for reassurances that the suffering would ever end. Fauci’s statements have been inconsistent and incoherent. He makes declarations with seeming confidence and then contradicts his words a few days later. He issues alarming remarks about the lethality of a virus that has a survival rate greater than 99 percent. He utters remarks that the mainstream media pretends are noteworthy when, in fact, they are evasive and meaningless. An example is a recent statement by Fauci about “booster shots”:

“It’s tough to tell because the third shot of an mRNA [vaccine] could not only do what we absolutely know it does, is it dramatically increased the level of protection [sic]. But from an immunological standpoint, it could very well increase the durability of protection by things that you can’t readily measure by the level of antibodies that you might have a maturation of the immune system that would prolong the durability.”


“It’s tough to tell” – I have no idea whatsoever.

“because the third shot of an mRNA could” – It might, it might not. I am clueless.

“not only do what we absolutely know it does” – The long-range effects of the vaccines are actually unknown because of inadequate testing.

“is it dramatically increased the level of protection” – In reality, the protection provided by the vaccines has been proven to be minimal, while the injections have seriously injured and killed tens of thousands of Americans.

“But from an immunological standpoint” – What other standpoint would be relevant? A plumber’s standpoint? A taxi driver’s standpoint?

“it could very well increase” – Then again, it might not.

“the durability of protection by things that you can’t readily measure by the level of antibodies” – They cannot be measured, but I will nevertheless suggest a likely increase.

“that you might have a maturation of the immune system that would prolong the durability” – Then again, you might not.

Fauci’s performances would be laughable if the lives of 330 million Americans—and billions of others worldwide—were not at stake. He is not a man to be taken seriously, yet he has incredible influence and power over every man, woman, and child in the nation. (No one should be surprised that the terms “Faucist” and “Faucism” have become synonyms for “fascist” and “fascism.”) The many abuses of power committed by Fauci and his morally deficient comrades, as detailed by Kennedy, will sicken the average reader. There is enough information in The Real Anthony Fauci to prompt a normal person to search the Internet to locate the nearest store that sells tar and feathers.

That Fauci is a master at lying, exaggerating, obfuscating, moving goal posts, and failing to provide evidence to support his claims is made obvious by this important book. Justice—indeed, the very survival of our nation and the preservation of our individual liberties—requires that Fauci’s tyranny be exposed for all the world to see and that he be punished. We cannot afford to wait.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental lawyer and author, is founder and chairman of the Children’s Health Defense, a non-profit organization whose “mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again.” His organization’s web site is

Don Fredrick, the author of 47 books, is a steadfast supporter of increased individual liberties and an advocate of reduced government power and control over the lives of citizens. His web site is

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  1. The so-called COVID-19 vaccines are 100% effective – in either maiming or killing the recipient and in enriching the pharmaceutical companies and those elite who buy their stocks. Hello Congress.

  2. Thank you, Don Fredrick. Thank you very much!

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    — Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler in 1925

    Thus we have our State, the Federal government of the United States of America, shielding “We the people…” from and repressing dissent by “We the people…” to, the two biggest and most detrimental to America (and the world) lies in American history — Barack Hussein Obama II’s lack of eligibility to serve as POTUS and Dr. Fauci’s lack of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth regarding COVID-19.