by Jane Bate and Bryan Hermansdorfer, ©2021

(Dec. 12, 2021) — [Read earlier articles in this series here – Ed.]

We’ve seen in the previous two installments that women play a very submissive role in Islam, and that is often one of the reasons Muslims seek citizenship in the U.S.

In addition to the points made previously, under Sharia if a female is raped, she may only escape punishment – her own punishment! – if she can produce four male witnesses to the penetration! (ROTT o24.9). Please note that the fact that women must not leave the home without a male guardian along does, unfortunately, help put the responsibility for rape on the woman. Similarly, the dress restrictions for women aim to keep them covered head to toe to avoid tempting males. Sharia puts the pressure on the female, all the while excusing the male for being tempted!

Polygamy is a way of life for many Muslims. Men are allowed up to four wives if they have the means to support those wives. (Interestingly, Muhammad was allowed more than that.) Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim, describes the effects of polygamy (and more) on family members and society in her book, Cruel and Usual Punishment. The atmosphere, she says, in a polygamous home is one of disharmony stemming from competition amongst the wives. The children of polygamists grow up amid tension and rivalries. Even a monogamous marriage can be threatened by the knowledge that a man could bring home a second wife! Of course, given polygamy, with relatively few marriageable women left, those men who can neither find a woman nor support one are, understandably, seduced by jihad and its heavenly harem.

For more information, an excellent book is Bill Warner’s The Islamic Doctrine of Women.

Next month, again with the Americans trapped in Afghanistan in mind, we will look into Sharia’s treatment of the non-Muslim.

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  1. The high point for the Muslim invasion of America, so far, has been the election of Muslims as members of Congress and especially in the election of the putative president, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s job was to weaken America in every way possible, and one way was was to bring to America as many Muslims as possible and concentrate them in areas where they could likely be elected to Congress. Islam is completely incompatible with America’s Constitution, but Muslims actually use the freedoms of America in their attempts to eliminate freedom in America. The Constitution was never meant to be a death wish for America’s new Republic, but it did not take long before enemies of America realized an internal takeover, often using freedoms outlined in the Constitution, would be more successful than taking on America’s formidable military. Also, it’s not just Muslims who believe they can take-over America, “without firing a shot,”. So far America’s resistance to being taken-over is weak and when done incrementally likely to proceed too far too stop before much of America will admit it’s happening………..we may have already lost…..time will tell. The idea that America’s woke military will save America is rapidly dropping as American’s watch the social experiment and quest for equity replace the ability win wars by, when required, breaking stuff and killing people……
    Is freedom still considered worth fighting for, or is that a thing of the past?

    1. 100% correct on every single word, Bob68, plus the fact that the Muslim women are having babies at a prodigious rate, on purpose, to over-populate us non-Muslims so Muslims will be in the majority quicker than any of us could ever imagine.
      The fact that they plan (they said so) to trash the Constitution is just a matter of time, and because our elected leaders are incompetent beyond a doubt, they’ll do just that.
      Deport each and every one of them and start with Omar. I’ll drive her to the airport and even pay for her one-way ticket; it’s the least I can do.