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(Dec. 3, 2021) — As of midnight November 15, 2021, Austria began yet another nationwide lockdown, ostensibly to rein in rising COVID cases.1 What makes this lockdown unique is that it only applies to residents aged 12 and older who have declined the experimental COVID jab. An exception is made for unvaccinated individuals who have “recently recovered from COVID-19.”

They’re only permitted to exit their front door for “essential” work, “essential” shopping (such as food), quick exercise and getting vaccinated. All other outdoor leisure activities are forbidden. The lockdown will reportedly affect an estimated 2 million of the 8.9 million residents.

Random spot-checks are prescribed to make sure no healthy unvaccinated people are roaming the streets, and fines for breaking the lockdown order can run as high as €1,450 (approximately $1,640).

Just two days earlier, it had been suggested the lockdown would only affect the northern portion of Austria and Salzburg,2 but that quickly changed to include the whole country. It’s hard to see this action as anything but punishment for refusal to be a medical guinea pig, considering Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg referred to the country’s 65% COVID jab rate as “shamefully low.”3

How Do Austrians Feel About It?

On the first day of Austria’s quarantine of the unvaxxed, Freddie Sayers of took to the streets to find out how Austrians feel about it. He writes:4

“What strikes me most is the class inflection to the whole thing. We started this morning on one of the fancier shopping streets in the old town, full of Rolex and Karl Lagerfeld stores in which well-heeled locals lined up to express their support for the lockdown. There is very little sympathy for a truculent minority that is seen as ‘stupid’ and ‘having brought it on themselves.’

On the same street, however, if you approach the people wearing fluorescent vests, guarding the stores and making deliveries, you tend to get a different response. They are more reluctant to speak to us, but decidedly less supportive. ‘It is bullshit,’ was one man’s pithy response.

Questions about the practical efficacy of such a measure don’t seem to be of much interest. When I ask people if they know that vaccinated people can also contract and transmit COVID, they tend to brush it aside as a minor detail.

Not a single person we have spoken of so far referred to the likely practical outcome of this new policy — it is simply a hardening of the vaccine passport policy that so far has evidently failed to contain the latest wave of infections …

I can’t escape the sense that the motivation is at least partly punitive. They don’t understand people who are not taking the vaccine, they don’t like them, and they are slightly afraid of them — so the simplest thing is to remove them from society altogether.”

Totalitarians Are Ignoring the Will of the People

It’s interesting to note that this latest round of lockdowns comes despite persistent, ongoing public protests. In fact, some areas of Europe have regularly held mass protests for well over a year, yet government leaders are flatly ignoring the will of the people and mainstream media refuse to report on these gatherings.

And, as the failures of the COVID shots are becoming increasingly evident, public demonstrations against mandates and lockdowns are gaining speed. As reported by The Vaccine Reaction,5 Vienna, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rome, Brussels, Rotterdam and other European cities all held mass protests the weekend of November 19 and 20, 2021. Some of these cities are among the most highly vaccinated in Europe. The Vaccine Reaction reports:6

“Nov. 19, 2021, the Austrian government announced a new 10-20 day nationwide lockdown … The government also became the first E.U. country to institute mandatory vaccination, giving citizens a Feb. 1, 2022 deadline to get vaccinated.

The next day, tens of thousands of Austrians took to the streets whistling, blowing horns and banging drums in Vienna. Waving Austrian flags, chanting ‘Resistance’ and holding signs that proclaimed ‘no to vaccination’ and ‘enough is enough’ and ‘down with the fascist dictatorship,’ they marched to Heroes’ Square in front of the former Hofburg Palace in central Vienna.

There was another big rally on Nov. 27 in Graz, Sankt Poelten and Klagenfurt. This time they chanted ‘Peace, freedom, no dictatorship’ …

[T]he leader of Austria’s populist FPO party Herbert Kickl branded the government’s mandatory vaccination announcement as ‘unconstitutional’ and said ‘Austria is now a dictatorship.’ He called on the nation’s high court to intervene and block ‘totalitarian’ measures by a government ‘that believes it should think and decide for us.’ He said:

‘… In almost two years, the government has not been able to develop effective strategies to protect the people. Instead it has set up new harassment week after week to curtail healthy people in their basic rights bit by bit. And now we have reached a level with compulsory vaccination that nobody actually thought was possible. We cannot and must not put up with that.’”

Europeans Demand Freedom

Several other European countries are also in turmoil, as their governments ignore the people’s demand for freedom. Germany, which is also reporting a new spike in cases, is reportedly preparing a law to make people work from home again unless they have a “compelling professional reason” to be in the office, in which case they must prove they’ve gotten the COVID jab or show a negative PCR test.7

In Belgium, which has a 76% COVID jab rate, government officials have reinforced its COVID restrictions, triggering a protest of at least 35,000 people in central Brussels. People were shouting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” and singing “Bella Ciao,” an anti-fascist song.8

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