by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 3, 2021) — The discoverer of mRNA gene-therapy technology, Dr. Robert W. Malone, is live with The Unity Project as of 3:08 p.m. EST/12:08 p.m. PST on Friday speaking about his background in drug and vaccine development as well as the effects of vaccines on children.

Anyone may join the Zoom webinar here or through the link here.

Founded very recently, The Unity Project last month announced Malone would serve as its Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer.

Malone has been an outspoken critic of widespread, mass vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccines, particularly when it is “coerced, enticed” or otherwise administered under pressure.

Based in California, The Unity Project opposes “vaccine mandates for healthy children K-12” and is forging alliances with like-minded groups in other states, a spokesman told The Post & Email.

“There are no licensed vaccines for SARS-COV-2,” Malone said at 3:16 p.m., contradicting the popular narrative that a Pfizer/BioNTech product known as “Comirnaty” is fully approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The “rules of bioethics” prohibit coercion of an experimental drug or vaccine, Malone said. “Under federal law,” threatening someone with the loss of his job or any other material item is “illegal,” Malone said at 3:19.

“I believe very firmly that the bioethics that come from the original Nuremberg trials…make it very clear that you cannot be compelled, coerced or enticed to take these, and you must have full understanding of the risks as well as alternatives…,” Malone told the audience. “…the current situation seems to be very unusual.”

At 3:21, interviewer Laura Sextro asked Malone about the use of vaccines in children.

“There’s actually a formal process by which there is an assessment of what are the risks of death and disease associated with a new vaccine, and that assessment has historically been stratified,” Malone responded. “If a child gets damaged, they’re damaged for an 80-year lifespan…it comes out of the thinking of the insurance industry, where they have to compensate people for damages…”

At 3:28, Malone said it appears to him that “thousands” of children will incur damage to their hearts, or myocarditis, from COVID-19 vaccines.

“…mandating the vaccines for all children in the state of California…is not the role of the state to make such a weighty decision,” Malone said.

Approximately “half” of America’s children have likely had COVID-19, Malone said, and therefore do not require a vaccine for the virus.

At 3:33, Malone said, “The vaccines we have, particularly against these newer virus strains…don’t prevent infection…and you’re just about as likely to transmit it to somebody else as an unvaccinated person.”

When asked about vaccines in children, Malone said his “personal opinion” is that “people should have the right to choose, and parents are the ones that have responsibility for their children, and they deserve the right to choose…”

Malone said he believes the “mental health” of children has suffered “profound” damage from the imposition of masks.

Sexton asked Malone his opinion on why some in the population appear to be unable to consider information which differs from that which the government issues, to which he responded, “What we seem to have…is an odd sort of hypnosis that happened with a large part of the population…[which] is the process that the German people…and yet somehow they just lost their cookies from the 1920s to the 1930s…They went through a period of time…and Germany was kind-of coming apart, and in that environment, people felt separated from each other, and then Hitler was able to come in with his party and given them an easy explanation for what was happening…

“What happened with that is that everybody became fixated on one some small problem…Hitler got them to focus on one little thing, and that’s exactly what you do with hypnosis.”

The “hypnosis,” Malone said, was instilled by “fear” and constant media messaging.

As to how to solve the problem, Malone said, “I think the thing we don’t want to do is to have hate or anger or play into this thing that we’re two different worlds or we need to segregate…I think that we really have to be open-minded…and we need to approach them with an open heart and do what we can do try to help them…”

Malone then discussed forms of “early treatment” for COVID-19, which he said is key in keeping people out of the hospital.

“Herd immunity” should be reached through “natural infection,” Malone said at 4:20 p.m., rather than by mass vaccination. He believes, however, that the vaccines may be helpful to very high-risk individuals.

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