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(Nov. 18, 2021) — September 9, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee tweeted:

“For a fight that requires working together, a lot of cynical and divisive edicts came out of the White House today pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, businesses against employees, and the federal government against states.”

Sorry, Governor Lee, the government is in the “divisive” business and the only “together” they understand is your obedience. Despite your heroic Tweet, obedience is exactly what you gave them when you turned your back on health care workers, business owners, thousands of employees, and now our own National Guard members.

For a savvy business owner, your inability to distinguish between information and disinformation is numbing.

Gov. Bill Lee tweet:

“To be clear: the vaccine is the best tool we have to combat the pandemic, but heavy-handed mandates are the wrong approach.”

What on earth have you been reading for the past year? Sadly, your intelligence shortcomings are contributing to the division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and slammed the Biden jackboot squarely on the necks of all Tennesseans.

The only way to help the people of Tennessee is to learn the truth, unite people behind it, and defend your state from Washington DC, the common enemy spreading the disinformation.

We need a governor to fight for the people, not to sign compromised bills that seem to close the door on mandates, while hoping the courts will come to your rescue.

A year and a half ago there was little data, and we wanted to believe the vaccines worked. Now we know better, and vested interests are viciously lashing out to cement their withering narrative.

All vaccine information must be suspect. Particularly that coming from the CDC, FDA, NIH, medical associations, legacy news outlets, social media technocrats, and any who stand to gain wealth, power, or political advantage. At least give some credibility to those with much to lose and whose only goals are good health through peace, unity, and freedom.

Here is a sourced Q&A format to help you understand the COVID vaccines today.

The Pfizer trials prove the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective, so why do people think they are unsafe?

The trials did not prove the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were particularly safe or effective because they were unexpectedly cut short. When the FDA issued an EUA anyway, “safe an effective”  became the industry-accepted narrative and objections were labeled ‘misinformation’.

When portions of the trials results became publicly available it was apparent the drug was not as advertised.

The Phase 2 trial was terminated when Pfizer polluted the data.

  • The safety and efficacy of the vaccine were not looking as robust as the public wanted, so Pfizer ended the 1-year study in less than 90 days by offering the vaccine to the control group.1

Pfizer told the public one thing about deaths and the FDA another.2

  • Pfizer’s 6-month mRNA follow-up shows that 15 of those who took the vaccine died
  • But Pfizer told the FDA that, during the same period, 21 died.
  • Deaths were 24% higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. We will never know what caused the deaths because Pfizer only said the deaths were not “vaccine related” with poor explanation.

Trial information has been obscured from the public; processes compromised.

  • The FDA wants the public to wait up to 55 years to slow walk FOIA trial information.3
  • Whistleblower researcher who did the testing for Pfizer revealed:4
    • Participants placed in a hallway after injection and not being monitored by clinical staff
    • Lack of timely follow-up of patients who experienced adverse events
    • Protocol deviations not being reported
    • Vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures
    • Mislabeled laboratory specimens, and
    • Targeting of Ventavia staff for reporting these types of problems.

What about other studies showing the drug is safe?

To date, the largest Pfizer vaccine study, Barda, et al studied 2 groups of 884,000 vaccinated versus unvaccinated and concluded, the Pfizer vaccine was mostly safe, but was associated with an excess risk of myocarditis (1 to 5 events per 100,000 persons).5

The study has several problems:6

  • It was an observational study prone to bias
  • The subjects were not randomly selected leading to bias
  • The study population did not represent the general population
  • 9 of the 12 authors had direct financial ties to Pfizer

What proof is there that the Pfizer drug is not safe?

The Vaccine Adverse Event System has reported more than 18,000 vaccine related deaths. The majority occur within 14 days of vaccination.7

In addition, Pfizer’s own trials for 5- 11-year-olds have already identified links between the vaccination and heart problems. (P33)8

UK data shows that your natural antibodies tend to be lower among those who acquiring infection after receiving 2 doses of the vaccine. This means the vaccines interfere with your body’s ability to build long term immunity. (P23)9

Didn’t the CDC explain that anyone can complete a VAERS report and found most of the deaths unrelated to the vaccines?

The CDC, despite numerous requests has never provided any evidence for their claim. The VAERS form indicates opposite appears true.10

  • VAERS filers must provide full identifying information.
  • Filers are warned in bold: “Knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fine and imprisonment.”
  • Health workers are encouraged to complete the reports, but most have little time.

Extensive evidence shows VAERS only captures about 1% of adverse events.

  • A 2010 study by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, a 2005 study of adverse reactions to vaccines show that VAERS only capture 1% of adverse effects.11,12
  • A 2021 JAMA study of post-vaccine anaphylaxis and a report by the CDC, both using VAERS data concluded this was a rare event of 2 to 5 persons per million. But a March 2021 Mass General Brigham study of allergic reactions to the vaccines shows that VAERS underreports by 100X agreeing with the 2010 Pilgrim study.13,14,15
  • VAERS data indicates most deaths reported to the system occur within 14 days of vaccination. Yet the CDC does not count persons as vaccinated until 14 days after the final recommended does which could be months.16,17

If anyone is misrepresenting vaccine related deaths it is the CDC.

What proof is there that the Pfizer drug does not reduce infections?

Pfizer’s studies indicate the vaccine’s effectiveness may wane over time. (P22 Par 1)18

UK Vaccine Surveillance Reports are considered the gold standard of vaccine information. They show that infection rates have doubled for those vaccinated as opposed to the unvaccinated.19,20

Read the rest here.

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  1. It amazes me that people who couldn’t create a man or woman to save their life think vaccines are even necessary. If they knew so much about the body of a man or woman, why not create one just like theirs so we know they actually know what they’re talking about? Because they can’t and they do not know what they’re talking about. Until someone can create a man and/or woman they are no expert of the body and I’m not listening to them.

  2. Was looking in Tennessee for a new home. This fool just canceled that idea. I come from a state that has a Governor that actually THINKS, and will now stay there!