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by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Nov. 17, 2021) — By the way, I listen to your show on occasion.  I find it very entertaining and, of course, conservative in content.  I am myself a military veteran and a retired law enforcement and criminal court officer.  A couple of years ago, I tried my hand at writing a book (“The Sick Treasonous Truth Surrounding Barack Hussein Obama, As Witnessed & Experienced By An Ordinary American Citizen”).  It was never a best, or even an average, seller!  I wrote it and purposefully had it published in 2019 because I cared and wanted to “go on record” before the 2020 presidential election and the possibility that things might get out of hand in our country (and, indeed, they did).  I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and again in 2020.  Now, Mr. Bongino, would you kindly respond publicly to any of my questions?

Among other things on my mind, Donald Trump campaigned on the promise of “draining the swamp.”  I know that he was harassed by the political left and their fake news media and that he was under the constant threat of impeachment or worse.  No doubt, it must have been extremely difficult, but he was our president and made a number of good things happen.  SO, MY QUESTION IS, WHY DIDN’T HE DRAIN THE SWAMP, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, IN COMPARISON TO ITS SIZE AND THE HARM IT WAS DOING TO OUR COUNTRY?

Another thing.  WHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP HAVING A SO-CALLED “HISTORY TOUR” this holiday season with one of the media’s MOST NOTORIOUS AND FAKE “JOURNALISTS?”  I’m talking about Bill O’Reilly, who once claimed that he had solved the controversy about Obama’s birthplace because he saw birth announcements for Obama in two Honolulu newspapers (which proves nothing).  Furthermore, O’Reilly said that he was NOT going to bother looking into the matter any more because he was too busy to waste his time!  This type of so-called “4th Estate” journalism (phony and covering up wrongdoing if not being actively complicit in it) is one of the reasons why our country today is in such decline.

If the Capitol Police officer, Lt. Michael Byrd, who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, can be found (by Biden’s DOJ) NOT to have committed a chargeable crime, then why are people going to be so upset when and if Kyle Rittenhouse is cleared of any criminal wrongdoing?  On the other hand, if Rittenhouse is convicted, then WHY SHOULDN’T BYRD BE CHARGED AND TRIED?  Is there something “racist” about all of this?  

Since you, Mr. Bongino, were at different times a Secret Service agent and a police officer, then tell me what was your main and utmost SWORN DUTY as the former (Secret Service agent)?  Are you going to say it was to protect the President of the United States?  BUT, MR. BONGINO, WHAT ABOUT HONOR AND ABIDING BY OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION?  Isn’t that the first responsibility of a Secret Service agent?  Assuming I am correct about this and that you, as a federal agent, knew that the “president” (who you were protecting) was an actual criminal, a constitutionally-ineligible usurper and “plant” in our country’s highest office, THEN WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  

Why do you and several other highly-regarded conservative talk show hosts (Sebastian Gorka, for one) receive calls or have guests on your shows who are almost exclusively well-known political figures or like-minded friends of yours?  The “little man,” and certainly no one who would be likely to oppose you, is given much of a chance to express his or her views.  If someone does happen to slip by your call screener, then his or her exchange with you on air is pretty much guaranteed to be an ugly one.  Frankly, I believe there are some people whose telephone calls to your shows are routinely blocked and censored.     

You are a tremendous talent, but how about trying some self-examination.  Maybe even tone it down a little bit (something I once recommended to someone we all know).  Best wishes to you.  May God bless and help us save America.

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  1. From Bob68:
    Thanks Tom Arnold. I have wanted Bongino to speak out about the Obama fraud also, but that was and is extremely unlikely to ever happen. Fox News in its entirety has apparently been told never to cast doubt on the eligibility on Obama, or Obama’s pick for Biden’s V.P., Kamala Harris….or anyone else. A prime example is the born in Canada Ted Cruz. Both parties tried for years to change the requirement for natural born citizen with bills they introduced and they failed. At least once they tried a Constitutional amendment which also failed. After failing repeatedly they simply used the lying media and themselves to effectively change the NBC requirement to little more than being able to spell “citizen”.

    I was disappointed when Donald Trump beat the planned and promised, (and much needed), after Obama cover President Hillary Clinton when President Trump did not immediately reveal the truth about Barry. That was something all complicit in the Obama fraud feared would happen. However, Obama’s 8 years had filled our government with protectors of Obama…..and after ignoring and lying to their constituents for years both political parties had to protect Obama to protect themselves. Their crime is being complicit in giving America’s government and her military to her enemies, as serious as a crime can get, and they know the cover-up of that crime must last…forever. This is why both parties panicked when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Their ability to protect themselves by protecting Obama was put danger by the “birther” Donald Trump.

    Their solution was to keep President Trump under siege for 4 years and steal the 2020 election from him. That worked, the complicit are all walking free and America’s future is hanging by a thread. What should happen is a realization of Hillary’s concern about Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. It was reported to be this or something close, Hillary about Trump, “If that b****** wins we all hang from nooses”…………..

    Nothing would be better for America’s future than for Hillary’s prediction to come true. If it doesn’t I fear America in doomed……