by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, ©2021 

(Nov. 13, 2021) — As innocent children come into the world, their minds are a clean slate, ready to listen, absorb and learn. They trust and follow those that have been assigned the task of leading them to knowledge. For decades, that same innocent trust has been accepted by the parents to feel confident that the American education system is designed to teach basic academic knowledge to their children, while it’s up to the parents to provide love, family values, and moral integrity.

And so, every day, from early in the morning until supper time, these precious children head off to exciting days in the classroom, to learn how to read and write; to be inspired by historical events, and be prepared to make the independent choices they will face in their adult lives.

Little do most families know that over the past several decades this Norman Rockwell vision of the American education system has been steadily usurped and transformed by a cynical system that is designed to ignore the need to teach basic academics as it, instead, focuses on controlling and remolding the children’s minds.

The deliberate intent to not teach academics was recently made quite clear by an official of the consulting firm hired by Loudoun County, Virginia Public Schools. The firm, “Equity Collaborative” was hired to incorporate equity and inclusion initiatives into their learning curriculum for students. This highly paid private consulting firm is now asserting that public education should be more about “relationships” than “learning.” Said an official of the firm, “I think the thing that public education offers… because I certainly don’t think we offer learning… are relationships… What historically high schools were for was dissemination of information very quickly… Well, actually the internet is better than the high school is… Truthfully, the teacher in relation to the dissemination of information is obsolete. But the teacher in relationship to relationships is the thing.” He concluded, saying, “Kids change much faster, adults are in the way.”

How did this corruption of American education get its start in our schools?  With the creation of the Federal Department of Education, under the Carter Administration there grew a massive industry in mind manipulation. In November 1992, following the election of Bill Clinton to the Presidency, Marc Tucker, president of the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE) wrote an 18 page letter to Hillary Clinton. He excitedly outlined the opportunity the Clinton Administration now had to “remold the entire American system…” He provided a detailed blueprint for a revolution to completely change our nation and its citizens by training children from a very young age to properly serve the global economy. A global citizen is the idea that all people have a civic responsibility to the world as a whole, not to just their community or nation. In such a definition, the American ideal of limited government and natural rights do not exist.

There was little in Tucker’s plan that had anything to do with teaching how to read, write or calculate. That wasn’t important. Instead it was a plan to control the children’s knowledge base to fit Tucker’s vision of creating the proper global citizen. Today, Tucker’s proposal, made to Hillary Clinton that fateful day, is completely in place. The process started in earnest with Goals 2000, designed to create a new system of standards that no longer taught our American system of free enterprise and limited government. In fact, it taught them that such ideas were dangerous and selfish. Then came School-to-Work, which focused on job training rather then academics. It was all glued together by a new method of psychological control called “Outcome-based Education” (OBE).

OBE created a computer database on every child and focused on mental, psychological and behavioral evaluations. The data bases were made available to the schools, the government and future employers. Teachers were designated as counselors to decide if problem children needed drugs to control their behavior. Ritalin over-use was born.

Then, a system called “Transition” was employed which featured small groups of children sharing their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Transition contains no academic significance whatsoever. It contains tactics such as role playing. Its purpose is to strip search the students for their ideas, attitudes, values , and beliefs,  so that a special personal curriculum can be created to assure those attitudes, such as love of family or country, for example, can be systematically deleted. It slowly trains them to not question authority.

Next came Common Core. It simply encompassed all of these forerunners to the plan to remold American education, and ultimately change American culture by dictating the thought and belief process of its citizens.  The indoctrination of the children is now in full swing.

In 2011, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), another private group contracting with the Department of Education, advocated the “Whole Child Approach,” saying Whole Child education is the expansion of education beyond just learning reading, writing, and arithmetic to include student health, community engagement, and social emotional learning (SEL). The ASCD report goes on to explain that “SEL focuses on feelings, emotions, and self-reflection, leading to inclusion of social responsibility and social justice initiatives.”

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    Nature Rules, and human nature follows!

    It is a woman’s nature to nurture, a man’s nature to murder, therefore, women bear children, men bear arms.

    How did Prohibition Amendment 1919- 1933 work out, since Nature Rules that “You will never separate man and his drink”?

    The IDIOTOLOGY of the jealous ungrateful miserable godless Theft Left goons will never over-rule the non-negotiable forever laws of Nature. Legislate all the ridiculous flimsy contemporary changeable “equitable” optional (to criminals) laws of man you want, from within Brainwashington, DCeit, and yet, those unhappy goons will never over-rule the forever laws of Nature over time.

    No one likes gravity, but it’s The Law!

    We are all pawns of Nature, from The Race of the Sperms to the Egg (We won!) to the Human Race from cradle to coffin, from womb to worms. Sorry, $atan Soros and Pretend Catholic Pelosi and BidenObamaKamala and all the other ungrateful souls attempting to deface Golden Rule apple pie America to “FUND A MENTAL TRANSFORMATION” of un-natural transgenders, un-natural shame-sex “marriages”, natural men feeling feminine allowed to invade women’s sports and women’s locker rooms, natural women in front line combat situations amongst large lusty male soldiers on both sides of a conflict, etc. AIN’T GOIN’ TO HAPPEN FOR LONG BECAUSE WE ARE ALL UNEQUAL PAWNS OF NATURE WHO BREATHE THE SAME VITAL AIR INSIDE MOTHER NATURE’S WOMB, CALLED PLANET EARTH.

    With all today’s 1NF0-garbage of “reimagining” everything that made America exceptional, just remain a FREE THINKER resisting the MIND SLAVERY of Theft Left goon IDIOTOLOGY, as simply empowered with (1) legal U.S. citizenship, (2) the common senses of humanity’s universal sight-sound-smell-taste-touch OBSERVATIONS OF REALITY and (3) chose to deify, not defy, the forever laws of Nature, and you will live life comforted and confident!

  2. There is no better proof that our public education factories have been and continue producing compliant global village idiots than the Montgomery County MD Board of Education canceling middle and high school final exams a few years ago due the exhorbantly high failure-rate. That, in one of the most affluent counties in the nation with a legacy of having one of the best educational systems in the nation.

    Rockville High School, about 1/2 a mile from where I live, touts itself as “An International Baccalaureate World School”.
    “The mission of Rockville High School, with its diverse population, challenging academic programs, and rich extracurricular opportunities, is to graduate individuals who are prepared for post-secondary education and careers. In an atmosphere of respect for cultural differences and individual uniqueness, students and staff work together to create a climate that encourages intellectual growth and develops transferable skills by actively collaborating with members of our local, state, national and international communities, we at Rockville High School strive to ensure that our students will become lifelong, independent learners and productive citizens.”
    Well now, if that doesn’t sound like the perfect school for anyone’s kids then I don’t know what would. There is, however, this little tid bit of personal experience with two students from Rockville High School’s former “Automotive Shop” class (it was replaced with a “Pottery Class) when I owned and operated a foreign car garage in Rockville — neither one of them had enough basic automotive knowledge, willingness to learn or work-ethic to warrant having them work for me for more than a week.