by Raymond Morris, ©2021

(Oct. 25, 2021) — I have begun to look at everything a relatively small group of Democrats are doing in the context of them trying to permanently consolidate power and to protect themselves from the rest of us once we figure out they staged a coup. 

They want to make sure we cannot take arms against them to take it back.  So they are purging the military of patriots and working to remove weapons from the population.

They want to control anyone who is unlikely to comply by purging the workforce of those who will not get a vaccine and controlling their ability to travel, or even have a job.  They want to prevent us from being able to control how our own children are being taught.   They are even able to know exactly where we are at all times through our cell phones and smart vehicles.

They are attempting to prevent elections from counting only actual voters’ ballots and flooding the country with new voters by opening the borders.

And the rest of us, be it Conservatives, Libertarians, or sleepy moderate Democrats, seem content to let them do it, because the great masses of Americans are peace-loving people who are committed to following the rule of law.  Rules they are not playing by.

They seem confident that few people will actually react in outrage.

Once they are able to run the economy into the ground by passing out money (on credit) to their friends, they will then rebuild the shattered economy in a way that will put control of all things in the hands of a few who are sure they are so much wiser and more deserving than the rest of us in the unwashed masses.

I’m just saying …

Raymond Morris is a retired civil servant from a “blue” state with a desire to help people think with a biblical worldview concerning current events.

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  1. Re. Ted Cruz 2024 – An Open Message to Senator Ted Cruz:

    You left Dems get away with running candidates born with dual-Citizenship (and thus divided allegiance to more than one country since and from birth) for the office of President and Commander-in-Chief of our military, because you wanted to run for President yourself. You were born with dual-citizenship and divided allegiance requirements at birth … the USA and Canada. You know that is not what the founders and framers wanted in the original intent for the Presidential Eligibility Clause of our U.S. Constitution. They did not want a person born with foreign influence and foreign allegiance on them to ever get command of our military once the founding generation was gone.

    Now you can see the sad state our country is in after 8 yrs of Obama and another 4 years with Obama the puppet master behind the curtain running Biden-Harris. This is what happens when people born with divided allegiance are allowed to be President of Vice-President. Publicly admit you were wrong in 2020!

    See a Lesson From History: #TedCruz #Cruz #SenatorCruz #SenatorTedCruz

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) —