by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 20, 2021) — In an interview published Thursday between psychiatrist Peter Breggin, MD and Dr. Lee Vliet, MD, founder of the Truth for Health Foundation, Vliet described repressive and deadly restrictions placed on hospitalized coronavirus patients, including preventing them from signing themselves out in favor of other modes of treatment.

During the early part of the interview, titled, “Rescuing Hospitalized COVID Patients from Death,” Vliet told Breggin that the non-profit Truth for Health Foundation was originally launched in 2007 with a different purpose. Almost immediately facing the economic downturn which began the following year, the foundation remained dormant, Vliet said, until May of this year, when she felt a supernatural prodding to reactivate it to advocate early treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Breggin, 85, has long opposed, and was instrumental in effecting the cessation of, what is known as “psychosurgery,” or lobotomy. He and his wife Ginger are authors of the recent book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey,” sold on his website and at Amazon in several formats.

A specialist in reproductive medicine, Vliet became concerned when she learned that COVID-19 vaccines may adversely affect reproduction. Once reactivated, Vliet said of her organization, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, also a strong advocate of early COVID 19 treatment, agreed to become medical director.

In July, Vliet and McCullough authored the booklet, “Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life!”

Beginning with a single case of a woman hospitalized in Chicago who passed away after being denied hydration and other basic supports, Vliet said, she is now receiving calls from across the country describing medical abuses committed by hospitals against COVID-19 patients, including the suspension of normal treatment protocols.

“Every one of the patients, with one exception, has been refused any other option,” Vliet told Breggin (13:30). “Home hospice is refused; discharge in an ambulance with support that they need, that’s refused. The hospitals really have become more like a prison than what we see in America’s jails and prisons and jails. Prisoners in jails have more visitation rights than COVID patients in America’s hospitals. It’s truly staggering.”

Vliet explained that her organization is not directly treating patients, but rather, “simply evaluating the patient, their medical records at the family’s direction and permission, and advising the attorneys on what options there are.”

“It is so consistent: after five days, we even have discovered hospitals that have a standing order to stop IV fluids and calories after five days,” Vliet continued. “That is truly — those are basic human rights, to have IV fluid; it’s inhumane to do otherwise. They claim, in some cases…’Well, we don’t want to overload the patient.’ Well, we could see in the records that there was no evidence of any fluid overload. So when you dehydrate a patient, you can’t oxygenate them, and it pushes them to a ventilator.”

As has been confirmed by mainstream news sources and former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield last year, Vliet contended, “The hospitals get incentive payments for the COVID diagnosis.” Further, she said, “They get extra incentive payments for using Remdesivir, in addition to having the drug reimbursed by the government; they get extra incentive payments when a patient goes on a ventilator, and they get further incentive payments if the patient dies of COVID in the hospital.”

The extra money, Vliet said, “adds up to about $100,000 or more per COVID patient, adding. “It is a chilling reminder of what government-controlled medicine can do to take your life, literally, and to prevent you from having all of your core freedoms that we as American citizens are accustomed to.”

“It’s all about government control,” she said.

The work her foundation is performing is done “pro bono,” Vliet said.

Shifting subjects at the 25:00 mark, Breggin commented that “top-notch docs are getting injured,” meaning financially and legally, and asked Vliet if her foundation has the resources to defend their rights.

“…Right at the moment, the funds in the medical dispense fund are not very large, but they do have a growing fund…,” she said. She enumerated other programs to which the public can donate to support alternative treatment options.

“I just think it’s so critical that all of your listeners understand one thing: you can no longer totally trust all the institutions that you’ve relied on,” Vliet said. “Insurance companies are denying care; hospitals are denying care; your own primary-care doctors are being hamstrung by their employers and told they can’t prescribe medicines. You are going to have to be proactive…”

When Vliet asked the question as to why hospitals and public health agencies appear to be in lockstep to deny COVID patients such treatments as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, Breggin spoke about his book, which contends that the current crisis was “planned” years ago.

All of the “predators” involved, Breggin said, favor “the pruning of the population.”

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