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(Oct. 12, 2021) — Both of the below referenced articles are provocative and, to different degrees, scholarly. Moreover, the writings speak the TRUTH. There are dozens if not hundreds of similar writings all over the internet. In these times, though, many more have been censored, “cancelled,” and removed from public view. This, of course, is in addition to Obama declaring his personal records sealed and the CIA helping him destroy some of the records. I have chosen these two particular articles because they are about matters, Obama’s lineage and connection with the CIA, that some of the occasional readers of mine like to criticize and try to debunk. At least this time, all of you can read what someone else has to say. Please do. 

First News Article:  Has three separate parts dated March 22, 23, and 24, 2008, among them: Obama is NOT African-American or Black.  Also included is the fact that the Kenyan birth certificate of Obama’s alleged natural father, Barack Obama Sr., reads that he, Obama Sr., was born of ARAB ethnicity:  Arcade@Home(tm) – News Archive 2008-03

Second News Article:  The untold history of Obama and the CIA (provided that no one rewrites or “re-imagines” it!).  Note the prominence, in this extremely well-researched and well-written essay, of Obama’s advisor and afterwards CIA Director, JOHN BRENNAN.  What have I always said?  If you want to know anything about Obama, ask John Brennan (except that he lies a lot!).  It was published less than two weeks ago on October 1, 2021:

Do you suppose any of this will end up in Obama’s “Presidential Center” and digitize library being built in Chicago?

Where do you suppose Yours Truly will end up? Why do you think that I’m not already there? Because I tell the truth and, in no other way am a “threat” to anyone. I also am not a “white supremacist.” There are too many others in our country who deserve the title of wanna-be “supremacists” and “elitists.” I also am not a “domestic terrorist.”

Just one more thing before I close.  Please be aware, Mr Obama, there is no statute of limitations on TREASON.  And, as you yourself have stated facetiously many times, “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.”  

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  1. I truly believe this is the most important information anywhere on the internet. It is my opinion that a huge fraud has been committed in our government.

  2. “Arcade@Home(tm)” is not a news site; it is a forum. Anyone can post there.

    “teckel” (whoever that is) never provided any evidence to substantiate the claims made in the posting. For example, there’s no link to Obama’s father’s birth certificate. That “teckel” believes Obama (or his father) are Arab is not evidence that Obama (or his father) actually are Arab.

    It also is contradictory to say that Obama is part Arab because Barack Obama, Sr. was Arab and that Obama’s father isn’t Barack Obama, Sr. If Barack Obama, Sr. isn’t Obama’s father, then Obama, Sr. did not pass along any purported Arab ancestry.

    1. No verified/validated data exists as the true origins of the person reported as the 44th POtuS.

      But, I will gladly proffer my birth certificate to the world in exchange for a worldly golden goose egg.

      1. Officials from the State of Hawaii expressly said Obama was born there.
        They verified this information for secretaries of state for two states, and the secretaries accepted these verifications.

        Regardless, there continues to be no evidence that Obama is of Arab descent.

        1. Officials from the State of Hawaii (whomever they are) never provided the evidence to substantiate their claims — Obama’s original “vital records”. Their claim that he was born in Honolulu in 1961 and is a natural born citizen is not evidence that their claims are true.

          It is not contradictory to say that Barack Obama Jr. is part Arab because Barack Obama Sr was Arab and that Barack Obama Sr was not his father. If his real father was Arab he too would have passed his Arab ancestry along to “Barack Obama Jr.”

          Of the three men most often cited as Barack Obama Jr.’s father — Barack Obama Sr. (Arab), Frank Marshall Davis (non Arab) and Muhammad Subud (Arab) — the facial features of the first two bear very little resemblance to Obama Jr.’s but the third’s are a literal match.

        2. The 2008 Democrat Party of Hawaii’s “Official Certification Of Nomination” did not expressly say Barack Obama Jr. was eligible to serve as President “under provisions of the U.S. Constitution” as required by Hawaii election law — at least two provisions of which officials of the State of Hawaii could verify, or not verify.

          That means the 2008 Democrat Party of Hawaii didn’t contact officials of the State of Hawaii seeking verification that Obama met those two provisions, did but didn’t receive such verification, or received but didn’t accept such verification as proof. That also means that the 2008 Democrat Party of Hawaii did not accept Obama’s alleged “Certification Of Live Birth” (his alleged short-form birth certificate) as proof that he met those two provisions.

          Regardless, common-sense says it’s odd at best, suspicious at worst, that despite the fact that the 2008 Democrat Party of Hawaii did not certify Barack Obama Jr. eligible to serve as President under provisions of the U. S. Constitution the 2008 Chief Elections Officer of Hawaii, Kevin Cronin, allowed Obama’s name to be on Hawaii’s ballot anyway. Kevin Cronin resigned from his office in 2009 after two years of multiple election-related controversies and law suits against him.

        3. In the United States, a state’s certification and verification are sufficient legal proofs of place of birth (and citizenship). They are sufficient for any government agency, such as secretaries of states and courtrooms. That you do not understand or accept the legal significance of states’ certification and verification processes does not mean others are so hindered.

          The Democratic Party of Hawaii does not certify or verify vital records. Its actions or inactions are irrelevant to anyone’s place of birth. Regardless, the Democratic National Committee did certify Obama’s legal qualifications.

          There is no evidence that Obama’s father is anyone other than Barack Obama, Sr. And there continues to be no evidence that Barack Obama, Sr. was Arab.

        4. Exactly: Saying that Barack Obama, Sr. is Arab doesn’t make it true. Saying that Obama’s father is someone other than Barack Obama, Sr. doesn’t make it true. And saying someone is employed by Soros doesn’t make that true, either.

          Whereas there is evidence that officials from the State of Hawaii certified and verified Obama’s Hawaiian birth. Just as there is evidence of those certifications and verifications were accepted as valid.