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by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 20, 2021) — On Sunday The Post & Email received an email from Mailchimp, which sends out our daily 10 AM EDT news digest, claiming we violated an element of its terms of service and therefore suspended our account. The email reads:

Sharon Rondeau

Sep 19, 2021, 10:02 AM EDT

Hello Sharon,

Your Mailchimp account with the username The Post & Email (user ID: XXXXXXXX) has been suspended for violating our Standard Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy. Please review our policies for more information on the types of content we don’t allow (mailchimp.com/legal/terms).

You may log in to export and back up your account data (mailchimp.com/help/export-back-up-data).

Reply to this email with questions or for information on how to retrieve your data.

— Mailchimp

We responded with an email to the address indicated, after which we received an email directing us to log in to our account and take action from there. We did so, inquiring as to which terms we had allegedly violated, but have received no response as of this writing.

As is customary on Monday mornings, we received from Mailchimp our weekly statistics reflecting the number of newsletters opened by subscribers as well as any changes in audience.

Should Mailchimp choose to terminate our account over a free-speech issue, The Post & Email is seeking your comments as to whether or not the daily newsletter is helpful and should be resumed through another service provider. We note that particularly in recent months, only a small fraction of subscribers open the newsletters, which contain hyperlinks to all content published since the prior news alert.

Update, 9:22 a.m. EDT:  The Post & Email just received the following from Mailchimp:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. We certainly understand your concern with regard to the recent account suspension.

At this time, your account has been reinstated and is fully active. 

To provide insight on suspensions like this, our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, looks for issues with audience and campaign results and will take action on the account if it detects a problem. In this case our automated system raised a flag with a link in a recent campaign, but after human review we’ve determined that it is fine. We’ve made adjustments to prevent this type of suspension in the future. 

We strongly recommend you review our compliance tips and best practices to help you maintain a good reputation going forward.

Compliance for Email Marketing: https://mailchimp.com/help/about-compliance-for-email-marketing/

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during the review process. If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

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  1. Could be one of the reasons that articles may lack participation is that you have a very unique site, which is why people are drawn here. and it is highly intellectual in content, and folks may not respond on comments because they may feel outgunned ,to put it mildly. it is a catch 22. Again you have one of the best sites out there, if you can incite more comments it may help.

    1. Well, that is certainly a compliment, sir. We actually see many comments to our articles in total; it is the daily newsletters which have not generated many openings, or “clicks,” of late. Anyone wishing to discontinue them can do so at any time, of course.

  2. Glad to hear they resolved it quickly for you. They blamed it on the AI algorithm I see, instead of some nefarious person working for them that pulled the plug. They always seem to blame it on an algorithm. I wonder if any of the left wing newspaper sites have similar problems with the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that seem to be only plaguing our side of the political battles, and suspending and/or cancelling a lot of traditionalist and conservative news sites. I doubt far left news sites have any problems with the Chimp’s (AI) algorithms. I suspect the humans who create the AI algorithms at these sites are “seeding” them with lots of key words and bias that only trigger suspension and harassment of conservative news sites. The far left also does this with fund raising sites too. These algorithms are written and maintained by humans. Just what I’m seeing the last decade as to what is going on with the suspensions and cancel culture events that are happening, and which became more increasingly obvious and aggressive the last couple years. The traditionalists and conservative sites are targeted and the far left news sites are not. Trump gets banned and an anti-American radical racist like Louis Farrakhan is not.

  3. Sharon
    Do whatever you need to do (new service?) in order to keep publishing. While I don’t open all files… I open many and appreciate the source of information and truth.

  4. P&E;

    Seems to me the Deep State has extended its draconian tentacles once again, thereby depriving the “P&E” and “The Pulse of the Nation” from reaching the very people who need it most.

    And the crux of the whole distasteful mess is that the very people who are supporting Biden-Harris are not going to profit one bit; matter of fact, they will suffer along with us Trump supporters, both sharing a misery that could have been easily avoided had the Judas of our times – Mike Pence – stood up for the Constitution, a document he swore an Oath to but instead turned his back on the Bible, too, when he stabbed, not only his president in the back, but his country as well.

    One can almost feel sorry for any news organization that doesn’t support ‘Pulse’ and the ‘P&E” 100%, but not quite. I feel nothing but contempt for anyone who would stifle the Truth. Fake News and the government of the United States fall into the category of failed philosophies, going down the road the NAZI’s once traveled: the Road to Doom.

    Just be glad we’re not on it, or are we?


  5. Editor:
    Don’t you know that you should only feed organic electronic bananas to this deranged digital monkey (Chimpanzee-if-you-will)?

  6. Too much of this going on. You would know if you violated their terms of service. The question is who paid them to do such? You offer truth and facts and they need to do the same in regards to this. Find another avenue if necessary…also keep making them sweat.

    1. The mind (well mine, anyway) simply boggles! Exactly what Mailchimp service provider policy breach by Post & Email had Mailchimp going ape; swinging/breast-beating among the foliage, screeching (albeit, mutely it now turns) Post &Email’s so nefarious sinfulness, through the trees?
      Is this yet another example of the “Oligarchy of the New Age & Techno Tories” undemocratic (not to mention, immoral) censoring?!
      During Western democracy Australia’s recent SSM Plebiscite (in which some 40% of Aussies democratically, voted “No” for SSM), Zuckerberg’s Facebook banned any reference to/advertising from the perfectly legal (and moral) “No Vote” campaign! When will the US anti-monopoly/trust authorities really, start to do their jobs; preventing the likes of MailChimp and Facebook attempts to so un-democratically bludgeon, the likes of legal (and moral) media competitors like the Post & Email into silence?