Dear Editor,

I am proud of my own, and Australia’s, Judeo/Christian heritage. That said. I implore Victoria’s Andrews/Merlino-led Labor Government to refuse exemption for Melbourne’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community (my great-grandparents were Jewish) from Victoria’s Covid-19 prevention laws of public/private gatherings applicable to all other Victorians of all other faiths, origins, genders, colours, classes, etc., etc!

Melbourne’s already had the spectacle of ultra-orthodox Jewish members breaking the law, harassing police, allegedly assaulting news personnel, climbing over roofs to thwart Victorian law and putting children in harm’s way! We’ve also recently had a Jewish engagement party of some 70 guests (including several coronavirus-positive guests, further spreading Covid-19 as a result!) with the father of the bride-to-be a family doctor (and several other guests said to be “medical professionals”)…for heaven’s sake!

Australia is said to have rising numbers of nefarious far-right-nutter, fascist/white supremacist groups generally despising Jewry and claiming Jews rule the world financially (when some of Australia’s greatest military men defending Australia in battle have been Jewish with General Sir John Monash, Australia’s greatest soldier and daredevil WWII RAAF war hero Wing Cmdr. Sir Peter Isaacson, who flew a Lancaster bomber under Sydney Harbour Bridge)!

No exemptions, Mr Premier, full-stop! To do so would set precedents and further fuel the fires (frying the low-brow-brains) of would-be violent far-right (and far-left) nutters!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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