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by Sharon Rondeau

From Donald J. Trump’s former presidential Twitter account, February 7, 2020

(Sep. 12, 2021) — In an interview Friday with The Gateway Pundit, 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump said he believes the November 3, 2020 presidential election will be “decertified.”

He did not offer a time frame for when he believes that might occur.

Lasting approximately 30 minutes and covering such topics as the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the upcoming 9/11 commemorations, national security, the economy and inflation, the 2024 presidential race and election fraud, TGP founder Jim Hoft, along with his twin brother Joe, raised the question of fraud in the election which Trump has said since November 4 he won.

The exchange with Trump begins at the 12:35 mark following an introduction and discussion of the founding of TGP between the brothers.

Trump decried Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan exit which left the nation in the control of the Taliban, a terrorist group known for its brutality toward women as well as Biden’s decision to leave behind approximately $85 billion in military equipment. Further, Trump said, the Biden regime “handed them [the Taliban] a list of everybody and the addresses where they are,” meaning Americans and allies. “I think this will be a September 11th of great sorrow,” Trump opined.

“Who are these people that would do that? They handed them a list of people,” Trump said at 22:27. “It’s not even believable.”

Of the Taliban’s regaining control over Afghanistan, Trump remarked, “It’s very unfair to all the people that died in Afghanistan…After all these years, they’re far advanced than where they were 20 years ago…it’s a great embarrassment.”

Joe Hoft then asked on behalf of a reader from Italy whether or not Trump plans to “lead the free world again.”

“So, Joe, I think you’re going to be very happy,” Trump said, reiterating a response from previous recent interviews that “campaign finance laws” prohibit him from saying one way or the other.

Returning to the topic of the abandoned military equipment, he said, “There’s never been a period like this in the history of our country,” then bridged to the high-inflation days of the Jimmy Carter administration which some fear could soon see a reprise.

At 25:48, Joe Hoft changed the subject to the 2020 election and a recent citizen-led canvass in Maricopa County, AZ reporting significant numbers of “lost votes” and “ghost votes” far exceeding the reported difference between Trump and Biden reported at 10,457.

“We believe you were absolutely true about this election,” Hoft told Trump. “We’ve been following it…I’m an auditor by trade, and it didn’t take an auditor to see that this thing was stolen on many counts.”

“Absolutely,” Trump interjected.

“They found, their estimates, 300,000 ballots that were either counted that shouldn’t have been, or that weren’t counted but should have been,” Joe Hoft continued. “Yet they’re saying Joe Biden won the state by 10,000 votes. Our media won’t share that; we did, but the media won’t. What are your thoughts on that?”

“…Our media is corrupt as can be,” Trump replied, “but the people know what’s going on, because another poll came out; 70-some-odd percent think the election was, to put it very nicely, tampered with. So we had 63 million votes, and we got 75 million votes. I was told if we got 64 million, we couldn’t lose. We got 75 million, the most ever given to a sitting president…we had it won at 10:30 in the evening on Election Day…Pennsylvania, we were up by hundreds of thousands of votes; Arizona, all these places, and then those polling counters closed, and when they opened, gee, we were tied…This was the greatest rigged election…I appreciate your mentioning it because it’s never been a stronger issue…The only problem is the press doesn’t like talking about it, including Fox…This was a rigged election; they used COVID and they used the mail-in ballots to rig the election. We won the election by a lot, and they rigged it, and it’s a terrible thing. And — I do believe they’re going to decertify this election…This is a terrible, terrible thing that happened to our country, and because the press is so dishonest — that’s where cancel culture comes from…they don’t want to talk about the election because they know it was rigged; they know, and they just don’t want to get –… because they can’t justify the facts.”

He then praised Liz Harris, who led the canvass, stating he didn’t know her but that her group found “hundreds of thousands of votes” “all over Arizona” to be at issue, which was inaccurate; the canvass covered only Maricopa County, according to the report.

The canvass is unaffiliated with the official state-senate-sponsored Maricopa County forensic election audit whose results are expected to be released in the near future.

Of the state of Arizona, Trump said, “I lost in a very close number. But we were way up ahead. Remember when Fox announced Arizona? So it sounds like Fox must have known something, because we were way ahead, and then all of a sudden they announced we were going to lose it, so somebody’s going to have to ask Fox if they knew something.”

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  1. So we finally get you back in office. Your number one priority has got to be removing the criminals from both sides in the house and senate and put them where they belong. Or after your term it’s back to square one. Must be convicted in a military tribunal court

    1. Oh but there is, my dear Mr. Hendricks.

      What the government giveth (in this case certify an election) the government (Federal, State or local) can taketh (in this case decertify an election). It’s all a matter of will, whether the government wants to or not.

      1. That is not true: There is no constitutional method to decertify a presidential election. You may review the U.S. Constitution at your leisure and note the absence of any mechanism to decertify a presidential election. (That other, lesser elections may be belatedly challenged does not mean the same is true for presidential elections.)

        “Decertification” is just an offering of false hope, as evidenced by the basic fact that the election was certified over eight months ago. And, since then, there has been no effort toward (or even explanation about) an actual attempt at this purported decertification process.

        Obama and Harris both won a majority of the electoral and popular votes for their respective elections; that is how they were constitutionally installed into their respective offices.

        And they both were, of course, constitutionally eligible for their respective offices as they were both born in the United States.

        1. Thomas Hendricks,
          I would highly recommend you carefully read this and give it some thought, although I’m sure you will continue to say, for example, a child born of two illegal alien terrorist in the United States is eligible to be President and Commander-in-Chief of America’s military, no matter how ludicrous that claim is.
          You can learn at lot at this link…..but admitting you learned something seems unlikely.

        2. Stick to semantics — “decertify”, “desertification” — if you wish but the fact remains that the U.S. Constitution does in fact contain a “mechanism” via which even a presidential election may be invalidated. It’s a simple matter of considering how the U.S. Constitution is structured rather than how it is worded, which you apparently lack either the ability or will to do. Whether or not that “mechanism” is ever employed is another matter altogether.

        3. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the following methods to remove a president: death, resignation, removal following an impeachment conviction, and disability under the 25th Amendment. It does not recognize any mechanism to decertify a past presidential election, and you continue to not provide any specifics on how such an outcome is possible under the U.S. Constitution.

          No court has agreed that natural-born citizens must have two U.S. citizen parents at the time of their birth; in fact, some courts have expressly said that birth in the United States is enough to become a natural-born citizen. So it is hardly “ludicrous” to acknowledge how the courts have already ruled, which makes arguments about Obama’s and Harris’ ineligibility a canard. Regardless, Obama’s and Harris’ eligibility are irrelevant to any misplaced belief about decertifying the 2020 presidential election.

        4. thank you Thomas, although ‘they’ never understand the truth. It seems to be they enjoy the lie and no care on what is proven false whether it is written in our constitution or in actual fact to them, a lie, said from ‘his’ own lips and then reversed a few weeks later.

      1. Veranda Cruz,
        There is also no method that state legislatures can decertify the election. They would have to pass laws that give them the authority to do it.

        There is also no U.S. or State Constitutional method via which a State or local official can unilaterally change or ignore statutory election laws. However, that’s exactly what happened all over America during the 2020 election, specifically in all six “swing states”.

        1. There’s no indication that any state intends to change its laws to permit a post-election decertification of the presidential election. Most likely because such an effort would be unconstitutional, as the U.S. Constitution directs the presidential election to be decided by the electoral college, and the electoral college voted last year.

          Following the 2020 election, no court ruled that any state had violated its election laws such that the presidential election results were invalid.

    2. If that were true, do you believe that means the election can’t be “decertified?” Do you believe those who stole an election will be allowed to keep an election?

      There’s no Constitutional method to deal with the succession of government in the midst of global pandemics (real or statistically manipulated), is there? And yet it’s already been planned for:


      Do you think the continuity of government wouldn’t be ensured under this same framework in the case of other crippling events? Events like an atomic bomb attack or, say, a stolen Presidential Election? Think again.

      What happens to the government when civilians can no longer be trusted to govern? It does not fall into the hands of constitutional provisions. It falls into the hands of the military.

      1. It is in fact true there’s no constitutional method to decertify the presidential election. You may review the U.S. Constitution and see that it does not provide any decertification of the presidential election. Any attempt to do so would be quickly rejected as unconstitutional.

        That the federal government has continuity-of-government plans is both unsurprising and irrelevant to any desired election decertification.

        1. You either missed the point or you chose to ignore it. Yes, the election can effectively be “decertified.” No, the Constitution does not need to stipulate how this must happen.

          The activation of a continuity of government plan necessitated by a stolen US Presidential election would necessarily mean that said thieves were removed, along with their stolen votes. Whether or not that process is labeled “election decertification” is irrelevant.