by Tom Arnold, ©2021 

(Sep. 12, 2021) — Before I show you, the reader, what I mean, please permit me to tell you that I am a military veteran, a retired peace officer and criminal court officer, an Independent-registered voter, a graduate of one of the SEC universities, a one-time author, and layman political observer.  I am NOT a racist.  I, unlike Governor Northam, have NEVER worn “blackface.”  I am NOT a white supremacist.  I am NOT a threat to anyone unless telling the TRUTH is considered to be threatening.

Furthermore, I have significant ties to Virginia.  My family was among the earliest settlers in Bedford County.  I have a cousin who was known as the preservationist of one of your historical towns in the Shenandoah Valley.  Our family, most of whom eventually moved westward, were related to the Lees of Virginia.   
Now, Governor Northam, Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons, associate justices, and others, I direct your attention to a couple of the most obscene, small-minded, and divisive things that I, as a patriotic American citizen who never took sides in the long-since-ended Civil War, have ever seen or heard.  Some of these things that you will see and read about below are NOT representative of our real history, past or present. Things have been “re-imagined” and/or even “cancelled.”  Many of the “woke” visions about us and how our country ought to be are confounding and destructive, not to mention just plain stupid!  Courtesy, dare I say it, of you, Governor Northam, and people like you.     

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