by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021 

(Sep. 9, 2021) — Anybody forcing the experimental and dangerous Covid-19 vaccine on others is guilty of crimes against humanity and breaching the Nuremburg Code.

Joe Biden, Medical Professionals, Governors and Employers, listen up

All controlling and evil tyrants are boringly similar in how they take and keep control.  Hitler taught us so much when he created false flag events, then blamed them on the Russians and the Jews.  They were the evil spreading throughout Germany, destroying their culture, stealing their jobs, blowing up buildings and corrupting any future Germans would have. 

Hitler created the huge problems, controlled the media and fake news, training Germans to submit to and obey him.   America now finds herself in 1938 again as we allow experimental and dangerous jabs (not real and tested vaccines) to maim and kill us, while continuing to wear the forced masks at work, at the store or at church. 

When masses of irregulars, Jews and Russians were being put on trains, separated from their families and sent to death camps, many controlled and naïve Germans believed the family next door they had just turned in were domestic terrorists and had to be sent to a reeducation camp – i.e., death camp. 

Let’s see.  What is being built before our eyes?

Fake President Biden is now ordering all federal workers to take the dangerous experimental vaccines or be fired.  He is now talking about taking away the flying rights of the unvaccinated, and my favorite: he is threatening to take away the unvaccinated person’s health care.  He is literally building a barbed-wire, electric fence around Americans, vilifying the unvaccinated and pushing the fake pandemic and all its manipulated variants so he and his war crime minions can push the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and then monthly vaccine shot elixir to depopulate and control the masses.

This is not conspiratorial make-believe anymore.

Tough Australians whose country was founded by prison inmates are mostly submitting to the forced vaccines out of fear, hoping to keep their jobs and have any kind of carefully doled-out freedom.  I lived there and have been back there several times and am dumbfounded that any of them are taking this NAZI control behavior.  Truck drivers are standing up to the tyrannical controls, but where are the rest of the masses?  It’s called “rise up.”  It’s called “civil-war time,” or just take the jab, accept being physically maimed or murdered and live in a cage.

Headlines are showing us that Europe is rising up against these forced and draconian vaccination orders.  Thousands are massing and fighting against the ruination of their lives and freedom. 

Now Biden and America

Biden is busy planning and implementing his own depopulation, satanic event by extending his war crimes committed already to even more volume.  Now, all federal workers have a vaccine gun pointed at their head or else no job.  Many war crime governors, like my own governor, Jay Inslee, have already ordered all the state workers in Washington to get the vaccine or else.  Only last week one of our headlines was that our State Troopers who claimed the religious exemption (health and religious exemption were the only two allowed by Gov. Inslee) were denied and not allowed to take it.  Not surprisingly, when reviewing the details of the alleged religious and health exemptions they were notably written in a complicated, legaleze manner, designed to make it nearly impossible for anyone to comply. 

Like so many tyrants, empty and double-speak gestures surround them, only used to delay the outcry and rage of the citizens having their Nuremburg rights destroyed along with their constitutional rights.

The truth is, after reviewing real facts, real science, listening to doctors and whistle-blowers, the Covid 19 virus with its manipulated variants was planned many years ago to be the false flag event to introduce the kill weapon, the experimental vaccines to eliminate hundreds of millions and maybe billions worldwide.

Once the unvaccinated are separated and targeted enough so as to not be able to work most jobs, buy food, travel or maybe even lose their health care, the barbed-wire fence will start closing in around them to where they are the domestic terrorists, causing and spreading the killer virus and must be shipped off in a train or bus to a “reeducation” “death camp.”

Whoever is left who sold out, took the jab and turned against the unvaccinated, will walk the streets of what is left of America, only 40% person and 60% Benedict Arnold and coward.  However, they will be 100% slave.

Stand and fight.  Stop wearing the masks and resist.  Whatever you do, don’t take the dangerous, experimental jabs.  Decide what is more important right now, keeping your job at the price of your own health, freedom and even life, or standing up at a critical time in your country for the truth, for your rights and for our freedom?

Biden, who will lie to us as he always does, especially so we might ignore his horror show of betrayal and incompetency in Afghanistan. must also keep us from hearing more damning evidence about the stolen election from Trump.

All Biden has going for him, amidst his drooling, is to create more crises, roll out more orders and hope no one notices the War Crimes midget behind the curtain.  Stand and fight.  Throw your masks off and stand against the forced and dangerous vaccines that are deadly to many and deny your constitutional and Nuremberg rights.

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  1. unfortunately the majority of Americans and people in general are sheep. In fact,our blessed Lord also compared people to sheep who will follow their bad leaders over a cliff with out a fight. Fight with prayer! Fight with your voice! Fight with your actions not to submit to tyranny! We need to pray for all the sheep who will not stand up and fight! But we have a duty to fight tyranny! It was Patrick Henry who said, ” give me liberty or give me death”. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are God given rights, but every day that we go out into the world we have to defend these rights from the totalitarian dictators, even those in our own county. One final thought, in Russia today, President Putin has not mandated the death vax yet our President says that we should get jabbed to prevent the non-vaccinated from killing others. Yet this President defends the right of a mother to kill her own baby, and he does not see a contradiction between these two events. This is outrageous!

  2. Viva Cristo Rey….
    What the godless masonic Mexican revolutionaries did to the faithful God-fearing Mexican catholic cristeros Joe Biden or Barbaros Biden the murderer and traitor Catholic sowing the seed of totalitarianism here in America. The lines are being drawn. Either we are with Christ or against Him. True poverty the good Lord is preparing for us.