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by Bob Russell, ©2021

(Sep. 4, 2021) — Joe biden has been a corrupt, useless pedophile infesting the DC swamp for 50 years getting rich by selling the country to every despotic regime that would pay him. It has been shown beyond doubt that vote FRAUD was how the mentally-impaired, morally- corrupt usurper managed to cheat his way to the position of power that he has coveted for so long. The sad fact is that joe dementia is nowhere near fit to hold the office he now infests illegally.

On top of the multitude of corrupt and incompetent actions committed in reversing the successes of President Trump, dementia has now offered the lives of American military people on the altar to satan at which he worships.  Besides abandoning thousands of American civilians and Afghan allies and billions of dollars in high-tech military equipment to our enemies, the satanic Taliban, dementia now has the blood of more than two dozen soldiers on his head.  After the suicide bombings at the Kabul airport that dementia surrendered to his satanic friends killed 13 and wounded another 18 American soldiers, the father of one of the Marines killed came out and publicly blamed the usurper-in-chief for the deaths.  The father has every right to blast dementia for abandoning his son and the other brave American soldiers.

Sadly, this situation comes as no surprise to me as the satanic devildemocommiecrat party has a history of corruption, TREASON, and abandoning citizens and allies.  Instead of taking care of American citizens, allies, soldiers, and equipment in Afghanistan the regime of joe dementia and his band of satan-worshipers have spent their time and efforts demonizing patriots and conspiring to put us in prison for being “domestic terrorists” because we oppose tyranny.  The devildemocommiecrats consider patriotism to be a crime worthy of imprisonment without legal representation or bail while political and bureaucratic corruption, and antifa and blm thuggery, are virtuous.

It would be nice if the gop had not sold their souls to satan also.  There are a few good republicans but the majority of them are deep-state establishment TRAITORS who pay lip service to conservatives for votes but once in office turn their backs on us and help their evil devildemocommiecrat allies destroy America so they can have a seat at the tyranny table of the new world order global dictatorship satan, soros, and their billionaire pals like zuckerberg, bloomberg, gates, bezos, zucker, and that twitter puke have planned for us. mcconnell, mccarthy and company are as unworthy as biden, pelosi, schumer, obama, clinton, schiff, and the rest of the devildemocommiecrat party.  The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists have earned their place in America’s demise, also.  They are supposed to be non-partisan arbiters of truth but have been more than happy, even considering it an honor, to be the propaganda arm of the devildemocommiecrat party.

Most of social media is just as corrupt and evil as the Pravda/Goebbels corporate media.  There are a few new social media sites that allow conservatives to post the truth without being censored or banned but they are just getting started, so it will take some time to become as large as those like fakebook and twitter that have been around for 20 years or so. However, it appears they will prosper because patriots are flocking to them.

The devildemocommiecrats and joe dementia are in a hurry to destroy America because they know their time is short.  The American people and Almighty God will slap them down but for now they will do as much damage as they can.  One of the first things dementia did was to sabotage American energy production by stopping the Keystone XL pipeline and banning oil-drilling on American soil and in our coastal waters, changing us from an exporter of oil to being at the mercy of the OPEC countries that hate us.  While denouncing the pipeline as an “environmental danger,” dementia gave his approval for two pipelines from Russia to Europe to proceed.  How is a pipeline to provide energy for American citizens dangerous for the environment but two from Russia are no danger to the environment when the ones on American soil are held to much higher safety standards than those in Russia?

The “climate change” scam is another hoax designed to destroy the American economy and render America dependent on countries that couldn’t care less about air quality.  China and India, the two worst polluters in the world, are going full-bore on building coal-fired power plants while devildemocommiecrats insist that American citizens lower our standard of living for the sake of the environment.  If the satanic left really cared about air quality they would insist that other countries catch up to our standards before they try to lower our emissions output further.

Joe dementia is an empty suit that doesn’t know what office he holds nor the names of the cabinet officials he appointed.  I don’t know who is pulling the strings of that demented bobble-head puppet but I sense from decisions being made that fuhrer obama must have a big role in it.  Leaving equipment for the Taliban in Afghanistan is typical of fuhrer obama, who spent eight years arming and financing moslem terrorist groups.

Another thing dementia did, much to the detriment of citizens, was to reverse the immigration policies of President Trump to enable the drug cartels, terrorists, MS-13 gang members, and human traffickers free access over our border.  The open border policy now in effect works very well for the people who want our country to be overrun by criminals and foreigners in order to further destabilize it.

Then there is the rampant spending on welfare and other leftist pet projects financed by printing money 24/7/365.  Inflation is already hitting, especially hurting those of us on fixed incomes, and is about to explode into total destruction of an economy also being hurt by the unnecessary and very damaging shutdowns of small businesses.  The huge corporations have not been ordered shut down; it has just been the small ones owned and operated by individuals, couples, and families.  Thousands of them have gone out of business because they can’t afford to be closed for months at a time because of a virus that is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

The mask and vaccine mandates devildemocommiecrats are trying to impose on We the People are also designed to hurt and exert unconstitutional control over citizens.  I find it telling that all of these restrictions and demands are made of citizens while illegal-alien invaders being welcomed by the left aren’t expected to obey any of the edicts.  On top of that, the illegal-alien invaders who are tested for covid-19 and show a “positive” result are put on buses or airplanes at taxpayer expense and transported all over the country with absolutely no notification of local mayors or state governors.  I guess this is more of “the most transparent regime ever.”  It’s funny how many facts hidden by the “party of transparency and inclusion” come out despite clear attempts to keep them hidden from We the People.

There is more but this is already long enough and I believe the point has been made that joe dementia and his band of communist power-hungry mongrels have nothing but bad plans, satanic plans, for the nation and all who reside in it.  Tyranny is on the rise again and I smell the stench of fuhrer obama and hitlery clinton all over what is being done to us.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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